The Bank Job (2008) Poster


Richard Lintern: Tim Everett



  • Miles Urquart : They know what they're doing, these people, don't they?

    Tim Everett : Oh, absolutely. Professional criminals.

    Philip Lisle : What's the worst case scenario?

    Tim Everett : They get caught and go to jail. No possible connection to us.

    Miles Urquart : What about this model your screwing? What promises have you made to keep her in line?

    Tim Everett : None that can't be broken. Look, she's our only tie to the bank operation. If things do go belly up, it'll only take one cut to sever the knot.

  • Terry Leather : There's another problem. This robbery's pissed off some local villains.

    Tim Everett : The guts come with the glory, eh?

    Terry Leather : One of our mates has been killed.

    Tim Everett : Hardly surprising considering the roster of reprobates that are the safe deposit box customers. Listen Terry, our commitment is for the recovery of the royal portraits only. The proceeds and the piss-offs are both yours to deal with.

  • Tim Everett : [after being debriefed about Michael X]  Well, it's all straight-forward enough. I'll send a team into this bank and take whatever he's got in his safe deposit box.

    Miles Urquart : That will have to be sanctioned at the highest level, and that's not going to happen.

    Tim Everett : Ah.

    Miles Urquart : Do you see our problem? There can be no connection to Five or Six.

    Tim Everett : So you want me to come up with something that avoids any accountability for anyone?

    Miles Urquart : We'd welcome suggestions, Tim.

    Tim Everett : And if it all goes pear-shaped? I assume it's my arse on the line.

    Miles Urquart : You're young and ambitious, Tim. A chance to make a name for yourself.

  • Tim Everett : You have no idea of the danger you and your chums are in, do you?

    Terry Leather : Is that right? And why would that be?

    Tim Everett : You've opened Pandora's box you dumb prick. That's why.

    Terry Leather : I know what's at stake, and I know how expendable we are. So I'm changing the deal.

    Tim Everett : Is that right?

    Terry Leather : Yeah. You get all your nasty pictures, but here's the twist - we get indemnity, fresh passports, safe passage out of the country for the whole team. And an official signed document guaranteeing that we won't be prosecuted and we won't be pursued.

    Tim Everett : You can't be serious.

    Terry Leather : You can bet your bollocks I'm serious. And we want it signed, sealed, and delivered by a public figure of substantial authority.

    Tim Everett : How about the prime minister?

    Terry Leather : Yeah, he'll do, if you can drag him off his yacht. You mess with us Tim...

    [Terry shows Tim pictures of prominent public figures taken in compromising situations in Sonia Bern's brothel] 

    Terry Leather : ...we can drip-feed pictures like these to the press. We've got a stack of them.

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