Blood Dolls (1999) Poster


Debra Mayer: Moira Yulin


  • Harrison Yulin : Travis may be a bit eccentric, but shoot, do you really think he'd go and, hmm, murder people?

    Moira Yulin : Why not? We've had people murdered.

    Harrison Yulin : What? Huh. We have? Who?

  • Moira Yulin : There is no "we", Harrison, there's only me. And a sloppy, man-shaped appendage - you.

  • Moira Yulin : Is there anything in this world more pathetic than a man? I think not.

  • Virgil Travis : You see, even we who are destined to dwell in the mud can still long for the sky.

    Moira Yulin : And what do you see when you look in the sky, Virgil? Nothing. Emptiness. Life is down here, with all the lying and killing and fucking.

  • Moira Yulin : I wanted to despise you and dominate you, because I thought you were just a man, and men are only worthy of being despised and dominated.

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