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Clare Kramer: Courtney



  • [first lines] 

    Big Red : I'm sexy, I'm cute, / I'm popular to boot.

    Big Red , Whitney , Courtney , Darcy , Carver , Kasey , Torrance Shipman : I'm bitchin', great hair, / The boys all love to stare, / I'm wanted, I'm hot, / I'm everything you're not, / I'm pretty, I'm cool, / I dominate this school, / Who am I? Just guess, / Guys wanna touch my chest, / I'm rockin', I smile, / And many think I'm vile, / I'm flyin', I jump, / You can look but don't you hump, / Whoo / I'm major, I roar, / I swear I'm not a whore, / We cheer and we lead, / We act like we're on speed, / Hate us 'cause we're beautiful, / Well we don't like you either, / We're cheerleaders, / We are cheerleaders. /Roll call...

    Big Red : Call me Big Red.

    Whitney : I'm W-W-Whitney.

    Courtney : C-C-C-C-Courtney.

    [Courtney makes cat snarl] 

    Darcy : Dude, it's Darcy.

    Carver : I'm big bad Carver. Yeah!

    Kasey : Just call me Kasey!

    Big Red : I'm... still Big Red, / I sizzle, I scorch, / But now I pass the torch, / The ballots are in, / And one girl has to win, / She's perky, she's fun, / And now she's number one, / K-K-Kick it Torrance, / T-T-T-Torrance!

    Torrance Shipman : I'm strong and I'm loud, / I'm gonna make you proud, / I'm T-T-T-Torrance, / Your captain Torrance.

    Whitney , Courtney , Darcy , Carver , Kasey , Torrance Shipman , Jan , Les : Let's go Toros. /We are the Toros, / The Mighty Mighty Toros, / We're so terrific, / We must be Toros.

  • Courtney : Why does everyone have to go on a diet?

    Sparky : Because! In cheerleading we throw people into the air. And fat people don't go as high.

  • Courtney : Can she yell?

    Torrance Shipman : We'll try an oldie.

    [Torrance tests a standard cheer on her] 

    Torrance Shipman : Awesome, oh wow! Like, totally freak me out! I mean, right on! The Toros sure are number one!

    Missy : [cheering]  I transferred from Los Angeles, your school has no gymnastics team, this is a last resort!

    [back to normal tone] 

    Missy : OK, so I've never cheered before. So what? How about something that actually requires neurons?

  • Courtney : Darcy thinks she should get captain 'cause her dad pays for everything.

    Whitney : He should use some of that money to buy her a clue.

  • Whitney : [Courtney and Whitney notice Torrance flirting with Cliff]  Oh, don't play dumb. We're better at it then you.

    Courtney : You were having cheer-sex with him!

  • Missy : [the squad is arguing about whether or not to stick with the Clovers' routine]  You people are unbelievable! I mean, we're talking about cheating, here!

    Courtney : Sorry, new girl, but *nobody* hit your buzzer!

  • Cheerleaders : [Cheerleaders from opposing team]  Hey, Toros! / That's right / The red black and white / Guess What / Guess What / You really SUCK!

    Torrance Shipman : Hey...

    Torrance Shipman , Courtney , Whitney , Kasey , Darcy , Missy , Jan , Les : That's all right. That's OK! / You're gonna pump our gas someday! / That's all right. That's OK! / You're gonna pump our gas someday!

  • Torrance Shipman : Courtney, this is not a democracy, it's a cheerocracy. I'm sorry, but I'm overruling you.

    Courtney : You are being a cheer-tator Torrance and a pain in my ass!

  • Courtney , Whitney , Darcy , Kasey , Missy , Torrance Shipman : [Cheering at the game]  Aaaaaaalllll right! We're sweet! We got the whip, we can't be beat. We're the best, our team's too cool. We got the class to rock this school. Aww...

    Isis , Lava , Jenelope , Lafred , Courtney , Whitney , Darcy , Kasey , Missy , Torrance Shipman : [Clovers join in, humiliating the Toros]  Yeah! We bad, we got the team, we can't be had. We're the best, so score them points. You win the game, we'll rock this joint!

    Courtney , Whitney , Darcy , Kasey , Missy , Torrance Shipman : Go Toros! Go Toros! Go, go, go Toros!

    Isis , Lava , Jenelope , Lafred : Go Clovers! Go Clovers! Go, go, go Clovers!

    Isis , Lava , Jenelope , Lafred , Courtney , Whitney , Darcy , Kasey , Missy , Torrance Shipman : Our game is fierce and we are hip, so get on back, you can't touch this! Our game is bad, we're without peer, so get that weakness outta here!

    Isis , Lava , Jenelope , Lafred : Tried to steal our bit, but you look like shit! But we're the ones who are down with it!

  • Torrance Shipman : We should get Big Red a gift. Or at least someone should say something.

    Courtney : Pass!

    Whitney : Good riddance. I don't believe in osmosis.

    Torrance Shipman : I'm not brown-nosing! She's the departing captain; she did a lot for this squad.

    [Courtney and Whitney both give her looks] 

    Torrance Shipman : Oh, come on, both of you sucked before she whipped you into shape.

    Courtney : Oh, whipped? Is that what that was?

    Whitney : No one will miss Big Red, Torr. She puts the 'itch' in bitch.

    Courtney : She puts the 'whore' in horrifying.

    Torrance Shipman : You know, it's her last practice; how would you feel?

    Courtney : Big Red has no feelings!

    Whitney : Just testicles.

  • Courtney : I hate to be predictable, but I don't give a shit! We learned that routine fair and square. We logged the man-hours. Don't punish the squad for Big Red's mistake. This isn't about cheating. This is about winning. Everyone in favor of winning?

  • Courtney : Where the hell are my spanky pants?

  • Theatre Boy : [performing]  Give my regards to Broadway, remember me to Harold Square...

    Courtney : Excuse me! What's... with... the song?

    Theatre Boy : Isn't this the audition for Pippin?

    Courtney : [waves finger]  No.

  • Courtney : Tell me we're not actually continuing the masquerade and having try-outs. Let's cut the crap and pick somebody now! Whitney's little sister Jamie is really teeny. She'll be easy to toss, and she doesn't give lip.

    Jan : Just tongue.

    Whitney : Kiss my ass, Jan!

    Jan : I'd love to.

  • Torrance Shipman : Missy is bank!

    Courtney : Uh, bankrupt!

  • Courtney : Let's not put the "duh" in dumb!

  • Darcy : The words "big" and "britches" come to mind.

    Whitney : She's crazy. She'll kill us all.

    Courtney : Some of us haven't spent the whole summer working out. Right, Carver?

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