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MPAA Rated R for monster violence and gore, language, some drug use and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • Duncan says, "Its like sex". Sunny moons Brady and Duncan in the car. Duncan pulls Brady's pants down. Sunny is drunk and tells Claire about the time she slept with Brady. Sunny takes her bra off. Dunken says, "Blow me".

Violence & Gore

  • Two fishermen destroy the crocodiles nest, then the crocodile eats both of them. The second fishermen was in his car when the crocodile attacked and blood splattered on the windows./ Hubs is drunk and passes out. He wakes up later and walks to the boathous where the crocodile comes out of the water and eats him whole.This scene can be frightning./ Sheriff Bowman finds a severed arm./ The crocodile attacks the boat house and attacks Foster. You see Foster bitten in half and the crocodile still eating him./ You see Lester's hand bitten with blood dripping from it./ Two fishermen find Hub's severed body parts./ Sunny falls down and the crocodile comes and starts chomping down on her. This scene is pretty gory./ The croc attacks Annebelle in the bathroom. It chomps down on her and you see a long line of blood and you see her inside the crocodile's mouth all bloody. The crocodile then bites down on Duncan's leg. You see blood splatter. Kit runs outside and tries to start a broken down truck. The croc come out and knocks over a tank of gasoline. Then it knocks over an oil lamp. The gas starts on fire and starts moving to where Kit's truck is. The Truck blows up and you hear Kit screaming./ Shirken is eaten by the croc when he falls of the boat. Bowman goes to start the engine. The croc comes and eats him too. Brady attacks the crocodile and it knocks him down. Duncan runs and blindfolds it. The crocodile then throws him up in the air and swallowes him whole. The crocodile then throws him back up. Brady slaps Duncan to make him wake up, and he does.


  • About 40 F-words, 18 S-words, 12 asses, 11 damns, 5 hells, 4 uses of SOB, 6 religious words uses in anger, 1 use of PO.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Really not many except for the bathroom scene, which can be pretty suprising.

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