The Bank Job (2008) Poster


James Faulkner: Guy Singer



  • Young Soldier : [while being fitted for a jacket]  A bit tight under the arms, don't you think?

    Guy Singer : Traditional fit, sir. One can't raise one's hands above one's head. It tends to inhibit any impulsive acts of surrender.

  • Terry Leather : This is The Major. Major Guy Singer. Final member of our team.

    Bambas : I don't know this man. Who are you?

    Guy Singer : None of your business.

    Terry Leather : No secrets around here. Major's a con artist, usually elderly widows.

    Guy Singer : There's no need to bring that up.

  • Eddie Burton : [on radio]  When are you guys gonna hit the vault? I'm freezing my tits off up here. Over.

    Guy Singer : In the Army, soldiers would pull on their puds to keep the blood flowing.

    Eddie Burton : [on radio]  What regiment were you in? The Royal Corps of Wankers?

    Guy Singer : Yes, we welcome new members.

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