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  • Richard "Richie" Twat and Edward "Eddie" Elizabeth Ndingombaba are two losers who run Guest House Paradiso, the worst hotel in the UK. Guest House Paradiso is next-door to a nuclear power plant, The chef is a illegal immigrant and the waiter is a mental patient who has escaped from a mental hospital. Once the guests check-in, they are dying to check-out. Richie and Eddie's luck is about to change when Gina Carbonara, a Italian movie star checks in and is hiding away from her horrible fiancé Gino Bolognese and the Nice family checks in and Richie discovers Mr. and Mrs. Nice has a rubber bra and underpants. But all hell breaks loose when Richie and Eddie serves radioactive fish to the guests for supper and Gino has tracked Gina down and the guests become very sick.


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  • Richie Twat and Eddie Ndingumbaba are running the nastiest, smelliest, most squalid hotel in the world and things aren't going to plan. They aren't making any money. The illigal immigrant Chef's has eaten all the food and most of the guests have left without paying!

    But things seem better when the Nice family arrives. Mum, Dad and kids are hoping for a peaceful fun holiday but get more than they bargained for! Things start to hot up when Richie finds some exotic underwear and gets trapped in an oven! And then the arrival of sexy Italian movie star Gina Crabonara soon has them planning how to win her heart!

    Sadly for the guys, Gina's jilted and slightly psychotic fiancee is in hot persuit! Can they persuade Gina he's not right for her? There's also something decidedly iffy about the fish Richie finds on the road to serve to the guests for tea!

    With guests vomiting and violent Gino coming after them, Richie and Eddie are going to need a miracle to escape in one piece!

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