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9 Apr. 2001
The Gay Divorcee
Two guys who were together but have since parted ways and when one has remarried, are battling over their child which was fathered by one of them. And a woman is suing her father for deserting her many years ago.
21 May 2001
Planting Seeds
Lynn is trying to help a 14 year old prostitute get emancipated. Danni is helping a man who wants to have a child but because he was left infertile by cancer treatments he wishes to use one of the fertilized embryos that he and his ex-wife have but she tries to prevent him from using them. And when Randi's granddaughter has trouble sleeping, she tries to summon up the courage to go see her father--the man who killed her daughter.
1 Oct. 2001
Moving On
Randi is helping a woman who's a former drug addict who gave up her child while she was incarcerated get her child back. But the state maintains she relinquished her rights. But she claims she doesn't remember doing that. Apparently she was still under the effects of the drugs. And Danni is close to getting custody of Raphael.
15 Oct. 2001
My Brother's Keeper
Joe tries to help four siblings whose mother just died from being separated because they don't have a guardian. He tries to get the eldest emancipated so he can be the guardian but it's difficult without a parent. That's when he reveals that their father is alive and is a bum. So they go see him and try to get him to help them but he's not exactly of sound mind. Naoise represents a boy who used his slingshot on a drug dealer.. Randi asks Lynn a favor.
12 Nov. 2001
The firm is representing an Arab man who is being accused of being a terrorist. The firm is divided. The government doesn't want to show them what evidence they have.
17 Dec. 2001
Angel's Flight
A man upon learning that the two children he had been raising are not his, decides to get back at his wife and he's advised to sue her. A divorced couple who are bickering over who gets to spend Christmas with their son brings in a mediator. And a guy who wants to be a department store elf is rejected because of his height.

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