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Season 1

2 Apr. 1997
The Rose Bride
In an attempt to defend her best friend's honor, Utena challenges the kendo captain to a duel, and soon finds herself wrapped up in so much more than she'd anticipated.
9 Apr. 1997
For Whom the Rose Smiles
By chance, Utena managed to defeat Saionji in their duel, and now he's determined to have a rematch. However, Utena already secretly intends to lose on purpose.
16 Apr. 1997
On the Night of the Ball
As Utena continues to adjust to life with her new roommate, she starts to realize how few friends Anthy actually has.
23 Apr. 1997
The Sunlit Garden: Prelude
Miki, a shy pianist and member of the Student Council, has an interest in Anthy. Miki swears he has no interest in the duels and offers to help tutor Utena and Anthy.
30 Apr. 1997
The Sunlit Garden: Finale
Miki's starting to realize the extent of Anthy's loyalty to her role as the Rose Bride. Will such an understanding be enough to move such a passive boy to duel for possession of her?
7 May 1997
Nanami, Beware!
A number of strange events have been occuring, placing Nanami in danger. The latest caused a dashing young boy to appear from out of nowhere to save her.
14 May 1997
Juri's Unfulfillment
Jury, the fencing team captain, has taken a special interest in Utena lately. She finds Utena's lack of regard for the dueling game to be sensible, but Jury still hopes to accomplish something by winning.
21 May 1997
The Great Curry High Trip
A mishap during home economics has caused Anthy and Utena to switch bodies. Nanami, accepting the blame for this mishap, sets out to find the cure for their predicament.
28 May 1997
The Castle Said to Hold Eternity
Saionji and Touga have always been at odds since they were children.
4 Jun. 1997
Nanami's Precious One
Nanami's possessiveness of her brother has only grown after his injury at the hands of Saionji. Even the simplest gesure from Utena brings Nanami's jealousy and anger out...
11 Jun. 1997
Graceful and Ruthless: The One Who Picks the Flower
Utena has gradually grown fonder of Touga over time. But even as she ponders as to whether or not Touga may be her prince, his plots continue to encircle her.
18 Jun. 1997
For Friendship, Perhaps
After losing to Touga in their duel, Utena's spirit has been crushed.
25 Jun. 1997
Tracing a Path
A look back at all the prior duels and major events with some perspective. Also, a hint of what lies in store for Utena if she continues the path of the duelist.
2 Jul. 1997
The Boys of the Black Rose
Utena is introduced to Anthy's older brother, Akio, who also happens to be the acting chairman for the school. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the depths of Nemuro Memorial Hall.
9 Jul. 1997
The Landscape Framed by Kozue
Kozue, Miki's twin sister, is seen as somewhat of an oddity around school. In particular, her feelings for her brother remain most ambiguous... but the Black Rose Society knows all.
16 Jul. 1997
Cowbell of Happiness
Nanami's just received a priceless piece of jewelry; a Sebastian Dior... cow bell. As she touts it around school, people start to wonder if she's truly lost her mind.
23 Jul. 1997
Thorns of Death
Shiori, Jury's childhood friend and the source of her heart's turmoil, has transferred to Ohtori Academy. As Jury tries her best to ignore Shiori, Mikage's seminar beckons to her.
30 Jul. 1997
Mitsuru's Growing Pains
Mitsuru is constantly being excluded and disregarded due to his age. He yearns to be more like an adult, but isn't even sure what that entails.
6 Aug. 1997
The Song of the Fallen Kingdom
When Wakaba was a child, she had a prince she'd held close in her heart. Well now, her prince has arrived at Ohtori, but he's interested in Utena! Will Utena be able to set him straight?
13 Aug. 1997
Wakaba Flourishing
The expelled student council vice president, Saionji, has been shacking up with Wakaba. As she spends time with him, she starts to feel a change within herself.
20 Aug. 1997
Troublesome Insects
Keiko's always been content with being a member of Nanami's gang, but her desires for Touga still remain. When an opportunity opens for her, it results in a disaster that Mikage can exploit.
27 Aug. 1997
Nemuro Memorial Hall
The truth behind Nemuro Memorial Hall's dark history lies shrouded in mystery. As Mikage is down to his last black rose, he stakes his last hopes on allying with Utena.
3 Sep. 1997
Qualifications of a Duelist
As the student council searches for answers as to who is behind the Black Rose Duelists, Utena is already poised to fight the mastermind of the plot.
10 Sep. 1997
The Secret Nanami Diary
After a mishap puts Mitsuru in the hospital, Utena, Anthy, and Nanami stumble upon a diary he's kept that details Nanami's every plot since the time he's known her.
17 Sep. 1997
Their Eternal Apocalypse
Saionji, still sore from the events surrounding his expulsion, vows to quit the dueling game. However, Touga and Akio have other plans for him.
24 Sep. 1997
Miki's Nest Box (The Sunlit Garden/Arranged)
Miki, despite his friendship with Utena and Anthy, is once again pushed to duel. This time, his sister is the one doing the pushing.
1 Oct. 1997
Nanami's Egg
Nanami is startled to find an egg in her bed one morning. Unsure as to whether or not it's possible that she's the mother, she assumes the role.
8 Oct. 1997
Whispering in the Dark
After a long absence from school, Rukia, the original fencing captain, returns. But as to whether he's back to enjoy life as a student or to push Jury's buttons remains to be determined.
15 Oct. 1997
Azure Paler Than the Sky
Realizing the only way to defeat Utena and Anthy is with a partnership equally as strong, Rukia seeks to ally himself with Jury.
22 Oct. 1997
The Barefoot Girl
As Utena has gotten to know Akio, she's started to realize that she has feelings for him. But what of the prince Utena holds within her heart? And what of Akio's fiance? Can love be wrong?
29 Oct. 1997
Her Tragedy
Nanami's growing irritation with the girls that flock to her brother is put into a strange context when she uncovers a horrifying revelation regarding their relationship.
5 Nov. 1997
The Romance of the Dancing Girls
Unable to face Touga after uncovering the nature of their relationship, Nanami does all she can to avoid him.
12 Nov. 1997
The Prince Who Runs Through the Night
Anthy sends Utena on an errand to deliver roses, but little does she realize that Anthy's plan is also Akio's plot.
19 Nov. 1997
The Rose Signet
Utena, Anthy, and Akio all go to see a play being put on by the school's drama club. The play, however, rings a little closer to truth than it does to fairy-tale.
26 Nov. 1997
The Love That Blossomed in Wintertime
Touga's carried out Akio's will without question, up until now.
3 Dec. 1997
And the Doors of Night Open
Touga's resolved to duel with Utena one more time. Aware of his feelings for her, he concludes that the only way to save her is to defeat her before she meets her prince.
10 Dec. 1997
The One to Revolutionize the World
Utena has uncovered the truth behind Anthy and Akio and her disgust for them both has brought her to forsake everything she's fought for up until now.
17 Dec. 1997
The Ends of the World
Utena has decided to follow the letter's instructions and proceeds to the dueling arena to meet her prince.
24 Dec. 1997
Someday We Will Shine Together
Utena's once again betrayed by Anthy. With the prince's sword in hand, Akio attempts to open the doors of revolution while the fallen prince contemplates her and Anthy's fate.

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