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Season 4

28 Feb. 2002
Fight or Flight
Virginia's murder investigation begins. Karen suspects the mounting number of allegations against Fenner may be true. Yvonne takes desperate measures with the help of Josh and the two Julies.
7 Mar. 2002
Unholy Alliances
Fenner and Karen foil the escape. Yvonne's lawyer advises her to plead guilty to Virginia's murder. The new governor arrives at Larkhall. Sylvia is put in charge of the G Wing tuck shop. Di takes a liking to the new PO.
14 Mar. 2002
Behind Closed Doors
Di and Barry announce their engagement. Karen is back in uniform following her demotion, and Fenner settles in his new role as her replacement wing governor. Shaz makes an allegation against Mr. Pearce.
21 Mar. 2002
Fait Accompli
Denny is back at Larkhall. The girls try to warn Di about marrying the volatile Barry. Yvonne teams up with Fenner to try and take down Maxi and Al.
28 Mar. 2002
Only the Lonely
The truth is out about Virginia's murder. Fenner becomes Neil's new lodger. The computer illiterate Sylvia begins teaching the new IT class. Shaz and Denny hatch an audacious escape plan.
4 Apr. 2002
Sweet Sixteen
Buki has stopped breathing following the escape tunnel cave-in, and Sylvia rushes to help. Fenner is jealous about Karen and Mark's fledgling relationship. Julie J. is reunited with her teenage daughter.
11 Apr. 2002
Pillow Talk
Fenner wisens up to Neil's intention and falls victim of harassment in the workplace. Tina and Noreen replace the Julie's in the kitchen and serve nothing but chaos. Karen and Mark grow close. Shaz and Denny go a step too far when they humiliate Buki.
18 Apr. 2002
Prison Issue
Yvonne seeks retribution on behalf of Buki which drives a wedge between Shaz and Denny. Neil plays Di like a pawn to keep his secret covered up as Fenner begins to crumble. Roisin begins to take drugs. Maxi befriends an upset Shaz but has an alterior motive which spells danger for Yvonne.
25 Apr. 2002
Baby on Board
Shaz turns to Denny when Maxi reveals her true colours. Crystal goes into labour and Buki becomes attached to her.
2 May 2002
Family Matters
Karen is left shaken by her ordeal. Crystal, upset with the living conditions on the mother and baby unit, plots an escape to free baby Zandra from Larkhall. Buki spends time with Baxter but their time together comes to an end.
9 May 2002
Battle Lines
The death of Baxter has an impact on the ladies of G-Wing. Sylvia becomes Acting Wing Governor which causes chaos when Karen refuses to step in. Maxi attempts to prove herself to the others which ends in disaster following a fight with Shaz.
16 May 2002
Appearances' Sake
The inspection comes to an end. A dead body is found in the chapel when Crystal explodes in frustration. An inmate is out on the ghost train out of Larkhall in the middle of the night.
23 May 2002
True Colours
Snowball Merriman arrives. Denny spends her 21st birthday down the block when she attacks Bodybag. Yvonne gets a surprise visit from her estranged son, Richie.
30 May 2002
Hard Knock Life
Rhiannon feels remorse following her performance in court when Damian shows his true colours. Denny's joy is short lived when Bodybag finds Jessie. Di and Neil strike a deal to end their anguish. Mark is transferred. Crystal is released early to prevent any more trouble. Roisin falls back on to drugs.
6 Jun. 2002
Marriage of Inconvenience
Fenner falls victim to Neil at his stag night when it is just the two of them. Karen's returns to Larkhall as Wing Governor and reveals the truth to Yvonne about her relationship with Richie. Snowball gets Fenner on her side as she continues to manipulate everybody.
13 Jun. 2002
Curtain Call
G-Wing hosts an open day for potential investors following the proposed privatisation of Larkhall. Denny awaits Shaz's inter prison visit. Snowball goes ahead with her escape plan which leaves several inmates in danger as they become trapped in the burning library.

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