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20 Mar. 2000
Sex with Pudding
Suspicions that Erin is having an affair puts Titus in an uncomfortable situation.
27 Mar. 2000
Dad's Dead
Titus and his brother suspect that their dad is dead after he goes four days without coming out of his bedroom for a beer.
3 Apr. 2000
Dave Moves Out
Ken has Dave arrested 'for stealing' (his own stuff) when he moves out.
10 Apr. 2000
The Break-Up
Titus and Erin breakup, have one night stands and give each other grief over it.
17 Apr. 2000
Titus Integritous
Titus must choose between integrity and a large paycheck when a client at his hot-rod shop wants a tasteless addition to Titus's "Masterpiece Car."
1 May 2000
Red Asphalt
Titus shows off the custom car he was going to give his father as a present.
8 May 2000
Mom's Not Nuts
Titus' mom shows up, uninvited and attempts to convince everyone that she is 'okay'.
15 May 2000
Realizing that his dad is intolerable since becoming sober, Titus gets everyone together for an intervention to convince Papa Titus to start drinking again.
22 May 2000
Episode Eleven
Ken crashes his car during a heart attack, but what really made him get in an accident?
31 Oct. 2000
What's Up, Hollywood
Titus and Dave try to blackmail Titus' father after seeing him busted for a DUI on the local news.
12 Dec. 2000
The Reconciliation
After an evening of reliving "the good-old days", Titus is convinced that his parents would never, and should never get back together again.
19 Dec. 2000
The Last Noelle
In a very un-Christmas-y Christmas Special, Titus tries to hide from Erin the reason he's attending the funeral of an ex-girlfriend.

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