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Pretty pointless and unfunny fare
bob the moo17 May 2003
Teenagers Kevin and Perry are desperate for sex. When they hear that Ibiza is a free love-in for all involved they immediately want to go. This desire becomes evens stronger when word of their virginity gets out. When a rare act of community spirit brings them a reward and praise from Kevin's parents they get to go. When they arrive they meet the girls of their dreams (who ignore them) and get their break with a superstar DJ (who abuses them). However despite stresses on their friendship, a possible record deal and amateur pornography shenanigans, all that really matters is, will Kevin and Perry get laid?

As many failed spin-offs from Saturday Night Live can easily contest, making a popular short sketch into a feature length film is no easy task. What can work well in a 3 minute, one joke sketch does not easily translate to the big screen. While there are a few well known successes, there are more that fail. That is the case here in a film that almost takes a step backwards from the focus on all manner of teenager faults in the sketches to focus just on sexual jokes. The plot is pretty banal to be honest and you would be forgiven for thinking there wasn't one at all. All it is, is a long excuse for a lot of smutty humour and toilet jokes. Some of them are funny but most of them are just stupid or silly. Sadly the weakest of them (the instant erections) is repeated endlessly throughout the film. Any genuinely funny bits are lost in a sea of floaters, erect penises and vomit jokes.

I wondered what had gone wrong at the script stage. To develop a sketch into a film it is important to develop the character – where Kevin and Perry were teenage stereotypes in the sketches, this wouldn't work in the film. However the film goes backwards by not developing the characters but instead just piling on their sexual obsession. They attempt to `develop' their characters by having touching moments but none of these work despite the fake way in which they try to put emotion into the scenes.

The soundtrack may be considered good by those who frequent Ibiza. I am not a clubber person and prefer hip-hop to dance by and large, so to me the constant dance music was quite annoying at best and numbing at worst. However my real beef with this film music wise was the use of Barber's Adagio for Strings. Adagio is one of my favourite pieces of classical music (probably best known in films to be the music to which Willem Dafoe strikes that iconic image in Platoon) and to hear it used over such trivial material just breaks my heart.

The cast is so-so on paper but never rises above the material. Enfield has no one to blame but himself as ex-producer and writer. He is less annoying as Kevin here than he was in the sketches which is good but he still can't get beyond the thin character he created for his tv show. Burke is quite good and is a convincing boy. Ifans is as annoying as ever and is the bad guy of the piece I suppose. Some of the cameos are quite amusing but only Paul Whitehouse got a smile out of me.

Overall this is as poor as I had feared it would be. I'm not against crude humour (I liked the Ali G movie for god's sake) but it needs to be funny and free flowing. Here this film gets stuck in a rut of repetitive sexual jokes that aren't funny the first time round, the plot is meaningless and barely important and it is telling that the film could barely make it to 75 minutes. In the filing cabinet where TV spin-off movies are kept, file this one under P for Pointless.
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Kevin & Perry Go Large
jboothmillard16 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
One of Harry Enfield's comedy favourites has now come onto the big screen in this hilarious comedy film. Kevin the Teenager is obviously the virgin, along with his best mate Perry (Kathy Burke), and they are both DJs. They one day buy a porn magazine and read about lots of sex going on in Ibiza. So Kevin asks his Mum (Louisa Rix) and Dad (James Fleet) if they can go to Ibiza, obviously they object at first, but they change their minds eventually. So when they do get there, that is when more mayhem begins. With the help of their new "friend" Eyeball Paul (Rhys Ifans), the manager of the Amnesia Club, they want to attract two girls that they fancy, Candice (Laura Fraser) and Gemma (Tabitha Wady). Also starring Paul Whitehouse as Bouncer, Patsy Byrne as Old lady and EastEnders' Steve McFadden as Bouncer 2. A very worthwhile comedy, particularly for the teens, and if you have the DVD you can enjoy all the clips from Enfield's TV creation. Harry Enfield was number 10 on Britain's Favourite Comedian, and Kevin the Teenager was number 15 on The 100 Greatest TV Characters. Good!
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The Joke Wears Thin
Theo Robertson28 August 2002
Though I find HARRY ENFIELD AND CHUMS a very funny show I wasn`t really expecting much from KEVIN AND PERRY GO LARGE and I was right . The problem is that Kevin and Perry were created and written for a comedy sketch show where sketches are tightly written and last for a couple of minutes so to stick them in a feature film in which plot and character development revolves around a couple of 14 year old virgins trying to get their legs over seems like a lost cause . That said I did snigger a couple of times like when Kevin is confronted by a girl he claims to have sh@gged or when Perry does a poo in the sea , but the banal unsophisticated humour wears thin very quickly . Perhaps it would have worked better if we`d had a couple of cameos from other Enfield characters like the Scousers and Mr you don`t wanna do that
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Doesn't really deserve to be called a British comedy.
Boba_Fett11383 August 2008
Of course I'm fond of British humor and comedies but problem with this movie is that it's a British comedy that tries to be like an American Hollywood teenage comedy, filled with all of the usual clichés.

The movie is about two extreme teenage losers, played by a couple of actors who are closer to their forties than their teens, who are desperately looking for sex. Sounds familiar? Of course it does! It's basically the subject that got handled in many different teenage comedies before. Maybe with as one big difference that "Kevin & Perry Go Large" goes way more over-the-top.

I must say that the fact that the movie and it's humor is so extremely lame and over-the-top, makes the movie actually still somewhat watchable. It's a movie that's mostly embarrassing to watch but because of it's extreme lameness also becomes strangely entertaining to watch still.

It's by no means a great made movie though. The directing and storytelling is really severely lacking at times. Who knows, maybe, just maybe the movie would had been a better one to watch with a more experienced movie comedy director at the helm. At times the story just really doesn't flow and some plot elements and characters just don't work out because of that.

Perhaps the funniest thing about this movie still remains that one of the male losers characters is not being played by a male but in fact by a woman. Quite amusing once you figure this out or learn about this afterward. Who did they do this? I really wouldn't know. Probably they had difficulties finding two ugly enough male actors to play the role rightfully, so they casted a woman in the part instead.

And seriously, what's with all these comedies lately that are making fun of Germans? Not that I mind, since I always find this very amusing but it just seems odd that this is mostly a thing that's something of these past 10 years. Some other recent examples of this are "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story", "Balls of Fury" and I'm of course forgetting many more. Seems like something that only got featured before in Mel Brooks movie but recently has become a really popular issue again.

A just still mildly amusing movie because of its silliness.

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Disgusting, crap, shallow and funny!!!
elo-equipamentos17 June 2019
Reading some comments here, I did reach in a conclusion, or love or hate it, whatever none of the extremes are right, perhaps the middle will be more suitable, let's see it, the plot, lack of creativity, the characters, two dumb, the casting, I've been wonder what's hell Rhys Ifans accepted make this awful picture, James Fleet and Louisa Rix as Dad and Mon stolen the show on those peppery scenes, the couple girls don't ads too much, the soundtrack, electronic music, don't able to all tastes, the final, just acceptable, some laughs, of course, when they got erections in some sequences, when in the beach when Kevin is hit straight in the mouth by Perry's torpedo's, disgusting scene, when Kevin thinking how his parents make sex to get him, just one on entire life, anyway has some hilarious moments, also a male character played by Kathy Burke is another good point, fresh idea, even it clearly is noticed in the first appearance !!!!


First watch: 2003 / How many: 3 / Source: Cable TV-DVD / Rating: 5.5
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The UK equivelent of Beavis And Butthead
wellthatswhatithinkanyway1 December 2000
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

Ultimately,what mars Kevin & Perry Go Large is what marred the Beavis And Butthead movie.While the exploits of 2 pre pubescent teenagers who's own views on the world are overtaking them too much obviously provide a lot of insightful and parodically entertaining fun on the small screen for half an hour,ultimately,a feature length movie stretches the mark a little bit,and the ultimately one joke premise ends up becoming kind of tired and repetitive.

Still,that's not to say there ar'nt good bits in the Kevin and Perry movie.A lot of the laughs are generated from the movie's frank honesty of what that type of teenager is like,and their honest thoughts about things and people around them.Such a scene is when Kevin imagines he has committed suicide,and all those around him he believes to be his enemy are thinking over their loss in buckets of tears,including many beautiful women in bras.This adaptation crosses all barriers and is'nt afraid to do so,and,as a result,the moment's of hilarity it does acheive work very well.

Indeed,while the movie is crude and may be interpreted as offensive by a lot of people,at no point is it really what you'd call tasteless.But,as mentioned,because the story has no coherent structure to follow,the funny scenes ar'nt pieced together at the appropriate moments,as ar'nt the flashy ibiza club tunes,both are very absorbing,but,sadly in a way,not combined into a satisfying whole.Still,it's an honest enough depiction of the best elements from the show,and it ends reassuringly happily too.While not as successful as it's inspiration,it's just as honest and effective.***
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Kevin and Perry Go Downhill
paul2001sw-126 May 2003
In the beginning, Harry Enfield played a character called "Little Brother". Then one day Little Brother grew up, morphed into Kevin the Teenager and was joined by Kathy Burke as his friend Perry. The resulting sketches, screened on Enfield's television program over a number of series, were among the highlights of the show. When Kevin finally got laid the result was hilarious, a long-awaited punchline to a joke years in the telling.

At the peak of his creativity, Enfield frequently killed off characters before they exceeded their natural lifespan (Little Brother himself being a case in point). But recently, that creativity seems to have been drying up, and Kevin and Perry were resurrected, first on TV (Kevin's sexual encounter explained as a dream) and now in this disappointing film.

So what's wrong? Firstly, this film is cruder than the TV series (illustrated by the endless repetition of one particular sight gag that was fresh at its first outing but that does not survive its over-exposure here). Secondly, Enfield has bizarrely decided to make a parody of the clubbing scene, and does so with such clumsiness that he fails to make a mark on a very easy target. With a dance soundtrack playing throughout, he has actually made the sort of film that Kevin and Perry themselves might enjoy. This is not a compliment.

More generally, a lot of the humour of the original sketches comes from the sheer unlikeness of the leads, the way that they somehow exactly capture teenage behaviour in spite of their ill-disguised age and, in Burke's case, sex. The simple shock delivered each time one is re-introduced to the characters leaves one laughing for half of a two minute scene; but for only one percent of a feature film. With nothing in the way of character development, only very many, very good, and very varied jokes could save this movie. There are funny moments; but nowhere near enough.

My advice: stick to the TV re-runs to enjoy Kevin in his natural habitat. Or watch "Norbert Smith - A Life", a TV film and underrated gem from Enfield's past rich with a creativity sadly lacking here.
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Trying so hard to be funny ...
didi-521 August 2005
Kevin and Perry were the appalling teenage lads created by Harry Enfield for his TV show; he's Kevin, Kathy Burke is Perry. This film was an attempt to cash in on those characters by taking them out of their usual setting and putting them in club-land, Ibiza.

Co-written by Enfield and directed by Ed Bye, 'Kevin and Perry Go Large' is perhaps the worst movie of 2000. Endless jokes about erections, zits, porn, sex, and poo do not a good or funny movie make. Now and again a scene might raise a smile - the antics of Kevin's parents, finding Ibiza sparks a second honeymoon for them, and Kevin's horror at realising they are sexual beings while he's still a virgin; the OTT DJ Eyeball Paul (Rhys Ifans) who finally gets his comeuppance on the packed dance floor; and the boys' terrible dance mix.

But the laughs are few and far between. I was left thinking fondly of previous Enfield creations like Stavros and wondering what on earth James Fleet and Ken Cranham were doing in this total trash.
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Nice Sound Track, Pity about the film
johnnyboyz29 September 2001
I enjoyed the TV series and Harry Enfield's sketches, but when he came to the big screen, He didn't do as well as i thought he would. It's packed with Ibitza songs which sound pretty good. But the comedy isn't as good and it wears out very early into the film. Not my favourite title of the year.
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Kevin and Perry get laid,but do take rather a long time about it.
ianlouisiana18 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I seriously doubt that,at the age of 66,I fall within the audience - range that "Kevin and Perry go large" was intended for.However I am an admirer of Mr H.Enfield and Mr P.Whitehouse and enjoyed "Harry Enfield and friends" and "The Fast Show",precursors of the dreadful "Little Britain".Sacrilegious though it may be I prefer Messrs Enfield and Whitehouse to those appallingly over - rated Pythons and I sincerely hope that they do not fall into the trap Cleese and co. failed to avoid i.e.endlessly re - cycling the same old stuff with only the names changed to protect the Swiss bank accounts.With "K & P" the signs were not good,but seven years down the line it remains the sole attempt by Mr E and Mr W to squeeze a few more bob out of their former TV audiences and I applaud them for their restraint. I am disqualified through reasons of age and culture to comment on the Ibiza music phenomenon,the raising to sainthood of disc jockeys,and the apparent ambition of every teenage boy to become one.I do understand - in the form of a distant memory - the urge to procreate that overcomes one at the age of fifteen to the extent that little else is of any consequence.Thus Kevin and Perry exist in an almost permanent state of priapism,their whole object being to divest themselves of their virginity at the first available opportunity.This can be - indeed is - amusing for five minutes but all too quickly palls.There are some gags that actually improve with repetition but unfortunately "Kevin and Perry go large" doesn't actually have any of them. It does have TV performers like Mr J.Fleet doing their overfamiliar schtick,it has the ridiculously over - rated Mr R.Ifans and that cockney geezer from "Eastenders" who has his chance and loses it . For its intended audience - presumably adolescents obsessed with pimples and sex - it will no doubt hit the spot - if you will pardon the pun; anybody in full possession of all their bodily hair and whom the word "spunk" does not cause to crease up with laughter may not find it to their taste.
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Watch alone one wednesday night when you don't feel like being stimulated intellectually.
GiraffeDoor13 August 2019
A strange and bizarrely captivating movie that one thinks couldn't possibly be made if the main character didn't already have a cult following.

Sort of like the Inbetweeners movie is they were a cartoon and twice as good (which still isn't amazing quality), Kevin is a boorish parody of youth with delusions of grandeur and Perry is his gullible friend. They are both played with a veteran professionalism by two middle aged actors.

Crude, often excruciating and frequently gross, it's so shameless in its juvenility that it's sort of hard to look away.

I almost had my fill of Kevin berating his parents by the midway point but I must admit it was sweet to see them pursue two girls almost as clueless as them and it all end satisfyingly.
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All I want to say is ... don't watch it!!!
philip_vanderveken28 October 2004
Yes, when you've read the title of my review, you already know how I feel about this movie. I don't know the show which "Kevin & Perry" first appeared in, but I know for sure that I'll never watch it, not after I have seen this movie. It was a total waste of my time and an unbelievably annoying movie.

If this is what nowadays teenagers are more or less like, than I'm glad that I'm not a father. They speak like two retards, they look and behave like complete idiots and all they want to do is do it... I guess you'll have to be a teen yourself to see the fun of this. I know I didn't, but I'm 'already' 26 of course.

The story is poor, if there is any story at all, the jokes are very obvious and certainly not funny and the acting is even worse than the story or the jokes together. However, not everything about this movie is annoying and horrible. The soundtrack is very nice, I really loved the selection Samuel Barber made. The trance music is my absolute and only favorite in this movie. That's why I can only give it a 3/10.
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I never seem to tire of this DVD
mjw230520 January 2007
Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke bring Kevin and Perry to the big screen, and despite my affection for the DVD something is definitely lost in the translation to the movie theatre version of these great characters.

The Kevin and Perry sketches were always the highlight of the TV show for me, i simply love the stereotypical characters, and the exaggerated, yet realistic situations that are portrayed. The short sketches do struggle to fill up the feature length with such hilarity and the characters obviously lack the depth to sustain the entertainment throughout.

I did still enjoy the movie though, it managed to make me laugh enough and the story tried it's best to carry the duo through till the end, and it only missed by a bit. The real saving grace for me was in the DVD - Kevin's guide to being a teenager is a brilliant best of from the TV series, and it certainly makes up for the flaws in the movie.

5.5/10 for the film 9/10 for the DVD extras 7/10 is my final vote
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Help The Underaged
Karl Self9 January 2006
This movie falls into two parts: the first bit, when the two leads' personalities are being established and there is not yet the need to get on with the plot, is absolutely superb, very funny, appropriately crude and wonderfully acted. And, if you have ever been a spotty teenager desperate to get your cherry popped, or even noted by the fairer sex -- personally, I have to rely on anecdotal evidence here -- it is almost heartwarming. Unfortunately the second, and very much longer bit, when the two characters arrive in their promised land (viz, Ibiza) and the narrative has to get underway, is pretty listless and unfunny -- essentially, typical gross "college comedy" fare, a skid that runs out of steam, and this despite the great Rhys Ifans giving it his best. If you want to be analytical, you could argue this is due to the practical incompatibility of ...

a) keeping the characters funny -- which requires portraying them as deplorable losers, and ...

b) pushing the story -- which requires allotting at least a modicum of achievement to the lead characters.

Unlike many other instalments of its genre, "Kevin And Perry Go Large" at least has the moxie of going against the grain by displaying the parents as human beings with lives of their own.

My nutshell assessment: great fun if you are partial to crass British comedy, but be sure to hit the "eject" button as soon as that airplane takes off Heathrow.
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Kevin & Perry Go Large
phubbs30 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
OK so I guess I should explain the background for this movie, for the non British folk. This movie is based on a silly comedy character created by British comedian Harry Enfield. Enfield had a comedy show on BBC2 way back during the 90's which featured a variety of his wacky outrageous characters. Enfield himself being a staple part of the alternative British comedy scene during the 80's and 90's.

In the show the Kevin character originally started out as a feisty young boy under the age of 13. He was kinda spoilt, annoying, hyperactive and always wanted the latest toys, but essentially a fun-loving kid . Then in one episode its Kevin Birthday, he finally reaches his teens and morphs into a thoroughly obnoxious and rude teenage who screams at his parents and sulks a lot. Its at this point we meet the character of Perry (Kathy Burke), Kevin's best friend. Perry is a short chubby fellow with greasy hair, a pale complexion and what seems like a limited intelligence. During the series we follow Kevin and Perry and their various teenage escapades in small episodic bites of comedy gold.

Much like any other TV character brought to the big screen the plot naturally has to be bigger, more flash in order to survive. With that the basic concept of Kevin the teen and his poor parents had to be expanded tenfold. So in a brilliantly ingenious bit of writing, Kevin, his parents and Perry (but not Perry's parents) all go off to Ibiza, Spain for a holiday after Kevin and Perry accidentally stop a bank robber and get a monetary reward. But the boys have an alternative plan in Ibiza, they plan on becoming famous DJ's in order to get loads of money and have lots of sex with hot birds. Yes it really is that simplistic, its almost like something from 'The Beano', but for adults.

So apart from the fact this movie was based on a popular Harry Enfield character, something else was needed to lure in the crowds. And that something was hard hitting house & dance club music. Again for anyone not in the know, Ibiza was the mecca of clubbing back in the day (probably still is, unsure). A small island off the east coast of Spain that is somehow almost entirely devoted to clubbing.

I think its pretty obvious what you can expect from this movie given everything I have told you thus far. Plenty of in-house footage from various famous clubs in the heart of Ibiza. Loads of scantily clad females dancing in cages and on the dance floor. Loads of beefy blokes dancing, and plenty of boozing and sexual innuendo from the main two lead characters. That's pretty much it really, Kev and Perry trying their best to get off with hot women who are out of their league. Whilst at the same time they both try to avoid Kev's crushingly boring and embarrassing middle aged parents.

Easily some of the best scenes involve Rhys Ifans outrageously cuntish Mancunian character Eyeball Paul (he's called 'eyeball' because he takes in alcohol through his eye) . Ifans is absolutely spot on with this performance, he captures that Mancunian vibe with his accent, clothes and that hair perfectly, its almost annoying. The way he shamelessly abuses Kev and Perry whilst being a total misogynistic prick is a joy to behold. Ifans is clearly having a ball with this devilish character as he chews up the scenery beautifully. Shout out to James Fleet and Louisa Rix who play Kevin's poor parents (Rix being Kevin's mum in the TV series). These two capture the pain and suffering of a middle aged parental couple nicely. Those moments we can all relate to when your sad old parents would embarrass you; and now being middle aged myself, those moments when you cringe at the way teenagers show-off and behave around the opposite sex.

Looking back its actually possible this movie could of inspired the now classic vulgar British teenager comedy show 'The Inbetweeners'. Its very clear how similar the two are by watching this now, Kev and Perry could easily be a part of the Inbetweeners gang. There are quite a few familiar elements such as almost every character being a cockney, strangely (apart from Eyeball Paul). The spot squeezing sequence with the girls is both utterly revolting and a typical Inbetweeners-esque type scene. The language used infuses both modern and classic British profanity such as 'shag'. And for some reason Kevin has a Union Jack bedcover, who has that??

Yes the comedy is somewhat deliberately sexist and chauvinistic, dated, highly childish and in places quite disgusting. Yes much of what you see is highly predictable, stereotypical and clichéd. And yes we've seen it all before many many times. But at the end of the day this movie is essentially a time capsule from the late 90's. The clubbing, the music, the clothes, the hairstyles, the comedy and general attitude towards British middle class life etc...Its actually more of a trip down memory lane combined with morbid curiosity rather than a riot of comedy. That's not a bad thing though as I did find myself kinda enjoying the trip.

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Ginger pubes and sad case do their stuff.
CharltonBoy20 November 2000
Kevin and Perry go Large is a movie spin off from the Harry Enfield show. The two boys are sexually frustrated virgins who are at that age when they are trying to loose their virginity but they are so uncool they find it near impossible. Although this movie does have its funny moments, (especially when the girls are getting tarted up to go out )it really fails in its atempt to be a feature film. Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke are very funny comedians and they are very funny in this but the film lacks any real story. If you are a big Harry Enfield fan you love it but dont expect it to stay in the memory for to long. 6 out of 10.
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This is the crappiest film I've ever seen
stamper19 May 2004
I hate almost everything about this film. What the hell were people thinking??? They actually cast an old fart and some kind of bird to play two teenage boys who want to go on a shag-athon in Ibiza!!! They look older than Kevin's bloody parents. All of this is made even worse by the 'kids' overdone mannerisms, talk and clothing which are not funny, but plain stupid. All in all I'd have to say that this makes films like Dude where is my car? and The naked gun resemble the works of an intelligent and funny person. The only thing in this film, that looks as if it had been done carefully is the selection of supreme birds that Kevin and Perry can drool over. I'm not sure this deserves a point, but hey…

1 out of 10

post scriptum: I realize that is sort of a prolonged sketch and that therefore a chick and an old fart play the teens, but as a film that sort of crap just don't work! Apart from that it just ain't funny.
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It's so gross but yeah, it's funny.
famousgir128 July 2001
I am never keen on the British comedys but Kevin and Perry Go Large is an exception. Sure, it's really gross but it is really funny and Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke both do a brilliant job as Kevin and Perry. Just watch out the for the picking-of-the-spots bit, now that is not a nice sight at all. Kevin and Perry Go Large is a really good film and I give it a 6-7/10.
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Mind boggling how this got financed
beresfordjd18 March 2012
Who on earth told Harry Enfield that he was funny and should become a comedian? He is second only to Michael Mcintyre as the most annoying comedian on TV. He has made an admittedly successful career out of surrounding himself with real talent and playing off that. Paul Whitehouse and Kathy Burke are extremely good comic actors who can make anything they do funny - Enfield cannot. He over acts for comic effect and it just does not fly. This film is an abomination and just embarrasses the British film industry . Of course if you are really wedded to knob gags then Kevin and Perry Go Large will appear like Hamlet to you but somehow I do not think so. Any actor involved in this puerile rubbish must squirm when they are reminded of it. It seems that actors will do anything just to work. The Kevin and Perry thing actually did work on TV mainly thanks to Kathy Burke and the shortness of the sketches but as a film it is beyond awful. I just cannot believe that this thing got finance to be made.
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So Unfair!
trimmerb123418 April 2016
Currently rated just 5.4, I guess that it's more indication that it's not the kind of humour most reviewers like. There is perhaps s conflict between its viewpoint of adults with experience of bringing up a hormonal mid teenage boy, who are by this stage in life probably more into politely showing off their new kitchens to friends and family than guffawing at painful reminders of their gross male adolescence.

It is very Harry Enfield who no doubt has a very nice kitchen but retains a memory of his own awkward teenage phase and has no inhibitions against lampooning his younger self. Today's (or 2000's) teenagers in contrast probably find its portrayal of them as...So Unfair!

Harry Enfield is very good but Kathy Burke's Perry is inspired: "Sorry Mrs Pa-erson". Our sympathies go out to the film's hero, played by James Fleet as cashier, chauffeur, porter - and father.

It's gross fun in the sun and funny.
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Substitutes vulgarity and tasteless cum jokes for humour
Silverzero25 January 2003
This disgraceful attempt at a movie is in line for worst movie of the new century. Any trace of humour is soon wiped out by knob jokes and stuff that makes you cringe and want to fast forward. While these jokes may have worked in betterly constructed American movies such as American Pie, it doesn't in this.

In American Pie, there was a much betterly devised plot, better chemistry between the much more likable characters and a storyline that didn't just revolve around a guy sticking his c**k in a pie. Kevin &Perry Go Large has no heart, no backbone, and watching thirtysomethings dress up as teenagers is funny for about a microsecond.

This film will ONLY appeal to hormone driven teenagers with no taste in comedy. Give this one a miss. 2.5 out of 10.
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Great comedy to watch with your friends while drinking some beers.
martymaster23 July 2002
I had just been on vacation with some of my friends and we had been out clubbing every night.So we really had the feel for this movie.We also like this kind of humor.The soundtrack in the movie is great and Kevin and Perry is just hilarious.They are so stupid that it is cool.
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Sick... twisted... extremely funny
David, Film Freak9 June 2002
Slapstick British 'guy flick' about 2 losers who fly to the party island of Ibiza to become the World's Best DJ's and - also - to lose their virginity. Fans of sick comedy 'South Park' will no doubt love the uninspired toilet humour - including very graphic human faeces-eating and zit-popping scenes - and you've gotta admit - this film knows no bounds! Kevin (Harry Enfield) and Perry (Gimme Gimme Gimme's hilarious Kathy Burke - and yes, it is a woman) are absolutely hilarious in their title roles and whilst the movie is nothing but trash and fart jokes on a film reel, it will no doubt provoke reactions you weren't prepared to give! Most guys will like this (not being sexist, but only a handful of women could (or would!) sit through this without squinting and squirming at least once).
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Great film great soundtrack
evans-j3412 March 2021
Growing up watching Harry Enfield and chums Kevin & Perry was always my favourite skit so loved it when heard they were doing a film and wasnt disappointed this isnt a brainer high end plot bust a joyful entertaining film that will put you in a good mood and is very rewatchable , so many great club classics beautiful scenery, having rewatched this lately cam honestly say this film has stood the test of time for me. So many of Kevin's thoughts and episodes you cam relate to its hilarious. Can't understand the low scores, other than maybe today's generation dont get it . Definetly give this film a go if you want a mood boost
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Unfortunately not a sturdy film, but a turdy one
Oneirosophos28 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This film was a long time in my list. The main reason was because I love trance and Trance Voices collection was a music revelation to me, 16 years ago. I remembered it when I was listening to some classics so I went and watched it.

The beginning is promising and a very good start, full of classic trancy basslines and synths plus some black British humor. The problems I've noticed started after Kevin & Perry go to Ibiza and become Uncle Paul's "slaves". There are at least 3 unfortunately and absolutely disgusting & needless scenes that break the rhythm, when they try to hook up with two girls. They are so horrible that my finger went automatically to fast forward. After these 15-20' of shame, the film wraps up with a finale full of energy, laughs and of course, classic trance tunes of late 90's.

So, in a nutshell, if you want to see a film full of these tunes and have some random laughs, go on. But if you are not into trance at all, skip it. It's a bad movie...
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