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Best one in the L&O Franchise
canadianfreak_1718 November 2004
I have never one been that big of a fan of the original Law & Order. I would watch it for time to time and it was an alright show but never really had anything jump out at me to make it one of my can't miss shows. Then this show came on. I watched this show when it premiered back in 1999 and was impressed from the get go. Sure it followed the basic premise of it's original cousin but was much more loose on it's format and execution. Some episodes hardly ever involve the court room at all where the original week in week out follows a distinct pattern. First half hour is the law then the next is the order. This show although does sometimes follow the same pattern like i mentioned it is much more loose in how it executes it. Mariska Hartigay is excellent as her portrayal of Det. Olivia Benson. The whole cast as a whole is magnificent. Now I know a lot of people will disagree with me that this show is in no way better than the original but for me it is. It has given me something that the original never did.
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an excellent show, absolutely stunning
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises3 March 2005
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is one of the best and most underrated shows on TV. It stars Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler, a tough-as-nails detective who makes his hatred of pedophiles and child molesters well known many times throughout the show. He has another side, a vicious side, that Criminal Intent's Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) lacks. I'm very pleased that he's been nominated for an Emmy. Mariska Hargitay won an Emmy for her performance as Olivia Benson, another fantastic detective. Benson has more edge than CI's Alex Eames (Kathrine Erbe), but is revered for her ability to communicate to troubled witnesses and gouge confessions out of suspects. Her life is put in danger at least twice a season, yet she continues to be strong. Next is the sarcastic detective Jon Munch, played by the excellent comedian Richard Belzer. Munch may seem annoying at times, but his ability to relate to witnesses is excellent, and he plays the "good cop, bad cop" role very well. The final detective is Finn Tutuola, played by former rapper Ice-T. Ice-T plays the character reasonably well, but I think we'd all like to see a meaner side of him. He was very good in the episodes entitled "Rage," and "Rooftop". They are led by Don Cragen, played by Dann Florek, and Cragen is as good a captain as any, as Florek reprises his role he held on "Law & Order" for a few years. Adam Beach recently joined the show, bringing something new to the table in youth and his almost 'surfer dude' approach to detective work. The ADA now is Casey Novak, played by Diane Neal, who could be better, but she gets the job done. She's been better of late, and the contrast between her and her predecessor is really helpful to the show. Her predecessor, Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March) was great also. The team is also aided by an FBI psychiatrist, George Huang (BD Wong), who aids them in finding out the true horrors of a person, witness or suspect. His best performance was in the episode called "Coerced." The members of this unit investigate sexually based crimes (rape, rape-homicide) and child based crimes (school shootings, child abuse, child molestation). The show has had extraordinary guest stars, from evil (Johnny Messner, Reg Flowers, Asio Highsmith, Jeff Kober) to touching (Leland Orser, Jerry Lewis) to lost (Brittany Snow) to famous and legendary actors (Jerry Lewis, Dean Cain, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Henry Winkler, Robin Williams, Matthew Modine, Alfred Molina, Cynthia Nixon, John Ritter). This is a truly great show that not only shows the line of work in this graphic department, but shows the emotional stress a detective goes through. 10/10
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Maybe the best crime-series at the moment and very underrated I feel
stamper25 January 2005
When I am communicating with other people interested in crime series it is remarkable how many people seem to watch either CSI or CSI: Miami or both. Rarely (actually never) have I heard talk about this show, unless I brought it up myself and ended up discussing it with them. Of course I do not know the situation in America and other countries regarding this show, but I feel it is very underrated in the Netherlands. Of course this has a lot to do with it's programming spot. While CSI is usually on Saturday's at 8:30 or 9:30 p.m. and CSI: Miami on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m., SVU's spot has been Sunday's around 11p.m. for quite some time now. That's hardly what I call a prime time spot. Just to compare I looked up the share's of those 3 shows on the internet. CSI has a share of 26 in the US and 17,5 in the Netherlands. For CSI:Miami these numbers are 15,0 and 13,2 and for SVU they are 17,0 and 7,7. This doesn't mean much, but once bring the number of households into it, it gets a lot clearer. CSI has about 18,6 million viewers in the US while CSI:Miami and SVU have 10,5 and 11,9 viewers respectively. In the Netherlands these figures are 1,175 million; 910 thousand and 370 thousand. This means that SVU has less than one-third of the viewers CSI has and MUCH less than half the viewers CSI: Miami has. In America SVU has two-thirds of the viewers of CSI and about 10% more than CSI:Miami. In my opinion this has a lot to do with the extremely bad programming spot SVU has gained in the Netherlands and the fact that the program is not advertised as vigorously as the two CSI's, for I feel it cannot have anything to do with it's quality.

The thing that makes SVU stand out so much in opinion, is that the stories depicted are very realistic and heart felt. I personally appreciate it very much, that there are no cheap attempts to make you cry by extending dramatic scenes or underscoring them with sad music. Mostly the sad parts happen quite suddenly and are relatively short. Maybe that's just another 'trick' to get you to cry without being as obvious as many soap opera's. TO me though, it makes the stories appeal much more life-like and truly gut-wrenching and sad.

Also all of the characters are good. If you watch long enough, you can get bits and pieces of information on everyone of them, thus discovering what makes them tick. I must admit that the series has changes it's emphasis a bit in recent years. In the first year there were numerous episode's that featured theme's or events from the investigator's home environment (especially Stabler's). This trend has somewhat diminished over the years, yet you can still see each individual's background shining through into their work ethics. One thin I really had to get used to was Richard Belzer's (Det. John Munch) role getting smaller. It seems to me that in the first few years of the series he was present much more and he made much more cynical remarks, something I really enjoyed. But overall the series has not changed for the worse, for I feel it has actually improved. While a few years ago I'd given this series an 8 out of 10 I'm much more inclined now to rate it even higher. What I've come to appreciate these last 2 or three years, were the additions of Ice-T (Det. Fin Tutuola), B.D. Wong (Dr. George Huang) and Stephanie March (A.D.A. Alex Cabbot) to the team. Stephanie March's character provides the viewer not only with an insight to what the D.A's job is, but her involvement in the series also shows what difficult decisions need to be made at times when the victim becomes the pursued or when a suspect cannot legally be brought to justice. Huang's intense involvement lately is in my opinion the biggest and best evolution the series has undergone (up until now). Not only because there have been few if any series which placed the work of the forensic psychiatrist is in the spotlight, but also it is much more realistic than for instance the media's depiction of profilers in The Silence of the Lambs or the TV-series Profiler. Also I think it is good (in addition to being very interesting) to show the public that not every offender is purely bad, but there is often much more when you go beyond the surface. As for Ice-T's character, I think he really completes the mix in the show, as the tough street cop. Him and Belzer are an ideal couple, just like Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

The reasons, I personally feel SVU is the best crime series on the tube at the moment, are easily summarized. It has very much diversity, it offers insight into the psyche's of both victim's and perpetrators and it is realistic in every aspect.

9 out of 10
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MichaelOates16 February 2004
Quality is the foundation that "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" is based upon. With compelling storylines, great performances and a first-rate cast; "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" radiates from the screen each hour it is on every night. Dick Wolf has combined quality writing with quality casting in the second of three series' in the "Law & Order" franchise.

Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, Ice-T, Dann Florek, B.D. Wong and Richard Belzer all share one thing in common: they star in one of finest series on television.

Mariska, Chris, Ice-T, Dann, B. D. and Stephanie March are a well-rounded cast that bring great depth to their characters and compliment each other very well. Furthermore, the cast portray their characters so well that I have to remind myself that they are actors not detectives.

Quality writing and outstanding performances set "Law And Order: SVU" apart from the other dramas on television. Each episode is riveting, written with intelligence, and character driven. It is a privilege to watch "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

The writers' ability to draw viewers in and make them care about the involving storylines and characters help to make "Law & Order: SVU" one of the finest legal series on television.
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Incredibly Solid Show
Shari22 April 2004
I hear on tv that apparently America's favorite Law and Order is the original. I personally think this is the best one out of all of them. It tackles some pretty intersting sides of society and humanity within an hour. I've been watching it for awhile and fell in love with the cast. They all have that hard edge that comes from doing a job like their's. Marishka is great and Ice-T is amusing. The storylines are very interesting and groundbreaking. In my classes, I've heard about the Down-Low phenomenon amongst black males in the U.S. This is the first show, aside from Oprah, that dealt with this issue. I was amazed and pleased that they'll take on any topic within their framework. Their guest cast should be praised as well. They have a great casting director. I don't know about their history with Emmy nominations, but they should definitely be in the running. The show has a very easy going nature despite the hardness of the cast that works well and acted beautifully. It gives a real look at society's imperfections and discriminatory ideologies. Nobody on the show is perfect and even the lawyers manipulate the law beyond the usual scope people think they do. Instead, they are manipulating it to see justice done and not avoided. I would urge anyone to watch this show. Give it a look.
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a drama worth watching
michaelsibley41625 June 2004
Quality is the foundation that "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" is based upon as it illuminates from the screen each hour it is on every night.

Dick Wolf has combined quality writing with quality casting. Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni, Ice-T, Dann Florek, B.D. Wong and Richard Belzer all share one thing in common: they star in one of finest series on television.

Mariska, Chris, Ice-T, Dann, B. D. and the now departed Stephanie March are a well-rounded cast that compliment each other well. Furthermore, the cast is so good portraying their characters that I have to remind myself that they are actors not detectives.

Quality writing and outstanding performances set "Law And Order: SVU" apart from the other dramas on television. Each episode is riveting, written with intelligence, and character driven. It is a privilege to watch "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

The writers' ability to draw viewers in and make them care about the involving story lines and characters help to make "Law & Order: SVU" one of the finest legal series on television. EVERYONE MUST WATCH.
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Best cop show on TV
doglover_vet7 March 2004
This is absolutely the best cop show on TV. There's less time in the court room and more with the detectives, which I enjoy. I think there needs to be more time with the detectives off the job. My favorite detective is Olivia Benson, the child of a rape who is played by Mariska Hargitay.Olivia is one of those detectives who would be really awesome if you knew her well, but you wouldn't want to get on her bad side. She is also very stubborn. She and Elliot Stabler (a family man played by Christopher Meloni) make a great team. Christopher and Mariska are great actors. I often forget that these are actors, not real people. I think Olivia should have a boyfriend. It might help her stop being so stubborn. This is just the best cop show ever to be on TV and I hope it stays on for a long time.
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SVU is absolutely the best crime show on TV
Enrique Sanchez18 December 2005
First: And there is only one reason why I don't say that about CI(Criminal Intent) and that is because they do not offer D'Onofrio's partner, Katherine Erbe, some juicier involvement. Otherwise, I believe that both SVU and CI are the best in crime shows on TV.

CSI/CSI Miami has nothing on the wonderful grittiness, the compelling stories and the fabulous acting in both programs.

After every show, I let the breath I have been holding since the beginning of the hour. This programs pulls me through the ringer in so many ways not always mentioned, the legal implications of decisions made by the police, captains, the doctor, forensics, the ADAs, legal counsels and that horribly bitchy Judge Petrofsky.

Some of the stories contain conventional crime stories, but more than is normally frequent, the stories contain rather important issues, moral, psychological and legal.

So many good shows, this is the best crime show on TV.
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awful, awful, awful
djdekok-224 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In the dictionary of American TV jargon, this show is featured next to the phrase, "Jumped the shark". Here's why:

The last episode of the current season--Benson and the ADA (don't remember her name) perform a surgical procedure on the Medical Examiner while she's conscious and directing them, screeching in alleged pain, after the M.E. been shot in the chest.

Get real.

This travesty is clearly aiming for syndication on the Lifetime channel or Oxygen. Better to kill it off now and put us out of our misery.

Richard Belzer and Ice-T ought to have their own spin off show, but a comedy this time-- they'd be much more at home. This is not to say that they're not good at their craft, but simply that they've been given such wretched material over the run of the show. I could see them in their own "buddy cop" show--I might even watch it.

The rest of them can rot in syndication, and Dann Florek can keep doing his gold commercials--apparently what he's paid for them has "never been worth zero". Unfortunately, this show has outlived its usefulness.

January 2012: I can't believe I'm writing this. Harry Connick Jr. has joined the cast as an "Executive Assistant to the DA". Isn't "Executive Assistant" an overpaid secretary? The first thing that sprang to mind after I saw him in character on screen was "Elvis movie". As a huge fan of Harry Connick's music, I am equally disappointed in his choice to take on this role. Stiff and stumbling don't even begin to describe it. Stick to jazz, Harry.
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Great show!!
OliviaBensonSVU415 July 2004
This is the BEST show! Mariska Hargitay (Detective Olivia Benson) and Christopher Meloni (Detective Elliot Stabler) are great for the 2 parts and work so well together. The cases are based on real cases and if I didn't know they are all actors i'd say it IS real.

The show is my inspiration for wanting to join the NYPD sex crimes. I recently found out about sex crimes in my home town (San Diego, CA). I want to intern there before I go to NYC and join.

I have learned a lot about law and all that from the show. There was an episode about FAS (Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome) which became my topic for my health project. In general I learned about law and prosecution and it is a great show to watch! 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, EXCELLENT!
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SVU detectives unbelievably aggressive
vauntingly5 January 2006
If I were ever in the situation that stabler and benson puts their innocent suspects in, I would sue the SVU unit for harassment and defamation. Too often are stabler and benson, along with the rest of the SVU crew, unnecessarily aggressive towards suspects. They treat the suspects as already convicted criminals, and too often jump to the wrong conclusions about innocent suspects without all the facts in.

Compare this with the original and CI. Both green and briscoe and goren and eames are much more unassuming about their suspects. That isn't to say they don't get hunches and play on them, it's just that they are much more discrete about it--like they don't make wild accusations of "rapist" and "murderer" before all the facts are in, as stabler and benson do pretty much every episode.

Maybe it's just that it seems as if stabler and benson take the crimes to personally, which I find unbelievable for two detectives working exclusively on sexually based offenses. Actually, to begin with, I find it unbelievable that a rape victim would be allowed by any law enforcement agency to work exclusively on rape cases, due to the inherent emotional involvement benson already would have. Anyways, in these types of situations, like doctors who work in the ER or OR, people tend to emotionally distance or detach themselves from their work. Especially in police work--if detectives become fixated on one suspect, they leave all other options closed due to their obsession. I have too much faith in American law enforcement that I would ever believe that a police department would tolerate such aggressive and emotionally charged tactics, and, like I mentioned earlier, tolerate the swarm of lawsuits those two cops must bring on from suspects they had no civility towards and immediately assumed guilt upon at a whim.

Moreover, the evident emotional involvement of stabler and benson would suggest that neither of them hold very substantial lives outside work because how could they separate their emotional involvement in work from their family lives?

If you are a regular viewer of SVU, I challenge you to keep a running count of how many suspects in SVU are blatantly accused of rape or murder, who, later in the episode, turn out to be innocent when stabler and benson get around to finding out some facts. I did, and counted five in one episode.
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A worthy follow-up
mentalcritic23 December 2004
Around 2000, Law & Order had become one of the longest-running television shows based on a fictional premise, although it still has a long way to go in order to catch up with the record holders. Such was the continued popularity of the series that creator Dick Wolf saw a market for a spin-off, and was obviously glad to oblige. Hence, over ten years after Law & Order burst onto the airwaves, Special Victims Unit was born, so to speak.

Of course, the show had a little problem finding its feet at first. This is only natural, even for a series spun off from a successful formula. The challenges Special Victims Unit faced included a major deviation from the normal Law & Order structure. The segment dealing with the trials of suspects was dispensed with, emphasising for the most part the efforts of the detectives to bring victims a sense of justice. As the series progressed, work with a District Attorney began to find its way into the plots, but in a manner more complementary to the work of the detectives.

As in any series, the key ingredient is finding sympathetic leads that the audience can relate to. Where the original Law & Order eventually found solid ground in the form of Jerry Orbach, Special Victims Unit more or less got this element right from the start. Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni play so well off one another that it is certainly going to make life difficult for the unlucky actors who get to replace them. Another side benefit of the reduction in emphasis on the legal dealings is that we get to see more of the personal lives of the detectives, without them necessarily having to be worked into the plot. Every now and again, insight into the impact the job has on Stabler's family life in particular is offered, and it works wonderfully.

The fundamental weakness in Special Victims Unit to date has been the supporting cast. Richard Belzer's schtick can get tiring, but adds the ironic comic touch (delivered so brilliantly by Orbach in the original series), which Meloni seems incapable of delivering. One has to wonder, however, whose bright idea it was to cast Ice-T as a replacement for one of the early detectives, as no matter how hard he tries to sound the part, one cannot believe him as a detective. Especially not one in this particular squad. The relative underdevelopment of most of the support characters does not help.

Another challenge faced with every episode of Law & Order in any form is to come up with cases interesting enough to grab the attention. The original series is faltering slightly on this score, but when it does succeed, it succeeds enough to more than make up for all the average stories. Special Victims Unit, on the other hand, sets a consistent level for each episode. Because of the extreme nature of the crimes being investigated, they each become alike for the most part. It is the little details that make the big difference. This is, of course, a much better deal than the other spin-off, where the stories are consistent in how uninteresting they are.

In all, Special Victims Unit is a well worthy follow-up to the original Law & Order. It is not recommended for sensitive viewers, but as an insight into the lot of those who have to clean up the mess in one of the modern world's most sexually violent societies, it works brilliantly. It even has potential to get better.
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Used to be great...
Beanie848 June 2017
This used to be my favorite of the L&O franchise, until Stabler left. The last several seasons have done nothing but shamelessly pander to a political agenda, rather than focus on engaging plots, as they once did. It's regrettable that this show has become such a disappointment. It feels like I'm watching a sinking ship.
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Please fix this show
foundsomefun24 May 2008
All of the other Law & Order shows have had realistic cast changes except this one. It is the same old same old. Benson and Stabler go running around and grab the wrong person. Benson always looks like she smells rotten fish and Stabler roughs up the suspect. They catch the wrong person within the first 15 minutes and then the real person strikes again. Benson stands slack jawed with her tongue poking out of her mouth and Stabler looks insulted that he arrested the wrong person.

They are never held accountable for their mistakes and cop and attitude that they were wrong. The writing got so predictable a few years back.

Maybe I am just sick of seeing that face of Benson and Stabler all the time. It is funny... in the first season one of the characters makes a comment that because the job in SVU is so stressful that they have to rotate out after 2 years to keep their sanity. It stuck with me because I thought they were setting things up for frequent cast changes... BOY WAS I WRONG. I stories were interesting but not in the last couple of years. I miss the show when it was good.
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Great show before Olivia Benson became in charge of SVU
lovettstough29 October 2016
I still do not like the character of Olivia Benson being in charge of SVU as she is not good at it at all as she strictly is all for the females every time as far as victims go but then she doesn't trust or get totally along with Rollins maybe she sees her as a threat or something because Rollins sees & hears both sides males & females. They need to bring in somebody else to be in charge of SVU & bust Benson back down to just being a detective. The last & latest episode I'm on the fence or almost over the fence because the "victim" liked the guy when she first seen him telling her cousin he is hot & then the whole bathroom scene & other witnesses from the party said she was all over him even as they went outside. I do not think it warrants rape. Also in this episode Benson makes it sound like before we have sex every time we have to ask permission & wait for a firm definitive yes or no whether it's our wife or girlfriend or whomever & that way off point & wrong. Rape is or should be when somebody says no or is fighting you off while at the same time the perp doesn't care what the female is saying & forces it on her anyway.
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How the HELL Does Stabler and Benson keep their jobs?
Allie Fung12 November 2009
I just finished watching "Turmoil" and I am aghast that those two have not been drummed out by the IAD. That squad has lost more detectives to "bad" behavior yet Stabler, especially him, continues to lose his mind and all manner of control in every situation, make terrible judgment calls and is basically a ticking time bomb every week. And can we figure out how to write some kind of dialogue that is appropriate to the job? Calling child rapists scumbags went the way of NYPD Blue and grossly inadequate. And can we stop nominating Mariska Hartigay for Emmys and Golden Globes? She's got only one expression that she uses for when she's confused by the evidence, taking a witness statement or placating "El" when he's gone off the deep end. I don't know why I continue to watch this freaking show. This is has gone the way of CSI:Miami. Straight up parody.
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Does little justice to it's acclaimed predecessor.
xanada7313 October 2000
This series is painful to watch. "Oz" and "Homicide" alumni wander around aimlessly through endless, boring tripod shots, looking confused and with little to do. Inappropriate music cues intended to accentuate suspenseful scenes destroy the tension instead. The dialogue lacks all subtext. Much time is wasted on the uninteresting personal lives of the characters, further dampening tension. Figures from the original series appear far too frequently to give the show some much needed juice, but in vain; were it not for their presence, I would be inclined to ignore this show entirely, but using them to breath life into this corpse weakens their impact on their own series (especially when 'surrogate' characters empowered by them behind the scenes arrive, only to use said powers inappropriately), leading me to deride it in this manner. Worst of all, the show focuses entirely on the work of the detectives, when the defining characteristic of it's parent was the separation of powers between detectives and district attorneys. When prosecutors do appear, which only occurs in scenes where a detective is the primary focus anyway, they are chosen seemingly at random from an unrealistically ethnically diverse group of bad actors. Basically, nothing that made "Law and Order" great has been retained by the SVU; this is nothing more than a make-work project for "Oz" and "Homicide" actors worried about the imminent cancellations of their day jobs. Don't waste your time; this is just another mediocre show.
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So far from reality it's insulting
Tanya-Crawford3 December 2011
This show used to be OK, but over the last couple of years it has lost the plot. It demonizes all men. It portrays men as abusers, and women as victims. This is not the real world. Instead of a balance in drama that reflects our world, it's nothing more than ratings hype. My family are about to stop watching this show.

The departure of Elliot Stabler was a blessing. This man played a man hater. He was violent and should have been removed from the police force a long time ago. The new guy seems, so far, to have a more balanced approach to police work. Hope he stays that way!

It's disappointing that Dick Wolf and his associates have pushed the show down this draconian path. We have enough problems in society with men being discriminated against, the last thing we need is this sort of irresponsible TV reinforcing the false paradigms of our brainwashed society.

From an entertainment perspective, it just isn't. There are many more TV shows out there that have a better entertainment content. I gave this show a 2 because the new guy adds more character to the show than Stabler did.
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It's best viewed as a comedy, it's so awful. Plus the L&O: SVU Drinking Game.
eco-133 February 2009
L&O: SVU is by far the worst of the L&O franchise, and one of the worst shows ever to appear on TV, any network, any language:

  • It suffers from the late-MASH syndrome, where all minor characters have to have a part and are all buddy-buddy.

  • The writers can't use jargon without immediately defining its social meaning. Benson: "He's a pedophile." Ice-T: "Yeah, 32% of pedophiles rape kids under 8, yo, word."

  • Mariska Hargitay has one basic expression: shocked horror. And what's with Benson's one cure-all for everything? Talk therapy. No, dear, some things should be bottled up and never spoken of again.

  • They have something in for prep kids. What, was Dick Wolf turned down by the Philip Exeter Academy or something?

  • It's a bizarre combination of far-left socializing plus far-right tactics, yielding an overall effect eerily reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution in China.

  • Why is Richard Belzer on this show? Munch was a great character on Homicide. They don't write to either his character or the actor's capabilities at all.

  • Are these cops supposed to be NYPD cops?! *NEW YORK?* Playing social worker? No. New York cops solve crimes, they don't play social worker. Victims are chumps, perps are prey. Bizarre.

  • Where is the real "SVU" horror of the welfare mom in a roach-infested hovel starving the kids while hubby rapes them? It's an incredibly "clean" show.
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The most morally reprehensible thing on Australian TV at the moment
Spleen17 September 2007
I don't really have anything to say; read George Orwell's essay on "No Orchids for Miss Blandish" and discover why it's all been said before, better than I could say it.

Obviously the show is cruddy enough on aesthetic grounds: I don't know whether to blame the wooden acting or the 100%-exposition dialogue, so let's blame both. But people are willing to overlook such things on TV in the interests of fantasy. I am too. What's depressing is that people are willing to overlook the lousiness of the production in the interests of what they're really getting out of the show: the chance to watch the hounds chase the fox for an hour, until the latter collapses of exhaustion.

What's also depressing is that this show is part of a trend. In the past, a leading-up-to-the-trial kind of TV show would have focused on the defence lawyers; it's a shame that we're now getting a kick out of siding with the prosecution, especially when it's this bunch of deeply unpleasant people.

Perry Mason didn't have a mean streak.
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Wow I can't believe it
knowlesy822 February 2018
Ok let's start by saying I use to love this show. However this new season that has come out 2017/2018 is absolutely ridiculous. It has so many political views and bs left/right motivation in it that it has lost me as a viewer. I don't even live in America, I'm Australian, I enjoyed it for what it was. "Law" and "Order" I enjoyed seeing the crime and then the person hopefully being punished for it. Now though, well according to the last episode I watched. 2/2/18. It would appear it has gone all political. I understand keeping with the times but its a law and order show, none of that stuff needs to be in it. Show some sort of rape/abuse etc and then the investigation and court proceedings like you have been doing since 1999, why bring all this alt left, alt right bs into now??? Personally I recommend skip anything new from this show and just go back to the original episodes where it was about the crime and solving it, not trying to push an agenda into your minds that in reality no one really cares about.
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A lot of people think the show is boring, I stopped watching
oreospapa27 April 2017
Same old story every week ..."rape"... Rape victims aren't the only... "special victims"... With all the money the show supposedly reels in from sponsors, you'd think that they could possibly tap into something other than rape. They once said that they take real world situations and put their own spin on them. In the real world, more than rape happens, and there are special victims created because of them.
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It used to be good.
JamiJR16 November 2010
Back when Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was truly an ensemble show, it was excellent. Each week would focus mostly on one character - the best episodes being the Munch-centric ones - showing us a case from beginning to end.

Then the show became the star making vehicle for mediocre "actress" Mariska Hargitay. Every week now we're treated to her wooden acting and Olivia's constant whining. "I'm the product of rape! I have a political opinion and I'm going to shove it down your throat! I'm going to cry over nothing! I'm going to be kissed by a woman!" Hargitay has so little acting talent she makes Paris Hilton look like Merle Streep. Yet every week we have to see her character poach a case from the far superior Finn or Munch, then we're have to put up with The Benson & Stabler Prime Time Whining Hour. If it's not Olivia whining, then it's Stabler and his unnecessary family problems. Munch and Finn whom have much more chemistry and Richard Belzer & Ice-T have a ton more acting talent then Hargitay, get shoved to just next to non-speaking extras.

Of course Christopher Meloni's acting is not all that stellar either. Though he did improve when partnered with better actors and actresses.

Perhaps if the producers get their heads out of their tuchuses and fired the talentless Hargitay the show would improve. They also need to stop with shoving their political opinions down the viewers throats. But mostly fire the wooden Hargitay and make more Munch & Finn centric episodes. Also a few Cragen centric.
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Horrible and Full Of Idiocy Warning: Spoilers
I started out liking this. But by season 5, it started to go very idiotic and on a warpath against religion. It is also full of ridiculous lines and plots.

In the episode "Popular" (which was among the last that I watched), they are discussing a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly raped; Benson says she wants to check out mom and dad because "the father seemed very upset about his daughter having sex." Well, duh! ANY parent would be upset at a 13-year-old having sex! How ridiculous!!! (It's a shame; I do like this episode, mainly because I like Ned Luke; but that was a ridiculous thing to say; obviously the one who wrote it must not have a daughter of any age).

In "Slaves" Benson points out; "She's not even his real daughter. She's adopted." Now THAT is a serious insult to ALL adopted children, including myself. I am just as much this family's daughter as blood. DNA alone does not make a family. Love does. Then, the writers have the audacity to write in (a few seasons later) that Benson was planning to adopt, but was denied. Serious hypocritical behavior for a woman who says that an adopted child is not the "real" son/daughter! I am now planning to adopt and I will treat that child no different than if I did indeed have her/him. Get a clue, people!!!

In several episodes, paramedics will say things like "it's likely he'll die" or "they will never walk again." My brother is a paramedic. They do NOT diagnose, do NOT determine if you will live or die, do NOT say things about possible disabilities you will have. The DOCTORS do the actual diagnosing. Paramedics are NOT doctors. They transport you to the doctors and the docs do the rest.

Episode "Competence" was the worst ever! Whoever wrote this should be ashamed! First, NOBODY at all takes care of a baby all alone! There are many many many disabled women who are even SINGLE mothers!!! As a disabled person myself, I was INSULTED by this!!! Are you going to say that I cannot be a mother? I do like Andrea Faye Friedman and Lois Smith, but this episode was complete stupidity!!!

Episode "Coerced" was badly thought out during the rescue of the missing boy. They are searching for a missing boy in an abandoned boarded-up building. They tell him to bang on something and you hear metallic banging, like a pipe hitting another. When they locate the boy, his hands are tied behind his back and there is no pipe next to him that he could have used to bang on something.

As far as religion is concerned, the show cops (in real life, I say "police" out of respect) deal with extremists or cultists and not actual religious people. Benson often says "I blame religion." Only extremists and cultists feel the need to kill (or harm) the people they believe are in the wrong. TRUE Christians believe that we pray for them! Christianity does NOT ever condone violence! We do NOT just pray and do nothing. We pray and take action and believe that God guides us! I wish these writers would at least research! There are many differences between a religion and a cult. Religion is about guiding the people. Cults are about control. Ever notice they never bad-mouth scientology idiots? Plus, TRUE Christians do not just pray and do nothing. We pray and then take action. We believe that God guides us, not does everything for us. I have been dealing with a condition since I was aged two. My family, religious, prayed AND followed doctor's instructions and made sure that I took my medications. This is what real Christians do. We believe that God granted people the intelligence to learn, research, and use that research to our benefit. Why would God grant humans such intelligence if He didn't expect us to use it? It is the extremists that refuse medical attention. But the people who make this show just refuse to get that and they put real religion in the same category as cults and extremists.

I detest the new detectives intently. That blonde woman (cannot remember her name) is a lousy actor. Why not bring back Dani Beck? I actually liked her. Instead they give us a lame actor and lame character.

SVU deals not only with sex crimes. They deal with ANY crime against a child. ANY. Children are considered special victims.

There are almost no new surprises anymore. "Oh no; he's really a woman!" "Oh no; she's really a man!" "Oh he's really a pedophile!" Same old, same old.

Why do ALL the children and young girl/boy characters have the SAME names? It's ALWAYS Henry, Molly, Sophie, and Katie! Where are the REAL names, such as Stephanie? Or Travis? Or Trevor? Or Charlotte? I hate these "cutesy" name being used all the damn time.

The only ones I watch now are the ones that guest-starred Naveen Andrews, Ned Luke (except "Surrender Dorothy"), and Jeremy Irons.

Finally, Mariska Hargitay has the most ridiculous haircut. Does she know how awful she looks? I cannot stand looking at that haircut that looks like she cut it with a weed-whacker.

I will stay with the ORIGINAL "Law & Order"! That was (and still is) the best ever crime-drama TV series!
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Stolen Plot Lines and a science fiction investigators
jafetbg22 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
In the past I liked it often, with the New York dark side and continuous relevant references, though of course solving every crime with the right culprit was always hard to bare. But now I'd say please ignore the worst police shows ever.

In the first episode of season 17 they took their story from Silence of the Lambs, with a psychopath that is willing to give information for benefits and only wants to meet the girl... Even the transvestite reference resembles Buffalo Bill, the transvestite psychopath wanting to be a woman, AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THIS? They keep putting at least 5 cops on every small case including the lieutenant who has less tasks than a hot-dog vendor, while she constantly keeps hovering above the one investigation, SHE DOES NOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE CASE! This many cops does not compensate for cheap story lines, a soapy soundtrack and this fluffy story about crime on planet earth. I can't watch this anymore, nor can most people that can think, cancel this show already!
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