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Many "bad" but here's a "good"
andronikent26 April 2011
I have watched this series for the first time on DVD. Actually, I just finished last night. I agree with the many of you that there were things that could have been done better. However, I really enjoyed the series! I only wish it had survived at least 2 maybe 3 more seasons. Sure there are many "cliche'" scenes and some "bad acting," but over all, for me at least, it was a very enjoyable escape into a world of unending possibilities. There were many memorable characters. Of course Jessica Alba as Max is a great reason to watch this series, but so is Jensan Ackles. I grew to actually like Alec. Who can forget the lovable mutant Joshua, the romantic struggle between Max and Logan, and the excitable action sequences? I'm just saying, many people are focusing on the negative aspects of this show. If you look for things to complain about, you'll find them. But if you just sit back and enjoy it, not worry about how "lame" something might seem, you might actually find something quite satisfying to watch. I give this show a 9.5 out of 10. But that's just me.
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Please bring back Dark Angel James Cameron
jendowoz13 March 2017
I bought every season and episode of Dark Angel and was very disappointed when it was axed. I would really implore that this continues even if set from a few years later, or another version of Dark Angel is made with the original cast, particularly Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba is perfect for this role and with the popularity of Arrow, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Spergirl and various others, I am positive that Dark Angel in this day and age would be welcomed back with open arms by great deal of people, myself included.

I've recently been watching them again and they thrill me every time even though I've seen them all before. I am so pleased I bought the whole set and am enjoying them as much as when I first watched them on Television. Please James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee bring it back and continue it from where it was left off. I guarantee it will be well accepted.

kind regards, Jennifer Atterton
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Wish it could have survived, but needed better writers.
badbri1312 September 2002
The pilot was awesome, and the first season was great. We couldn't wait to watch it every Friday. Jessica was excellent for the part and played it extremely well. The supporting cast also did a great job, and the characters and plot was working very well.

When the first season ended, we couldn't wait for the second season. Unfortunately, as the second season progressed, it appeared that the story writers were running out of steam. It seemed to me that they made a wrong turn with the plot along the way, and they couldn't seem to find a way to get back on track. It was an awesome show, it definately had potential, and it is unfortunate that it had to end like it did.
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One of the few shows/movies which feature a Jessica Alba that could act.
munhasen15 August 2009
I agree with a previous poster that said the show needed better writers...and more specifically, better DIALOGUE writers. I loved the show and wish it would have continued on for more seasons. I felt Jessica Alba did an excellent and convincing job acting with what she was given.

And to the poster who said she wasn't athletic enough...you're a complete idiot! One of my first thoughts was that, besides her acting and her looks, she was perfectly picked BECAUSE of the athleticism.

I hope that they either bring the show back, or they do a feature film with the original cast.
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The show's OK... Alba is awesome
jokerz-so-serious9 June 2010
This isn't the best show out there, but it is pretty good. The writing is OK (if a bit predictable) and the acting passes(nothing special), but the real reason to watch is Jessica Alba. She does a superb job and I never got bored with the show, which is unusual for me.

I can't figure out why they would cancel it, it had tons of viewers, but if you are looking for more you can read several books that were written continuing the story. For those hoping it will come back you are out of luck because it has been years now since it was canceled, but i still haven't given up hope of a feature film sometime in the future.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a short entertaining show and you like Alba, this one's for you.
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Wish it did not stop.
Dardania Lion5 June 2014
I really loved it. The first season is the best. The second one is okay but it does get boring with Joshua. The first one has some good things in it. Jessica tried to know more who escaped Menticore and faces hard time.

I wish, I really wish we had someone starting from season 3 but sadly it wont happen. Jessica has her family and wont be bothered doing this thing again. I have to say she did a really good job here.

Come on James Cameron, make us happy and start another Dark Angel series.

Find someone who looks like Jessica Alba and make it happen, just have a try and I am sure people will like it.

Don't do things just because of money. You have enough of it.

Having it play in Seattle would be really nice. Somehow I love this city.

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A star is born
SnoopyStyle23 August 2013
In a post apocalyptic world, Max Guevera (Jessica Alba) is a bike messenger in Seattle. She was one of a group of genetically engineered children who escaped from a military lab. She battles the corrupt world with cyber-journalist Logan Cale (Michael Weatherly) known as Eyes Only. She struggles to survive and uncover the truth of her origins.

After the success of Titanic, James Cameron produced this TV show. It was TV series filmed in Vancouver for Seattle. The look of it was limited by its TV budget. The story is there but not fully fleshed out. Maybe there's a need for better support. Maybe the dialog isn't quite as sharp. No matter what, Jessica Alba was truly a star being born. She glows on the screen.
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What started out great, ended with a bad heart-ache.
Jane2 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Dark Angel was a fun and exciting show....in the beginning however. As the first season ended with what i thought was a promising future for the show, began with a second/final season that was just awful.


The first season focused on a young woman whose living out a pretty normal life in a post-apocalyptic world where the only good job was working at an express delivery service. -mainly where the young woman, known as max works.- It turns out though that max is actually a genetically engineered super soldier that's an escapee a secret government corporation, known as manticore, was/is after since she escaped at age 11. -not sure of the age- Anywayz, from here it's known that max is a cat burglar looking to make some extra cash. Here she meets the reporter known as 'eyes-only' whose out looking to make the world a better place. From here on out with occasional arguments and jokes max and 'eyes-only' work together to bring down the baddies and find max's 'family' which are her comrades that also escaped the evil manticore. You see to me this show was great. I mean the first season was fun with an original story that kept me wanting to see more. The acting was done right as well with twists and drama that made the show watchable. HOWEVER, upon the second season...things went terribly wrong. Without giving too much away, the second season basically strays from what the original story was all about to confused story lines with far-fetched complicated plots that UN-successfully launched the supposed 'third season'. Long story short, first season was much better than the second. -see it for yourself and you'll know why- i give the show 8/10 because it's the first season that makes the show great. the second was SOMEWHAT ALRIGHT, but very confusing with UN-liking stories as well as characters. but hey, who knows what you would like.
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Great show, too bad there are only two seasons
maloris-m14 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished watching the show last night. I really enjoyed it. I like the plot and all the fantasy details that can be passed for realistic. Yes, some of the acting was bad and there were some clichés, but that can all pass. I really liked Logan's role and him as a character. There is action, there are conspirators and there is tense love between main actors. I regret the most that there is no real ending in love between Max and Logan. I know a lot of time passed since last season and that actors aged (not that it matters, most of them like Alba, Weatherly and Ackles look mainly the same), but it would be really cool to have a better ending, at least in a movie, which is maybe even better idea then another seasons. I am not so fond of the ending the way it played out - frozen and incomplete. I would recommend this serial.
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Cameron S.O.S
leon12320 January 2001
This show started with much promise, but I think it is fading fast. Unless James Cameron takes a more hands-on approach and start doing some of the writing and/or directing himself, this will be another one of those short lived TV series that will be rerun on either TNT, SCI-FI, or FX cable channels ad-infinitum. I think that this show suffers from the same problems that the PRETENDER suffered from: it just keeps recycling the same good guy(girl) vs. bad guy stuff while continuing to build up on the subplots with no discernable solution to the questions the subplots are raising. In order for these types of series to succeed, the producers, in my humble opinion, need to tie the various subplots at some point to THE main plot of the show and relegate the good cop vs. bad cop episodic plots to the back burner.Of course this would mean, one suspects, that at some point the series would be over, because the main plot would be solved. The other thing that bothers me about Dark Angel is the hunter vs. the hunted theme: we've already had this in The Fugitive, The Incredible Hulk, The Pretender, to some extend in The Profiler, and probably others that I haven't even heard of. Can we get rid of it? It is the biggest cliche on TV right now. Cameron said in an interview that he would only come in to direct and write an episode if it could be ground breaking enough and something that had not been done before on TV. Now's the time to do it, Jimbo. If you care about this project, save its life, please! I would submit that that is ground breaking enough.
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A show with great potential that became progressively worse.
flask10 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
James Cameron's "Dark Angel," starring Jessica Marie Alba, debuted on television with the glitzy fanfare of a P.T. Barnum exhibit. It was intended to be Fox's answer to "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer," but unlike the latter show, "Dark Angel" never lived up to the potential which it displayed in the pilot episode.

The lead character, Max Guevera/X5-452 (Alba), with her enhanced feline abilities was interesting enough despite the all-too-familiar "I just wanna be normal" superhero formula lurking underneath. Gratuitous shots of Alba in a skin-tight leather outfit was undoubtedly a major selling point with the teenage male audience but cheapened the series to the level of a D.C. comic book.

The overarching plot involving super-soldiers whose DNA had been artificially engineered, inserted as fertilized eggs into the wombs of surrogate mothers, born under military supervision, and then escaped as children was cliché, but still interesting. This was tacked onto a futuristic setting in which a dystopian Seattle has been devastated by an electromagnetic pulse. These two premises were mildly compelling, and the show was at its best when exploring them, but the moment it would veer into bizarre subplots, it would fall from an average weekly thriller to a stinking pile of fungus.

The ensemble cast that populated the show was by far the worst failing of this short-lived series. The supporting characters were stereotypes painted in broad, one-dimensional strokes (i.e. Original Cindy) and sounded like imbeciles. The point of using slang is to make communication quicker, not to use it so much in a sing-song fashion that basic conversation becomes ridiculous. Apparently, middle-aged creators James Cameron and Charles Eglee were trying so hard to make a hip show that appealed to teenie boppers that they didn't realize being too trendy is just as detrimental as being too normal.

Coupled with the annoying overuse of rat-tat-tat-tat dialogue, a "battle of the sexes" theme existed throughout the series which could have been wickedly amusing if it hadn't usually lacked wit. Max saying lines such as, "Girls kick ass, it says so on a T-shirt" was humorous. Max saying lines such as, "Guys are the weaker sex" to a grieving widow who has just lost her beloved husband only makes the audience groan. Comedy is a difficult art. The Dark Angel writers should have remembered Mel Brooks' famous advice, "If I cut my finger, that's tragedy. If a man walks into an open sewer and dies, that's comedy."

For the action scenes in which Max displayed her "dizzying" superpowers, the Dark Angel crew often utilized a simple fast-forwarding technique. This is an effective trick if executed correctly, but instead it often came across as sped-up footage from a shaky hand-held video camera. In retrospect, far more interesting combat effects could have been created using wire stunts ala the choreography of Yuen W. Ping.

Ultimately, the corniness of "Dark Angel" became more and more insufferable; the weekly episode writing didn't improve; the characters became so posh they were snotty. Midway through the first season its Nielsen ratings began to slip. Seeing no quality improvement, viewers abandoned "Dark Angel" like rats from a sinking ship. By the second season, the once-promising series had degraded to having Max slaying Buffy-like monsters and encountering freakish mutants that seemed borrowed from X-Men comics. If only the series writers had aimed for a wider demographic audience other than teenagers and focused less on being devastatingly hip, "Dark Angel" might have lasted a few more seasons.

Tsk! Tsk!
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Weird gender-related double standards
Skaven2525 November 2002
Reading what other people have commented on the show, it seems this series is a rather mixed bunch, trying to cater to many audiences but apparently satisfying only few.

Female viewers are offended because Max is pretty and portrayed as such a sex object in every turn, but love the series because watching a girl kick (male) butt strokes their egoes.

Male viewers are offended because almost all the male characters are useless, impotent losers who (deservedly) get insulted and their asses kicked, but love the series for the action, and the hot lead character.


The series has an intentionally controversial message - with nothing substantial to say. It doesn't seem to offer much besides the usual endlessly expandable treadmill of standard cliche plot twists. I lost interest after the first couple of episodes.
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A terrible waste of a good idea.
katpbennett22 June 2001
The opening to this pilot was great; it had intrigue, suspense, a bunch of persecuted kids you could come to care about. But, as soon as Jessica Alba is on-screen, this thing has MADE FOR TV written all over it, and mediocre at that. The people are just too coiffed, too smart-mouthed, too slick, too cliche.

The dialog is trite, and most of the actors, including Alba, mumble like they've got marbles in their mouths. It's a terrible waste of a good idea, and a waste of John Savage's talents.

The overlying scenario of a magnetic pulse that could wipe out all binary information, thereby throwing the planet into chaos and economic distress, was believable. It's too bad the characters were so unbelievable.

If it became a series, I'd give it a miss.
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Silly Show
swlit20016 January 2005
The single reason to watch is Jessica Alba. The premise is fine, but the execution is terrible. Consistently poor writing and an absurd structure (does anyone else find the "Jam Pony" scenes strangely reminiscent of Taxi?) make this almost unwatchable. "Eyes Only" is completely ridiculous -- Logan is the ONLY guy that can hack the cable system but no one in this future can trace the hack or identify him even though the broadcasts feature his unaltered voice and a clear view of his retinas? Max's friends seem like they should be in some horrible sitcom, not a sci-fi action show. Actually, it may be that Dark Angel is entirely ironic, in which case it's still bad but at least perversely interesting.

If you want to watch a well-written sci-fi series that was cancelled, check out Firefly.
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What's the big deal???
alleycat21620 July 2001
There is nothing below the surface in this obvious and shallow show. Yes the stunts are all right, and Jessica Alba sure knows how to pout. But come on, for this she got nominated for a Golden Globe???? When she talks she sounds like a handful of marbles was stuffed in her mouth, (I guess that's supposed to be sexy). And both her and Michael Weatherly's reactions are incredibly planned and fake looking. Their performances would look fine in an Acting 101 class at a community college. It's really quite a shame, because the show had incredible promise. The scenario was good and original, and the scripts aren't half bad. But the horrible casting, which was so obviously based on looks alone, just ruins the rest of the show. But I suppose it does reach a target audience, mainly twenty something guys who drool over Alba, or twelve and thirteen year old girls who giggle over Weatherly. Personally, I'd hate to say this show was the launching point of my career, (sorry Jessica)
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I thought the point of a pilot was to try to hook the viewer...
FreakingJoyConvulsion26 September 2002
Not to try it's best to put them off tuning in next week. Mainly talking about the BAD characterizations, weak, useless males, and the girls who are each and every one 'sassy'(You know they're 'sassy' because they insult the male characters every time they open their mouths), which gets so bad that at one point, the main character decides that the wife of a man dying of some awful disease, needs to hears terrible jokes about guys being the weaker sex.

But the show is also crippled by the sources of it's cribbed ideas(Johnny Mnemonic!) and it's stupid premises(An EMP device has destroyed everything electrical in the place where the show's set, and for some reason, we have no idea at all about how to fix that, even though we created all that electrical stuff basically from scratch in the first place, learned about electricity, engineering and manufacturing, etc).

Not surprising it was canceled. Someone must have got wise.
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What were they thinking....
Krystall_Mechelle4 October 2000
First of all Jet Li has better fighting moves than this Max character (played by jessica alba). A bunch of 'edited scenes' should not be considered "great athletic" ability. And that "tryin to be bad" type attitude is sooo not natural. You have to give it to her though...she is a decent actress. Only I have seen better. This show is not "science fiction" this show is "joke fiction". There is nothing dark about this angel.
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Hideously Bad - Jessica Alba kills the show dead
Simon (simonsmeaton)11 February 2007
I didn't have much hope for this show. After all, one of the writer-producers declared proudly that he didn't like Science-Fiction and that it therefore was going to help him make a great Science-Ficiton show.

Sorry, but that sort of speech is usually followed by a dud, because it is very difficult to excel at something you don't even like.

Dark Angel met all those expectations and more.

But what really killed this show was Jessica Alba. You can imagine the producers going "wow, what a babe!! With her in it, our show will be a major hit!" And it's exactly that kind of condescension for the audience that killed this show.

Jessica alba can't act. Her grimaces make her utterly unattractive and she can't speak lines correctly. She's not even athletic enough to be convincing in action scenes.

Without Jessica alba, this show may have had a chance to get better. But with her, Dark Angel was DOA artistically. James Cameron's name sustained it for two more seasons than it deserved.

It won't be missed.
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Nifty show
Samiam317 September 2009
In the the middle of a dark Winter's night (set in this year ironically 2009) a handful of genetically engineered kids escape the asylum in which they were trained to be super soldiers under the command of the tyrant-like Donald Lydecker. Some escape the guard some don't. Those who do escape split up and go their own ways. Twenty years or so later, America is in a major economic depression, and this is where we meet Max Guevera. Downtown in a West Coast American city, she works as a postal delivery girl, with her roommate 'Original' Cindy. Max has one objective in life at the moment, to be reunited with her brothers and sisters. Like her, they are all out there somewhere trying to hide from Lydecker and his goons. One night in a strange turn of events, Max meets Logan Cale, a technology whiz and a journalist. They strike a deal, Max will act as his spy, to help him bring down suspected criminals, and He will try and help Max locate her siblings. It is a dangerous game.

From the mighty James Cameron, who at the time was taking a break from Hollywood comes a quirky, sci-fi adventure, which balances wit, charm, and action in the story of one kick-ass Heroin. What a great way to start a career for Jessica Alba. She is perfect for the role, and the show is more interested in her filing the shoes of a strange character rather than showing off cleavage which, Alba has since done frequently.

the one problem I have with Dark Angel is a certain lack of excitement, Every time Max gets into trouble she gets out pretty easily because she is so much smarter and tougher than her enemies, but I guess that is what makes the show so quirky. It doesn't usually take itself seriously, and we grow to like the people.

Sci-fi lovers might get a kick out of Dark Angel.
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What a disappointment.
gleipher26 July 2001
I was very leery of the two words... "James Cameron". However, the tv ads looked promising - and I was looking forward to an X-Files replacement. After watching the pilot episode, I don't think I'll go out of my way to watch any others. The acting was appalling, partly due to the trite/cliched scripted dialogue, and the show lacked any momentum or emotion. The whole episode seemed to be geared towards as many posed/'sexy' shots of Alba as possible, and little else. She may do well on the big screen in bit parts, but was a very poor choice for the lead in a tv series, where her lack of acting ability is glaringly obvious.
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This show should have been called "Dark STUPID"
mtran4410 June 2002
This show is as STUPID as Jessica Alba is beautiful. I am thrilled that FOX has canceled it. It was wasting a valuable 1 hour time slot. The show's plot was totally re-hashed. How many shows/movies are there that feature "genetically engineered humans part of a government program?" I expected more originality from James Cameron. The action sequences were horrible. The episodes grew increasingly corny. I literally pulled my hair while trying to watch this show. It was STUPID from the start.
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This looks like it may be a very short lived series
NolanSorrento4 October 2000
I was really hoping this would be a kewl series, the commercials made it look action packed and exciting, to bad they forgot to work on the set design's and costuming, unless you just paid attention to the tight outfits Jessica was wearing thru out the show. The story line was mediocre and it felt like a really bad swipe off of Bladerunner & Soldier (both partly by David Webb Peoples). The costuming was really bad, who dressed the messengers in this movie? Did they really think that a messenger would live in an abandoned building and dress in non-used/beat up/raggedy clothing? Has Wardrobe ever seen a Bike Messenger? What's up with every outfit Sara Rutherds/Max takes off another person? Why do they always fit her when the person she got it off of is at least twice her size (it's the whole Star Trek thing, any outfit will fit Capt. Kirk). The whole set looks like it was designed by the assistant of the set designer of Back to the Future II, it wasn't believable at all, and it didn't look like Seattle in the least bit. This show is bad, and I only recommend it to fans of Hercules, Xena, and WWF.
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Dark Angel
kupona2419 February 2005
I watched this programme first time round. I am now watching the re-runs on the Sci-fi channel. I found it innovating and interesting. Max is feisty, dangerous and kind. James Cameron has created an excellent character in this test-tube genetically modified human being, trying to escape the entrapments of its genesis and the actress Jessica Alba (who I had never heard of before the series)has done a sterling job in her interpretation of the character of 'Max'. I was extremely mortified to discover that for some reason the television company responsible for broadcasting the show has decided to pull the plug. Dark Angel fans like myself are now let in the "dark". Question: What happens to Max and the other genetically modified humans who have escaped from the Manticore labs? Do they remain in Terminal City? Do they escape Ames Whyte and his cohorts? What is the significance of the writing on Max's body? What is the significance of her immunity to the bite of the snake? These and other questions continue to haunt us. I am sure that James Cameron has the answers to all these questions. Why are we being denied them? Why was the show cancelled?
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Haven't I seen this plot before?
D'Amico14 March 2002
How well I remember the pilot...a little girl named Max escapes from a top-secret government facility where she has been bred specifically to be a super-human. One day, she escapes, but is separated from her 'brother', who she then searches for. It's fascinating to think that what is done in that government facility is possible...and amazing to think that one little girl on her own who has been super-enhanced can escape. Waitaminute...that was the plot of a James Patterson book that came before 'Dark Angel' even hit the screen. Hmm. I guess James Cameron couldn't come up with the idea on his own, or even a name.

The series itself isn't bad. It's not great, but if you don't mind getting mired in to a side-plot, then it's really not bad. The first few episodes of the show were the best, because it was when Max was still concerned about finding out about herself. Then the show seemed to dwindle...it's still well-acted, but some of the writing has suffered. Although it's nice to see that Michael Weatherly ends up romantically involved with yet another of his co-stars.
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Let Dark Angel die a peaceful death
squodge18 January 2003
Dark Angel started off full of promise. However, just like most contemporary American television, producers seem to think that good looking actresses make for good viewing. They don't.

Dark Angel suffered from about the second or third episode into the second season, and the television networks did well to drop it like the proverbial plague. Bad storylines coupled with poor acting made this one of the worst shows ever. Even "The Simpson" has better acting, and they're all celluloid!

I think Cameron should have made Dark Angel a movie rather than a television series. He should have spent more on a script and drafted a decent actress. And it was scandalous how they dropped John Savage without warning - he was definitely one of the highlights of the show.

Bring back Dark Angel? No, let it die in peace. Lots of good moments, but sadly far too many duff ones. There was also too much stereotyping. Main star (Alba) is eye candy, then there's the black girl friend with "yo mama" speech built-in, and a nerdy type (Eyes Only). Pur-lease! Show some originality! This typecasting was evident in Knight Rider of the 1980's...why, oh why, are producers still coming out with formulaic stuff? Especially when it fails to work.
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