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A disembodied tentacle is accidentally exposed to nuclear waste, giving it human abilities and an ambition to take over the world.


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Denny Delk ...
Hoagie / Purple / Green / Doctor Tentacle / George Washington (voice)
Jane Jacobs ...
Laverne / Irish Maid (voice)
Doctor Fred Edison / Doctor Red Edison / Zed Edison / Dwayne / John Hancock / Man in Ski Mask (voice)
Ginny Westcott ...
Betsy Ross / Nurse Edna (voice)
Ed Edison / Zd Edison / Ben Franklin / Cigar Salesman / Thomas Jefferson (voice) (as David Traylor)
Peggy Roberts-Hope ...
Edna Edison / Zedna Edison (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Bernard Bernoulli (voice)

Directed by

Dave Grossman ... (co-director)
Tim Schafer ... (co-director)

Written by

Wayne Cline ... (manual)
Ron Gilbert ... (characters)
Dave Grossman ... (creator) (creator)
Tim Schafer ... (creator) (creator)
Gary Winnick ... (characters)

Music by

Clint Bajakian
Michael Land ... (as Michael Z. Land)
Peter McConnell

Art Department

Peter Chan ... lead artist
Sean Turner ... graphics

Sound Department

Clint Bajakian ... sound
Michael Land ... sound
Peter McConnell ... sound

Animation Department

Larry Ahern ... animator
Kyle Balda ... animator
Peter Chan ... background artist
Jesse Clark ... animator
Sean Turner ... animator

Other crew

Jonathan Ackley ... programmer
Dave Grossman ... game designer / programmer
Judith Lucero ... programmer
Tim Schafer ... game designer / programmer

Production Companies




Special Effects


Other Companies



Plot Summary

Doctor Fred Edison is an eccentric scientist who lives with his bizarre family in his centuries old home, somewhere in New England. One day, his pets, genetically engineered tentacles by the names of Green and Purple, come across waste being dumped into a creek. While Green stays away from it, Purple takes a taste of some of it and is mutated, giving him limbs as well as superhuman intelligence. Driven mad by the sudden power rush, Purple sets off to conquer the planet and replace the human race with tentacles. However, Fred captures them, and thinking Green may have been exposed as well, regretfully decides he must euthanize them. Fearing for his life Green sneaks out a telegram to his old friend, nerdish college student Bernard Bernouli. Bernard, bent on rescuing Green, sneaks himself, his med student girlfriend Laverne, and roomate, Hoagie, off campus and drives to the mansion, where Purple and Green are both set free and Purple escapes to go on a rampage. Deciding the only way to catch Purple is to stop the mutation from ever happening, Fred rigs up a machine that can rip open the space-time continuum and allow Bernard, Hoagie, and Laverne all to go back in time and stop Purple from being exposed to the waste. Unfortunately, during the transport, the Cubic Zarconia Fred is using to reflect the time machine's laser is destroyed, resulting in Bernard staying in present day, Laverene being sent 200 years in the future, and Hoagie being sent back 200 years to Colonial America. Now not only must Hoagie and Laverne get themselves back home, but Laverne must escape the brutal concentration camps of a tentacle ruled future, Bernard must contend with Fred and his passively insane son and sex obsessed wife, and Hoagie and Bernard must stop the nightmarish future from ever happening. Written by K. Lynnith

Plot Keywords
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Additional Details

Also Known As
  • Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle (United States)
  • Der Tag des Tentakel (Germany)

Box Office

Budget $600,000 (estimated)

Did You Know?

Trivia Originally, there would be no voice acting and there were going to be six playable characters. Apart from Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne, there would also be Moonglow, Chester and Razor. Moonglow and Razor were omitted early on, while Chester became the basis of the twins Jed and Ned Edison. When Myst (1993) came out, it popularized voice acting in games, so the creative team decided to make 'Day of the Tentacle' their first 'talkie game'. See more »
Goofs Hoagie finds dry spaghetti in the Colonial-era mansion kitchen. Italian cuisine did not make it to the United States until the 19th century. Therefore, it's highly unlikely someone would have pasta in their kitchen around this time. See more »
Movie Connections Featured in Tim Schafer (2005). See more »
Crazy Credits At the end of the credits, the Lucasarts logo is seen. Then a golden tentacle hops over, scares off the golden man and takes his place. See more »
Quotes Hoagie: Bernard, float over here so I can punch you.
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