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Season 64

11 Jan. 2016
Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed
Undercover filming by Panorama reveals the shocking levels of physical abuse, bullying and intimidation handed out to children and young adults by custody officers at a youth prison run by the scandal-hit G4S.
18 Jan. 2016
Can You Stop My Multiple Sclerosis?
100,000 people in the UK suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable condition that can lead to permanent disability. Fergus Walsh meets patients testing if a cancer treatment can be used to help them.
25 Jan. 2016
Putin's Secret Riches
Richard Bilton meets former Kremlin insiders who accuse Vladimir Putin of corruption on a breath-taking scale. Putin is reputed to have used his power to build-up a vast secret fortune that makes him one of the world's richest men.
8 Feb. 2016
Gangs, Guns and the Police
Following a number of gang-related incidents in Salford, including the shooting of a 7-year-old boy and his mother, Catrin Nye asks if police have lost control of the city's streets and how a community can beat the cycle of gangs and guns.
15 Feb. 2016
The Secret Letters of Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II ruled the Catholic Church for 27 years and was one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century. Reporter Edward Stourton offers a new perspective on the emotional life of this very public figure.
29 Feb. 2016
Cops, Criminals, Corruption - The Inside Story
Panorama investigates the links between the police and organised crime, including a syndicate that arranged a "hit" on three police officers and the phone taps on drug dealers that exposed corrupt cops.
7 Mar. 2016
The Zika Baby Crisis
Jane Corbin visits Brazil to investigate the Zika virus. In Recife, a city at the centre of an epidemic of babies born with deformities, she meets with families trying to cope with the tragedy and the scientists trying to combat it.
14 Mar. 2016
Shaken Babies - What's the Truth?
Parents found guilty of harming their babies by shaking them face jail or loss of custody. Alison Holt meets the neuropathologist at the centre of controversy over the diagnosis of shaken babies and the families protesting their innocence.
21 Mar. 2016
Too Poor to Stay Warm
The Government vowed to end fuel poverty by 2016, but that deadline has now passed and millions of Britons still can't afford to keep their homes warm. Reporter Datshiane Navanayagam investigates.
23 Mar. 2016
Inside Europe's Terror Attacks
Panorama reveals how the terror network of the so-called Islamic State has been operating in secret in Europe, from highly organised cells to lone attackers within our communities - and the intelligence agencies battle to stop them.
4 Apr. 2016
Tax Havens of the Rich and Powerful Exposed
Richard Bilton explores the shadowy world of tax havens. A huge leak of documents has revealed details of the super-rich, criminals and world leaders who thought their financial secrets were safe.
11 Apr. 2016
I'm Broken Inside: Sara's Story
Sara Green was a teenager let down by the mental health service designed to protect her. Using her own words from her diary entries Peter Marshall documents the tragic story of the teenager who took her own life.
25 Apr. 2016
Is Steel Worth Saving?
John Humphreys reports from Port Talbot as the British steel industry fights for survival. Does the UK industry have a future? Should taxpayers' money be used to shore it up in the hope of better times ahead?
16 May 2016
Britain's Puppy Dealers Exposed
Sam Poling investigates the ruthless world of dog trading, using undercover filming to uncover some shocking truths about the supply chain for the nation's favourite pet.
23 May 2016
Antibiotic Crisis
Growing resistance to commonly prescribed antibiotics is rapidly becoming one of the world's biggest public health risks. Tom Heap investigates if the commercial pressure for cheap meat is fuelling the rise in super-bugs.
2 Jun. 2016
Living with Dementia - Chris' Story
Over almost two years one family reveals what it is like living with dementia. 55-year-old Chris Roberts used to be a businessman, but now struggles to perform simple tasks due to Alzheimer's.
6 Jun. 2016
Medicine's Big Breakthrough - Editing Your Genes
Gene editing is transforming medical research and could deliver new treatments and cures for diseases. It also gives scientists control over evolution, allowing genetic changes to be forced through species.
16 Jun. 2016
Seb Coe and the Corruption Scandal
Mark Daly asks exactly how much did Lord Sebastian Coe know about the corruption scandal sweeping through the IAAF and investigates his links to the man at the heart of the scandal.
27 Jun. 2016
The Orlando Nightclub Massacre
On 12th June 2016 a lone gunman, Omar Mateen, killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Richard Bilton tells the story of the massacre from those who were there.
29 Jun. 2016
Iraq: The Final Judgement
As Britain awaits the final verdict of the Iraq Inquiry Jane Corbin travels to Southern Iraq with the parents of a soldier who was killed by an IED. Corbin also speaks to key figures in London, Sweden and Iraq.
4 Jul. 2016
Why We Voted to Leave: Britain Speaks
Adrian Chiles returns to the Black Country to find out why the majority of people there voted in favour of Britain leaving the E.U. and meets the Remain voters who blame Brexiters for pushing the UK into a crisis.
11 Jul. 2016
Pension Rip-Offs Exposed
The Government have made changes to the pension system that are meant to give people more choice, Panorama investigates claims that the changes are being used unscrupulously by some companies.
18 Jul. 2016
Trump's Angry America
Reporter Hilary Andersson visits the racially divided city of Bakersfield in California to speak to supporters of Donald Trump and to those who fear what a Trump White House would mean for them.
25 Jul. 2016
Britain's Missing Young People
Every day, across Britain 100s of young people go missing. Police admit that vulnerable people are at risk but that their officers are simply overwhelmed by the number of missing persons.
1 Aug. 2016
Inside North Korea
In May 2016, BBC reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was expelled from North Korea after displeasing the totalitarian authorities. He reports on life in the world's most secretive state and tells the story of his detention and interrogation.
22 Aug. 2016
Living with Cuts - Austerity Town
The new British Prime Minister Theresa May has some tough decisions to make regarding government spending cuts, reporter Richard Bilton investigates the impact of 6 years of austerity on his hometown of Selby, North Yorkshire.
5 Sep. 2016
Sellafield's Nuclear Safety Failings
Reporter Richard Bilton talks to a high-level whistle-blower, uses hundreds of documents and speaks to former managers of the American company that ran Sellafield to build up an alarming picture of safety problems at the plant.
12 Sep. 2016
Why Are Gambling Machines Addictive?
Wendy Bendel's partner killed himself after a 20 year struggle with gambling addiction, he singled out Fixed Odds Betting Terminals found in most high-street bookmakers as a major problem for him. Wendy asks why they are so addictive.
19 Sep. 2016
Labour: Is the Party Over?
With the Labour Party leadership election less than a week away, BBC deputy political editor John Pienaar asks if the official opposition party is on the brink of self-destruction.
26 Sep. 2016
Aleppo - Life Under Siege
Eastern Aleppo has been pounded by the Russian-backed forces of President Bashar al-Assad and for the last month five citizen journalists have been commissioned by the BBC to document life in the besieged city.
3 Oct. 2016
Diabetes: The Hidden Killer
Britain is in the grip of a hidden epidemic that threatens to overwhelm the NHS as more and more people, even children, are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Panorama reports from Birmingham where nearly 1 in 10 have the disease.
10 Oct. 2016
BHS: How Did It Happen?
Jane Corbin reports on the collapse of the department store chain that led to 11,000 job losses, looking at the multi-million-pound deals and cut-throat business practices that made money for owner Philip Green while the company suffered.
17 Oct. 2016
Paxman on Trump vs Clinton: Divided America
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two of the most hated and least trusted presidential candidates ever. Jeremy Paxman visits Washington and beyond to ask political experts and voters why America is facing such an unpopular choice.
24 Oct. 2016
Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes
Panorama reporter Darragh MacIntyre goes undercover to expose the Turkish sweatshops illegally using thousands of refugees, including children, to make the clothes that we wear.
31 Oct. 2016
How Rolls-Royce Bribed Its Way Around the World
Rolls-Royce has grown massively over the past 20 years, but some of that growth has been in some of the world's most corrupt countries. Richard Bilton investigates the shady middle-men who help the company sell its engines overseas.
7 Nov. 2016
The Trouble with Our Trains
Reporter John Ware investigates the disconnect between the claims from the rail industry and the Government that Britian's railways are a success story and the opinions of passengers who think that they are a nightmare.
14 Nov. 2016
Trump's New America
Reporter Hilary Andersson meets angry Americans on all sides of the political divide who feel disillusioned and disenfranchised by the electoral process, asking if the new President can unite the country again.
21 Nov. 2016
Nursing Homes Undercover
Panorama goes undercover inside two nursing homes and finds evidence of cruelty and neglect. Reporter Janice Finch booked herself into the homes to see for herself the way in which elderly and vulnerable patients were treated.
28 Nov. 2016
Inside Britain's Fertility Business
Fertility can be an expensive business. Reporter Deborah Cohen investigates the sale of add-on's by clinics - additional drugs, tests and treatments, amid concerns that these extra costs do little to improve the chances of conception.
12 Dec. 2016
The Changing Face of Terror
With its strongholds under attack IS has stepped up its global propaganda war, calling for more lone jihadis to slaughter civilians with knives and trucks. IS is using encrypted apps to issue orders leaving security services in the dark.
19 Dec. 2016
John Simpson - 50 Years on the Frontline
In a very personal Panorama, one of the BBC's best known foreign correspondents looks back over his 50 year career revisiting the people and places that have impacted most on him and reveals his thoughts on the challenges for the future.

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