The Bank Job (2008) Poster


Peter Bowles: Miles Urquart


  • Miles Urquart : They know what they're doing, these people, don't they?

    Tim Everett : Oh, absolutely. Professional criminals.

    Philip Lisle : What's the worst case scenario?

    Tim Everett : They get caught and go to jail. No possible connection to us.

    Miles Urquart : What about this model your screwing? What promises have you made to keep her in line?

    Tim Everett : None that can't be broken. Look, she's our only tie to the bank operation. If things do go belly up, it'll only take one cut to sever the knot.

  • Tim Everett : [after being debriefed about Michael X]  Well, it's all straight-forward enough. I'll send a team into this bank and take whatever he's got in his safe deposit box.

    Miles Urquart : That will have to be sanctioned at the highest level, and that's not going to happen.

    Tim Everett : Ah.

    Miles Urquart : Do you see our problem? There can be no connection to Five or Six.

    Tim Everett : So you want me to come up with something that avoids any accountability for anyone?

    Miles Urquart : We'd welcome suggestions, Tim.

    Tim Everett : And if it all goes pear-shaped? I assume it's my arse on the line.

    Miles Urquart : You're young and ambitious, Tim. A chance to make a name for yourself.

  • Miles Urquart : Might it not be prudent to get the committee to consider issuing a D-notice, to protect everyone potentially embarrassed by this criminal activity?

    Philip Lisle : Which we instigated?

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