The Bank Job (2008) Poster


Daniel Mays: Dave Shilling



  • Kevin Swain : We're not bank robbers.

    Terry Leather : Maybe that's why we could get away with it.

    Dave Shilling : It's a bit daunting, isn't it?

    Terry Leather : You know what scares me more? Living and dying with nothing to show for it. You know how old Mozart was when he composed his first minuet?

    Dave Shilling : No.

    Terry Leather : Five. Five! A fucking minuet!

    Kevin Swain : And how would you know that fact, Terry?

    Terry Leather : Because it's tattooed on that stripper's arse, Kevin. What the fuck's it matter how I know? It's a fact and you're missing the point, Kev. What I'm trying to say is, we stop fucking about and stop picking the shit from under our fingernails.

  • Eddie Burton : [over radio]  All clear on the western front, Guy.

    Dave Shilling : [grabbing the radio from Guy]  No names, Eddie.

    Eddie Burton : [over radio]  Sorry, Dave.

  • Lew Vogel : I've got a kidney stone, which can't seem to pass without painkillers.

    Dave Shilling : [bloodied]  I could use a couple of those meself.

  • Kevin Swain : So what are these films you're in?

    Dave Shilling : Ah, forget about it.

    Kevin Swain : Go on.

    Dave Shilling : Technically, it's what you call pornography.

  • [Terry has fallen through into an underground vault while digging the tunnel to get into the bank] 

    Dave Shilling : What's down there?

    Terry Leather : It's a pile of skeletons.

    Dave Shilling : You're joking. Let's hope they're not the last gang who tried to take this bank.

    [robbers laugh] 

  • Dave Shilling : I don't know anything about a bank robbery. Honest.

    Lew Vogel : Still an unconvincing actor, Mr. Shilling.

  • Dave Shilling : Be lucky!

  • Dave Shilling : [reading an old pair of underwear]  Never washed after our magic moment - Snookie.

  • Dave Shilling : I've got a question. What do we do with all the dirt we gonna dig out of the hole?

    Kevin Swain : [facetiously]  It's all been worked out, Dave. We'll dig another hole in that corner over there and put it in that.

  • [in the vault, Dave is going round to each robber collecting any cash that they have found in the safe deposit boxes] 

    Dave Shilling : Terry, anything for the Widows and Orphans Fund?

    [Terry holds out a wad of cash] 

    Terry Leather : Will that do?

    Dave Shilling : [fake Cockney accent]  Gawd bless yer, Guvnor. Very generous.

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