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'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Premiere Recap: The King Is Fired, Long Live The King?

King vs. king. Queen vs. queen. Even dragons vs. their mother. "Game of Thrones" Season 5's April 12 premiere, "The Wars to Come," had a fitting title for an hour spent preparing for multiple battles ahead. It's about to get messier than drunk Tyrion in a wine barrel. Keep your shields up, people!

Season 5 started with a witch's flashback prophecy of clashing queens and ended with Mance Rayder burned like a witch for calling himself king and refusing to bend the knee to help Stannis Baratheon fight his war. Live free or die, man. Live free or die. The stellar, plot-heavy (in more ways than one) fifth season premiere followed six different locations and several intriguing prophecies and propositions. There was no hand-holding, so if you didn't recognize someone on screen you had about two seconds to figure it out, catch up, read between the lines to decipher what wasn't being said,
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Game Of Thrones season 5 spoiler-filled trailer breakdown

Dany, dragons, Diana Rigg in a hat, Tyrion in a crate, Arya’s new look & more. Here’s what’s in Game Of Thrones’ season 5 trailer…

Warning: contains spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the A Song Of Ice And Fire Books.

Now that we have the posh, shiny version of the Game Of Thrones season 5 trailer instead of the shaky one nicked from that IMAX screening, we’ve done the nerdy freeze-framing required of a trailer breakdown.

To a cover of Bowie’s Heroes (presumably chosen simply to synch its title up to a shot of Jon Snow looking all heroic), we saw Dorne, Dany, dragons, Diana Rigg, divergence from the books, dastardly politics, dangerous weapons and more.

Not to mention the host of new characters, from the Sand Snakes to Areo Hotah and his nasty looking longaxe, and the voice of the High Septon, Jonathan Pryce. Watch the trailer in full here,
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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Trailer Officially Released After Leak (Video)

  • The Wrap
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Trailer Officially Released After Leak (Video)
Updated, Friday 2:30 p.m.: Following the leak of the “Game of Thrones” Season 5 trailer, HBO has officially released the clip on the show’s Facebook page. Enjoy the sanctioned version below.


Happy Friday, “Game of Thrones” fans — a trailer for Season 5 has leaked online.

The YouTube video appears to have been shot from inside an IMAX theatre where screenings of the last two episode of Season 4, followed by the new trailer, began on Thursday.

See photos: Game of Clones: ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters and Their Doppelgängers

As TheWrap previously reported, here’s what you can expect:

– King
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Inside ‘Game of Thrones’ IMAX Screening: Explosive Season 5 Trailer, Sophie Turner, Shattered Eardrums (Video)

  • The Wrap
Inside ‘Game of Thrones’ IMAX Screening: Explosive Season 5 Trailer, Sophie Turner, Shattered Eardrums (Video)
Putting a two-episode taste of HBO’s epic “Game of Thrones” series on IMAX screens has only served to make the argument for weekly theatrical release of each upcoming episode of author George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” fantasy juggernaut. The Season 5 trailer that aired following Thursday night’s Los Angeles IMAX screening of Season 4 episodes “The Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children,” drove the point home.

“It’s the first television show to be shown in the IMAX format,” series star Sophie Turner, who plays gentle Sansa Stark, said in introducing the 10 p.m.
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'Survivor: Philippines': Carter Williams compares villain Abi to 'a puppy dog with sharp teeth'

Carter Williams, the latest contestant voted out of "Survivor: Philippines," is happy he survived the game -- and obnoxious castmate Abi.

"You'd think after all this time, I'd be over it," he told Zap2it this morning (Dec. 6). "But no. What a crazy game -- if you can call it a game."

We also learned something about Carter: He's kind of hilarious.

"I don't anyone's over that game. I think even Zane [voted out first] is wondering how he could've been in the final. I think he had his final speech all ready to go."

"I can't imagine what Abi's going through," he says about Season 25's breakout villain. "That little monster. She's kind of like a puppy dog with sharp teeth: She looks cute, and you think you want to be friends with her -- but she doesn't realize that she's got sharp teeth and she can hurt you."

"It's unfortunate,
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