Rock Star (2001) Poster


Timothy Olyphant: Rob Malcolm, Blood Pollution Guitarist



  • Rob : Dude, I just keep putting this shit on until I want to fuck myself!

  • Chris : We are NOT a cover band, we're a TRIBUTE band!

    Rob : No Dude, WE are a cover band! Problem is, we've been covering the tunes, you think you're in goddamn Steel Dragon... I love you man but you're mental, you really are. You need to get a grip on reality, man, you don't know where Bobby Beers ends and you begin.

  • Rob : Wouldn't you rather fail as yourself, then succeed as some Bobby Beers clone?

  • Rob : Bradley's our new front man.

    Chris : You've made your point... now, get him... out.

    Rob : See this? This is the new PA he brought with him. Oh and that... that's the mixing board he brought with him too.

    Chris : Have you heard the voice he's brought with him?

  • Chris : I don't want to be in some cut-rate cover band that butchers the music the people come to hear, just so you can play your crappy originals!

    Rob : Crappy originals? I think "Whole and a half" kicks ass, and I'm proud as shit to have written it.

    Chris : Yeah? I guess that's why we get so many requests for it.

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