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MPAA Rated R for violence/terror and language

Sex & Nudity

  • several shots of male bare butts.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shown in a hospital bed with his lower jaw missing (we see bloody tissue and his upper teeth) and a police officer describes it as having been ripped off by a perpetrator.
  • Two young men and a young woman are chased by a truck through a cornfield; they're nearly hit several times, and at one point they fall into a ditch and the truck goes over them.
  • A car side-slams into a tree and a truck pins it and begins crushing it; two young men are inside (glass begins to shatter and metal crumples).
  • A man punches a window and grabs another man, and throws him to the ground where he lands on a metal rod which pierces his leg (we see some blood on his pants).
  • A man steps on his wounded leg causing him to scream.
  • The man with the imbedded metal rod in his leg is then hung on a fence -- the rod is attached to the fence and he screams when another man tries to get him down and remove the rod.
  • A man describes the best way to keep a corpse unidentifiable: cut off all ten fingers and then the jaw.
  • A woman is taped and tied to a chair and a shotgun is rigged to a door that, if opened, will blast her in the face.
  • A truck slams through the middle of another truck tearing it in two (we assume the driver of the split truck is killed when it explodes), and a truck barrels down on a group of people and police officers; the officers open fire.
  • A man approaches a woman hiding in a cornfield, grabs her and takes her away as she screams and struggles.
  • A man talks about taking a victim apart piece by piece.
  • A car catches fire and explodes, and a car is chased down a dead end road by a truck until they can go no farther; the occupants of the car panic and start yelling.
  • A truck crashes through a hotel room; a man is then shown with a very bloody arm and chest.
  • We hear the muffled whimpering and screams of a young woman on a CB radio, and a young woman screams for help on a CB radio.
  • We also hear a struggle through a wall and a description of a gasping/gurgling sound.
  • A young woman is shown bound and gagged in the back of a truck.
  • A young man drives recklessly and drives off the road to make a point.
  • A young man yells abusively at a man on a CB radio.
  • Two young men panic and yell at each other when they think they are being chased by a truck.
  • There is a conversation about a young man having been put in jail on a drunk and disorderly charge.


  • 17 F- words, 20 scatological terms, 1 sexual reference, 16 anatomical terms, 22 mild obscenities, 9 religious profanities and 7 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Bar scenes show people getting drunk

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole movie is very intense, and has a lot of terrifying moments.
  • There is some disturbing violence; most of it is implied, but the after-math of a little bit of it is shown.
  • There is some violence which is intense but mostly non-brutal, with little sights of blood and gore.

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