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Bland little film that forgets to include the most important element of a kids film - fun
bob the moo1 January 2004
With evil engine Diesel back on the track and looking to get rid of the old steam engines. Mr Conductor is put in charge of using his gold dust to jump around the area and keep an eye on Diesel - but his supply runs out and he finds himself stuck. Meanwhile Diesel is looking for the steam engine that got away from him in the past - the same engine that was repaired and hidden by Grandpa Burnett many years ago.

Being a reasonable fan of Thomas in my youth I decided to watch this film to see what it was like. The first problem of the film is that it doesn't resemble the UK version, with characters and sentiments added for the American audience. This isn't a major problem - only that it affects what I remember from the original series. The plot is very fragmented and is far too hard for very young children to follow; the basic is good but the addition of various characters and such just complicates things. The issue I had with the story was the fact that it is almost totally lacking in any sense of fun or wonder; I don't mean it should have been hilarious but it should have been at least enjoyable. Instead, there is no sense of fun here - it is very plodding and makes it nigh on impossible to stay with.

The animation is basic but is more or less true to the original series; downside of that is that the trains all look rubbish - with the eyes being the only bits that move (constantly). However the film straw is the fact that the cast are pretty poor. The voice work on the trains is very simplistic and it just made all of them sound the same. Peter Fonda is awful and can't even muster the energy to deliver the most basic of lines (when his granddaughter returns he says `Oh Lily. I'm so glad you're back' with all the emotion of a man reading out his shopping list). It's like he got drunk and woke up to find himself contractually obliged to do this film and decided to not even put in a little bit of effort. Baldwin tries hard and is actually OK because he is at least putting in effort; more than that, considering his tough guy image, this was a strange role for him to play and he does do it pretty well although I would have liked his character to insert more of the wonder and fun that he hints at rather than delivers.

Overall this is a pretty poor film that never really goes anywhere. The plot is weak - too complex for tots and too convoluted for adults to bother with. The acting is roundly poor and the film manages to be totally missing any sense of fun. It's easy to tire of kids films that are full of knowing humour but this is one film that was crying out for a bit of silliness or tongue in cheek humour.
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A wasted opportunity!
TrickTaylor17 May 2006
It is stunning that in this day and age of movie tie-ins, that the creators (or better said owners) of the Thomas the Tank Engine franchise couldn't find a better major movie outlet for their goldmine. Face it, if they would have put 2 seconds of thought into this clunker it would have been huge. Basing it on the Shining Time Station theme was the first mistake. Why not have a nice little movie about the Island of Sodor and its engines? Why insult the audience by creating human characters that are DREADFULLY acted? Again, a simple little movie would have made a mint.

It has been 6-7 years since this movie came out and I wonder why another attempt at a Thomas movie hasn't been made. This is the most popular character for children ages 2-6. Parents (like myself) would kill for a decent big screen adaptation to take children to. Seems like somebody is missing the boat here.

As for this movie, it has all been said within the previous comments. The acting by Peter Fonda is downright embarrassing, and the storyline is confusing. More focus should have been put on the engines and less on wooden human characters. It gets a 3 from me because despite all its flaws, my 3 year old loves it, therefore giving daddy a much needed rest from time to time.

Time for another try at a Thomas movie. Anybody up for it?
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Up for the "Worst Screenplay Ever Written" award
jwd0112621 January 2001
Okay, I understand that this is a kid's movie, and that it's intended to simply be fun. However, that's no excuse for the wreck of a screenplay provided by Britt Allcroft. Some day I may be compelled out of sheer obsession to document the many problems with this movie, but the most fundamental flaw is the continued use of the "Shining Time" additions to the Awdry stories. Didi Conn is the only thing shining in Shining Time, created for US TV audiences to stitch together the excellent model railroad Thomas stories. The only thing is, they didn't need to be stitched together, as they stand up just fine on their own in book and video. Worse, the Shining Time portions on TV are excruciating to watch...and now the whole premise is brought to a movie.

Now it seems there's some kind of magic railroad connecting a mythical British island railroad to Shining Time, clearly in the USA. In fact, it must be in Lancaster, PA, USA, because the Strasburg Railroad locomotive #475 makes a few appearances in the movie (in Strasburg and Harrisburg, PA) and I doubt it's ever been across the Atlantic.

Anyway, to make a long and painful story short, there's almost no motivation for any of the characters in this story to do anything at all. Somehow Mr. Conductor (not an Awdry creation) is running out of gold dust, which will somehow make his "universe" fall apart. There's no mention as to why supplies would dwindle to nothing when it's the only thing holding Sodor together - Mr. Conductor is pretty irresponsible if you ask me. He summons his idiot brother who is no help at all, and together they and the rest of the characters stumble on the answer and save the day in a completely underwhelming conclusion.

The gold dust emergency happens to coincide with the apparent return of a diesel engine intent on destroying steam engines. The whole evil-diesel and his predictable sidekick-duo are completely unnecessary and just scare the little kids (like my two-year-old). I assume that the marketing folks needed a few more new characters to work into the merchandising mix because there's no excuse for the plot damage caused by the diesel.

Your kids may enjoy the railroad scenes, but don't watch this movie unless you want your brains to leak out of your head and turn to mush. The models are great, but the acting and writing are ridiculous. Avoid at all costs!!!
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Too Americanised.
Where is the English charm? Why are all of the Engines now American? I watched this movie as I thought it would be a good tribute to Rev.W.Awdrey's life long work. It's not at all. The engines just sound annoying and the plot doesn't work at all. Has Britt Alcroft decided to go behind his back completely. Surely if Awdrey were alive today he would not be impressed at all. I am not a child but I still think that children should be shown a sense of consistency from the TV series. It's a bad film. The Island of Sodor makes no sense. Thomas is a British masterpiece and this film has ruined it. The producers should be ashamed. That's all I have to say.
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Dear Lord almighty,...
rfmeyer7 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
For those parents who are considering buying this movie, please don't. For those who received as a present, you now know who of your friends wish you to go insane. I am writing this review from the inpatient psychiatric unit after being made to watch this movie by my three year old. On the 453rd time I broke and ran down the street believing I was being chased by Naughy Diesel #10.

This movie in a word...terrible. My wife and I sit in the car during trips and recite the HORRIBLE dialog to each other. It has so many plot holes it is amazing. I am thinking about taking a roll of Kodak super-8 and running between the butt cheeks of a horse with the scoots, and selling as the sequel to this movie, It would surely be less of a piece of crap on film.
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The best Thomas film to date
Thomas the Tank Engine is a precious memory that many young adults and older parents hold dear to their youthful days. Either if it was narrated by Beatles' drummer, Ringo Starr in the U.K. version, or by comedian, George Carlin in the American version, the show was, and still continues to be a wide success among aging toddlers. So it is of no surprise that at the beginning of the 21rst century that the cheeky steam engine was given a theatrically released film. Sadly, Not many people have found it appealing; however, I am one of those few people who actually did.

Shocking to me, I don't understand why so many people hate this movie. Yes there are a couple of areas that were not perfect before the filming began, but don't all great projects have their setbacks. And really, there are only a couple issues. But I'm going to forgive it because this film should not be trashed for such small errors. The movie is also partially narrated Mr. Conductor, Alec Baldwin, the third most recognized conductor to tell of Thomas' adventures from the TV show.

The problem is that Mr. Conductor starts losing the magic in his gold dust and he must find it quickly. The gold dust is what keeps him from traveling between his world and the Island of Sodor (Thomas' world). And the only people who can help him uncover this secret is a girl and her grandfather. The little girl, Lily is played by the no more in showbizz actress Mara Wilson. Her grandfather, Burnett is played by veteran actor Peter Fonda. And let's not forget that Mr. Conductor has a relative, Jr. (Michael E. Rogers), who joins the crew as well. Even Didi Conn from the original Shining Time Station (1989) TV show, which aired the Thomas and Friends adventures, reprised her role for this movie.

There are other actors like Russell Means who doesn't have a big role but do add to the nostalgia of the film. What ticks people off about this film is the acting and characterization. And that's just the human part of the film. I didn't find it out of place at all. Baldwin is considered to be at his worst but I found him fairly entertaining. Fonda is bashed for being to down in the dumps, but I found his performance quite emotional because some people become depressed when losing a family member; it happens. I sympathized with him.

Lily and Jr. were thought to be of no importance to the story at hand either. But to me, I found Lily a character that children could connect to. And Jr. may not have been the most convincing character but he did have a number of funny moments. The other thing viewers and professional critics alike did not enjoy were the trains themselves. Apparently audience wanted to see moving mouths. But why do that? The TV show wasn't like that. Why would you want to change something that's classic to bad? Ever hear of "If it ain't broke don't fix it"? It's good that they kept it that way, otherwise it probably would have done worse. Of course, NOW the new series of Thomas and Friends have moving mouths so I hope all of you mopes are happy.

The reason why the mouths did not move was that Britt Allcroft, who also happened to be the director of the popular TV show, also directed this movie. I mean, what more could a fan ask for? I give credit to Allcroft, I believe she put in the most effort into making this film as good as it was. She even provided a voice to one of the trains. Speaking of which, this is the last thing people were not happy with; one of the Thomas' friends does not show in this film because his physical train model was not available and the trains all have different voices instead being narrated by Mr. Conductor. Guess what? Not everything's perfect.

Actually, the voice actors do a swell job being the trains. Edward Glen as Thomas was a good match. His voice didn't sound too old or too young. Neil Crone as Diesel 10 was a good match too. In fact, Crone's voice made Diesel a very comical villain. Kudos to them! And the film score by composer Hummie Mann was done brilliantly. Mann is able to combine all the right tones with each scene and it even includes The Shining Time theme song in his tracks as a reoccurring theme. It helps the movie a lot.

As the only theatrically released film of Thomas the Tank Engine, it should be respected for its good performances and storyline. The characters a very likable and the music excels it to the max.
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For The Kid In All Of US
adammichcon007 August 2000
My wife and I took our 3 year old to see this film and we all enjoyed it. In the age of lots of shoot 'em up and Pokemon "crap" Thomas was refreshing and light. For all those who have slammed this film as being the worst of 2000 I can only imagine that they have no sense of wonder and either don't have kids or don't read to their kids. Take your little ones, leave your synicism at the door and be a kid again. Its o.k. to enjoy a kids film!! :)
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Holy Craploa was that bad... Laughably bad.
Rob30 May 2007
My top 10 Problems with this movie...

1 Peter Fonda looked like he was on 'ludes the whole movie... especially when his missing granddaughter turns up and he blurts "lily. i'm so happy to see you". I've never seen a actor emote less.

2 Alec Baldwin. Not that he is bad in this. He seems to be about the only actual actor trying to act. But all I could think of was GlenGary Glen Ross. I was dying for him to scream "YOU THOUGHTLESS LITTLE PIG" to the Lily character. I wonder how far they got into shooting before Alec realized what a major piece of crap he was involved in.

3 Was the Native American driving the train supposed to be some sort of lame joke? You know.. an injun driving an engine. What was he even doing in this movie?

4 The Yahoo Serious brother or cousin or whatever. Simply annoying. Although the "Shell Phone" joke was good.

5 What exactly are the rules about who shrinks and who doesn't when they travel thru the magic railroad. They're definitely not consistent.

6 How exactly did Patch get all that coal to the cave?

7 The engines are barely in this movie at all. And when they are, some speak with a brit accent and others don't. WTF? Plus the engine with the most lines (Diesel 10) isn't even one of the main Thomas and Friends characters.

8 What was Diesel 10 doing there in the first place if he was such a pain in the a..?

9 The opening sequence at Shining Time with the James Taylor-ish music and the juggler was simply lame. At least it was big waving red flag at the beginning of the film alerting me to keep my expectations low.

10 What was with Lily climbing on things? Was it foreshadowing some event that never happened?

11 The whole Gold Dust concept confused the hell out of me. What it's for, where it comes from, all of it... was frustratingly unclear.

Well I could go on and on. I'm not going to cheap out at this point and say "but my kid liked it" like everyone else. Yeah, he'll sit and watch it. But he'd sit and watch just about anything that had Thomas in it and it is a shame that they totally squandered an opportunity to make a decent feature movie with some beloved characters. Too bad.
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Great for 2-7 year old
mikaelstans31 December 2005
My son loves this movie. We rented the DVD and then he saved his own money to buy it. He still loves it 2 years later. Although It is a little bland for adults. Kids eat it up. That is really all I have to say. but they require that this comment be 10 lines long. My point is that all of the comments I read were really negative about the movie. When in fact it served it's primary objective. And the at was to entertain children. I don't think that anyone made the film wanting to get nominated for any awards. They just wanted to entertain children and make some dough in the process. The end. I have met the 10 line minimum. I give it 3 out of 10 stars.
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Very Disappointing
PaulW-727 November 2000
I took my two girls to see this yesterday, and I was very disappointed. The trains have little to do with the (confused and disjointed) plot of the film, they give what can best be described as extended cameo appearances, which presumably are meant to prop up the wooded acting performances (of all but Didi Conn). The film seems to have been edited at random, several plot lines just suddenly disappear. The children just about enjoyed it, but not as much as they usually enjoy a childrens' film.
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A wonderful movie that captures the imagination of children
alyse_talbot13 October 2001
I also agree that this is a wonderful movie for very young children. My 2 year old daughter has just recently been bit by the Thomas bug. I wasn't sure if a feature film would keep her attention. However, my fears were unfounded. From the moment she heard Alec Baldwin's voice she didn't move. There is a nice balance of live action with the trains, and the music is wonderful. This movie is a 10 in my books.
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Great for kids, but still a bad movie
PhilPDX4 February 2005
Both my 8 year-old daughter and 2 year-old son, esp. the latter, absolutely love this movie. I enjoy the TV shows, but I really thought this movie was very poorly done. The acting by the kid who plays Patch, and by Peter Fonda, is particularly poor. I know Fonda's character was supposed to be depressed, but his subdued monotone delivery was just horrible. And I agree with the comment that someone posted on the message board that the continuity between scenes is just terrible. It seems as though the movie had the scenes made individually, then cut them up and pasted them almost in random order. This movie has the worst flow to it of any that I can remember. Much of the dialogue and sequencing of the action simply makes no sense. A pitifully bad movie.

Fortunately, the plot and acting don't seem nearly as important to kids. They just like that there are tank engines in it, and they like the colorful set pieces and the music. So despite its many flaws, I still must reluctantly recommend it for younger children, who clearly love it - just be forewarned that as an adult you may have a very difficult time sitting through it over and over again, even if you are a kid at heart like myself.
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This Movie is Good!!!!!!!!
Wmill220692 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm 12, but I really like this movie I don't see why everyone hates it so! It even has my favorite actress in it, Mara Wilson! Anyone who hates this movie is mad mad mad! I think they are even hinting at another movie! 'Cause on the web site, they said,"No one knows where Diesel 10 is, but you can be sure he is up to no good!" Ha! How do you like that,you non-Thomas and the Magic Railroad fans, you!!!! Ha! Ha Ha Ha! I love Thomas!!!! Wha ha ha! Tee hee hee! Ah, I have calmed down. I was pretty annoyed when I saw all those bad reviews, so it took me a little to calm down, as you can see by how my writing has changed from angry to nice and calm. Anyway, good movie! I give it 8! :D
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nice pleasant diversion for the adults and fun for the kids,
disdressed123 August 2009
at least i thought's a magical fantasy adventure which for about 86 minutes should make you forget about you problems.and most kids should eat it up.there's certainly nothing objectionable here.while i was viewing it,it kept m,y attention and sort of brought me back to the days when i was a kid.this show wasn't around back then of course.all we had were Saturday morning cartoons.but if you try and view this with a child's perspective,you might appreciate it more.and if you do drift off,at least the young ones are watching something that won't pollute their minds.for entertainment aimed at children,you really can't go wrong with this movie.from that perspective,it's a 10/10
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It's Thomas the Tank Engine!!!!! And he's in a movie!!!!!
Seth Nelson25 July 2006
Okay, this movie is getting close to Bottom 100 status, so let's give this an early analysis, shall we?

Okay. "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" is a feel-good, happy-go-lucky children's film that is based on the long-loved "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" (now simply "Thomas and Friends") series of shorts.

When my little twin brothers started watching my old Thomas VHSs at age two, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great if there was a movie version of Thomas?" A year later, my wish had come true!!!!! So, in summer 2000, not only did Nick Jr. bring back my old PBS favorite "Shining Time Station," but this movie came out in theaters. This was my little brothers' first movie. Yes, it was so good, that heck, even I loved it!!!!! For the years after, we have seen this on the two home mediums of VHS and DVD, and it was even great then!!!!!

The only bad thing about this movie are the many negative reviews it had received. My first movie was Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," and it was one of the greatest films ever made. Sadly, my brothers' first film, this, was one of the worst films ever made, but I won't let that count! It's England, It's Thomas the Tank Engine, and It's A "Really Useful Movie!!!!!"
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You Know You've Watched Too Much Thomas When...
Maastrichian15 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
... you watch this movie and wonder why the Thomas universe was screwed up so much by it! In short, the film is good enough to keep my kids riveted. They, who are already fans of Thomas, took the movie in stride. All they really cared about was watching the trains.

However, there are other aspects to the film that ruin it completely, and pretty much separate it from the rest of the Thomas universe. As far as I've seen, Diesel 10 was never really evil before now (or afterwards, I'm not to sharp on the whole Thomas Chronology). The whole magical connection and making Sodor some quasi-hidden land of magic trains comes completely out of left field.

The saving graces are the models and sets used for the models, as detailed and wonderful as ever. On the acting side, Baldwin makes up for Peter Fonda, who's acting makes me think that he's coming off of a bad trip, frankly.

What counts, in the end though, is that the kids enjoyed it. let's face it, they aren't as nit-picky as we are!
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Almost Perfect for the under 6 crowd
Ian Percival25 November 2000
My five year old son has just finished watching the DVD of this for the 10th time in two days. He's NEVER liked anything so much - he talks about it, laughs during it and is fascinated by it. Generally he has a low attention span with any movie or TV program. Not so with this movie!

As an adult, I can see a lot about this movie that isn't perfect - for me the casting wasn't right for example. However, this movie wasn't made for me - it was made for younger folk. It works better than any movie including Toy Story, the Grinch, anything! So, I give this movie a 9!
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I think this movie was FANTASTIC! After all it's for kids :-)
vznevada26 August 2005
I can only say that after reading the reviews from the people on this board, I'm deeply concerned. I find that when reviewing a children's movie, one has to remember that it's just that...a children's movie. It's not for adults and wasn't meant to capture the adult audience; therefore some of the remarks are incorrect. Here goes my review: My Grandson is almost three years old. He's smart and knows when something is good and when it's not. He loved this movie. He found it full of creativity and the gold dust story just added to the fantasy. I thought this story was well thought out for young children and done in very good taste.

Thomas and the Magical Railroad is about a Magical Railroad who needs one special train named Lady to keep it alive. If the lost train named Lady isn't found, the railroad and all the magic that goes along with it will vanish...

Along comes Lily, a young girl who is led, without her knowledge to help the fantasy stay alive. She arrives by train to visit her Grandfather who lives on a mountain... she is brought onto the wrong train for all the right reasons... to meet the people who she will eventually help...

It's a wonderful movie. The kids loved it and I highly recommend it for a very creative event at home with the kids :-)
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Thomas is Thomas
markjbowers13 February 2006
And let's leave it at that. My two year old LOVES this movie. I understand that everyone has a right to celebrate or bash whatever movie they choose to, but I seriously must doubt the intentions of someone watching this movie for some kind of artistic purpose. For all of you who have bashed it and do not have kids, for all of those who have bashed it without regard to what it is should really get a better grip on reality. This is an easy, simple to understand movie that involves trains, which is really all that matters. The point, because many seemed to have missed it, is that in order for the railroad to work, EVERYONE MUST GET INVOLVED. Simple and not a bad message.
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zram7 August 2000
My 3-year old has been in love with the Thomas series for over a year. We read the original stories constantly and watch the videos. It is one of the few series I allow him to watch. In this age of Pokemon and other wham-bam short-attention-span animation, there is something really pleasant about the simplicity and gentleness of the Thomas stories. Perhaps I am too old to understand the new brand of really awful Japanese animation that seems merely like random flashing lights and gives me a headache. However, I feel like I am young enough to enjoy Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

I was quite leery before taking my son to see this film. Everything I had read thoroughly ripped it apart. About half way through the movie I turned to my wife and said, "This isn't too bad. I kind of like it even!" Call it a guilty pleasure.

Sure, the movie has problems. It ain't great art, but my son was thoroughly entranced. It's very sweet and gentle, with the exception of D-10 Diesel, who frightened my kid at first. (There is nothing that menacing in the original Thomas stories.)

There is some atrocious acting, especially by the little boy in the film. Does a toddler care? Nah. Is the plot complicated? Not really. Just a bunch of magical events and talking trains. I was pleased that all the familiar engines are present and have some funny moments, too.

If you have a little kid under 6 or so, take him to see Thomas and The Magic Railroad. This demographic is rarely represented by the movie industry. This movie is quite different from the videos and the original stories and should be treated on its own merits. How wonderful it is to see gentle characters, morals and a relaxed pace in a modern children's' movie. I like the fact that they didn't use computer animation to make the engines "talk". I like the magical elements and I like the goofiness. It is refreshing to show a movie like this to my son and to have him enjoy it so much.
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Off to the scrapyard this film goes
RetroMagFan5 January 2017
Never in many a day have I ever seen a film so pitful, so awful, so gut bustingly bad, you would want to smash your TV up in anger and the sight of the dreadful thing.

That thing is Thomas & The Ma *Coughcough*, sorry about that, I seem to have drank the wrong bottle of Cola. Ahh yes, Thomas & The Tragic Failroad.

This should in no way under any circumstances be considered a film, instead it should be called a 90 minute patience test that would even make an avid fan of the franchise go bananas.

Is there anything good though? Well yes there sort of is, Hummie Mann's score was good for the most part and I liked the voice acting. Some were good (like Neil Crone as Thomas), some were painfully miscast (Susan Roman as James).

Still at least the voice actors put on better performances than any of the miserable, lifeless, so called human actors this film has to offer.

These are not actors, these are dead lifeless vessels we're staring at.

The one that really takes the cake is Peter Fonda, who is so awful in this film it's not even fun to watch.

He looks and sounds so bored and his line delivery is so stilted, you'll be thinking he got drunk.

How he didn't get a Razzie I'll never know?

I know mate, those glory days of Easy Rider are way behind ya pal.

Alec Baldwin's irritating as Mr Conductor and only Mara Wilson (in her sad final role) seems to be doing better but it's still not saying much.

On the other hand, the villain Diesel 10 is crap, not menacing in the slightest, he's about as scary as a cute plush bear at a toy store. He and his useless comedy sidekicks are just here to be your typical clichéd Hollywood villains who laugh... a lot.

Newcomer Lady is quite frankly dull as incredibly soggy dishwater, she's hardly in the film and when she does appear she STILL does nowt for most of her screen time! Talk about a useless pile of scrap if I've seen one.

Plot's an old of cobbles too and the dialogue is so cringe worthy, it's not even funny. It's just depressing to listen to.

It's so awful the train's mouths don't even move. It's like it's god damn ventriloquism!

So crappy plot, useless villain, useless new character, lifeless performances all around (except for the voice cast) and ear bleedingly bad dialogue. Yep, another film to add in my bad books.

I just love how everyone says that this should have gone straight-to-video.

Nah guys, you're putting it way too mildly there.

Straight-to-the nearest bin-where-it-should-never be seen again is a far more better option.

No wonder Britt Allcroft buggered off after the film died at the box office.

Now off to the scrapyard you go so I can never remember this film again.

It's certainly caused a lot of *Snigger* confusion and delay.

The Fat Controller certainly wouldn't approve. At least he ain't in it though.
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Literally, actually one of the worst movies ever
devinemandate27 June 2016
If you would like your brain to seize from a combination of nonsense, saccharine, and pity for the relatively famous actors phoning their way through one of the worst films you've ever seen, please watch Thomas and the Magic Railroad, a movie I'm ashamed I have the authority to dub easily the worst of the Thomas universe movies. One reels imagining the piles of drugs and vats of alcohol that Alec Baldwin and Peter Fonda (whose outstanding performance as a chronically depressed man who only wants to love the female train whom he failed to protect decades ago will leave you saying "...what?") consumed to get through this ordeal. Hopefully, the same was not necessary for Mara Wilson, slumming it up with her B+list brethren. Unwatchable for the intelligent youth (upon hearing of the cinematic horror I encountered, a work colleague said that his 4/5 year old son summed it up, "Dad, the story didn't even make any sense!"), but good enough for my kid, apparently. Blondie McMagicNephewOrWhateverOfAlecBaldwin is actually kinda trying, and Didi Conn does not shame herself. But these efforts cannot make a dent...Alec Baldwin talking like an insane person to a non-sentient bat and ball is a low point in a movie made entirely of nadirs.
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Why cut out so many parts?
trainguy813 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When i was 6 i really enjoyed this movie because i couldn't understand what the heck the plot was. Now im 14, so i watched the movie and it brought back so many good memories but SO MANY flaws. WARNING MAY INCLUDE SPOILERS! 1. The trains voices are so high pitched and off. I actually saw in the credits that percy and james ARE VOICED BY GIRLS!!! How dare the producers do that to the characters! I prefer there original voice which was actually Micheal aglers the UK narrater of seasons 3 -16. I've heard his voice before and he would have been GREAT as percy and james. BUT THE PRODUCERS THOUGHT THEY SOUNDED TOO OLD!! Its not just james and percy its, thomas, gordon and so on. 2. THE DROPPED IDEA OFF PT BOOMER! Originally the main bad dude in the film. The movie was actually going to be about around 150 minutes LONG! The final cut was 86 minutes! They cut out so many parts and most of those parts where about pt boomer!! but they decided that pt boomer was too scary so they cut him..... WHAT IS SO SCARY ABOUT AN OLD GUY WHO CARRIES EXPLOSIVES AND BLOWS UP STUFF!!!! KIDS LOVE THAT STUFF!!! Even if its based off a child friendly show. 3. They show more parts of the humans than thomas and his friends. A better title would be SHINING TIME STATION the movie. George and cranky were too have parts but were cut for no reason. Cranky does appear briefly in the final cut and so does pt boomer. If these steps were inproved the movie would off been a hit!!!
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An abomination - God Bless the real Thomas
cbell-825-36626915 September 2010
Without doubt this is biggest lot of manure ever put on celluloid,not only bland and banal but an insult to the intelligence of the three-year olds it was intended to exploit.

I remember seeing it vividly when it first choo-chooed into the cinema, children actually cried out in pain 'where's Thomas and all his friends' that they had enjoyed watching on the telly, what remained was the worst attempt at fraud since The Boston Strangler claimed he was a misunderstood faith healer.

The perpetrators of this abomination should like Alex in A Clockwork Orange have there eyes nailed open and forced to watch this insipid rubbish until The Cubbies win the World Series and Hibs win the Scottish cup!

Even though we watched this with free tickets, the recurring nightmares after almost ten years far outweigh the saving of £15. How this joke of a film fails to get a mention in the bottom 100 on IMDb is a travesty. Do yourself a favour don't watch this bilge, go and do something more interesting like counting all 20 million pixels on the latest mobile phone!!!
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