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  • Citadel was a level that was created in the very early stages of the game's production, used only as a test level to experiment with multiplayer. It was never added into the single player missions, and was erased from the game before being released.

    It was long believed that the Goldeneye staff had been successful in completely eradicating the Citadel level from the game's memory, but, in February 2005, the level was finally accessed using a Gameshark for the Nintendo 64 (a Gameshark is a device, not licensed by Nintendo, that hacks into the internal game computer and accesses the game's permenant memory, revealing early developmental stages of the game, even if they aren't in the final product).

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  • -The film begins at a Soviet chemical weapons base during the Cold War, then after the opening titles sequence skips ahead 9 years to Monaco, present day, post-Cold War. The game begins 9 years ago at the Soviet base, but then inserts levels at Severnaya and then a missile silo that take place 4 years ago and 2 years ago respectively, before the moving ahead to the present day with the Frigate level (based on the frigate docked in Monaco harbour in the film)

    -Many levels are greatly expanded or altered from scenes in the film, some of which don't feature any fighting or gun battles, such as the frigate and statue park levels. Often enemy soldiers are thrown in where there aren't any in the film, such as when Bond and Natalya escape the missile train, or on the antenna cradle.

    -The game has Bond visiting the Severnaya satellite weapon facility twice, in the film he never goes there.

    -The Silo and Caverns levels are entirely a creation by the game's designers. The film doesn't feature a Russian nuclear missile silo and there's no mention of any underground caverns beneath the satellite dish in Cuba.

    -Defense Minister Mishkin survives in the game and leaves Bond on peaceful terms. In the movie he is killed by Ourumov.

    -In the game, Bond and Natalya meet in a cell at the Severnaya facility. In the film, they meet while trapped inside a helicopter that's about to be destroyed.

    -In the game, after Bond rampages through St. Petersburg in the tank, he disembarks from it, then makes his way through the rail depot and gets on the missile train as it leaves. In the film, he stays in the tank and uses it to derail the train before entering it.

    -In the game, Bond escapes the Soviet chemical weapons base by merely getting into the light plane and flying off, rather than the much more elaborate method he uses in the film, where he tries to hijack it while it's moving along the runway then performs a death-defying stunt jumping off a cliff after it, getting into it and gaining control of it before it hits the ground.

    -All the non-action scenes in the film, such as the scenes at MI6 headquarters and the Monte Carlo casino, are left out out of the game for obvious reasons.

    -The game omits the car chase between Bond's Aston Martin and Xenia's Ferrari.

    -The guns in the game are based on real ones but have different names, most likely for legal/copyright reasons. For instance, Bond's Walther PPK is called a "PP7" in the game.

    -The game features lots of weapons that aren't in the film, such as rocket launchers, grenade launchers, shotguns and the RCP-90 (based on the distinctive FN P90 submachine gun)

    -The Dr. Doak character is not in the film. He is an obvious homage to Rareware employee David Doak.

    -The post-Cradle levels do not appear in the film, but then they are bonus levels separate from the main storyline of the game, inspired by older Bond films. Edit (Coming Soon)


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