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Thanks to IMDB
guyb31 January 2002
I'd seen this title at the video store for a year and just thought it was one of those tacky "made for video" ripoffs. This was supported by the Two Left Shoes production company that produced it. I have had 100% terrible luck with their movies. But, thanks, to the reviewers on IMDB, it sounded like a sleeper, so I tried it. I was pleased. It was black, funny, quirky and kinda film noir in places. Great dialog and music that kept coming. I would recommend this and may give the production company another chance combined with my friend.
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Intelligent black comedy/thriller.
Tim4salt16 September 2001
Perfect fit is not just a dumb T&A movie (although it does have plenty of that as well) but a very intelligent thriller of a movie that keeps you guessing to the very end. The young guy in this movie `Dick' is trying desperately to fit in somewhere in life and not having much luck in the nightclubs of LA. Maria Ford who plays Pery (the girl Dick is willing to do anything for) was born for this part and plays it perfectly. In addition to this I enjoyed the soundtrack and a great dance scene by Maria Ford.
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Can't recommend highly enough!
dizarray16 April 2001
I am a fan of Maria Ford and the creator of the Maria Ford Home Page. Most of Maria's early movies are simple T&A flicks in which she played strippers and/or hookers and more often than not got bumped off. "The Perfect Fit" is a departure in many ways. It has substance. It has a plot. It is quirky. It is imaginative. And Maria, in it, is flawless. Her character, Perry, is a delightfully self-absorbed, pampered, twisted, un-apologetic, aggressive woman used to getting whatever she wants, whatever the cost. She is dominating. She is sarcastic. She has a past, which none of Maria's other roles have really given her. I even love that in it, she EATS. In what other movie is the beautiful, sexy lead allowed to have a healthy appetite?
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What a perfect pair of pants and a hot girl will make you do.
red_ivan5 November 2000
Its been a while since I've seen a "black comedy". Understandably I was pulled in a few different directions. Alexander Polinsky and Maria Ford didn't quite get me behind them (say as you might if Tarantino had written this). However, they got just enough of me that no matter how much i wanted to turn off the movie I couldn't.

Not a dramatic masterpiece but they do deliver on Maria's strong suit.

I'd say this movie is worth a watch. If only to think about why serial killers eat so much red meat.
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Jean Obsession???!!!
mnyman196527 July 2005
A very clever little low budget flick. Society outsider Dick (Alexander Niver Polinsky) meets the girl of his wet dreams Perry (the very hot Maria Ford with a nice boob job since some of her other films, and yes, like most of her films, she does get naked in this one also), and it is discovered that they both have a fetish for the Perfect Fitting jeans, and will go to any length to get them, including murder. A simple but bizarre plot not for every taste, but a very original movie. The leads fit into their roles nicely (pun intended), and the supporting cast is also solid. I rented this movie because of the box-cover and expected nothing, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out what a great little sleeper this was, then ended up purchasing a copy for my collection. Veteran B-Movie producer Donald P. Borchers does a nice directing job, I was pleased to see that he has also been involved with some other films I am also fond of. See it one night when you're in a twisted mood, it will make a great evening of cinematic entertainment...
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Strictly for Maria Ford fans
dave13-112 April 2012
Sexy Maria Ford gives a startlingly good performance as a dangerously seductive woman obsessed with finding just the right pair of jeans (??!) She looks great and does a perfect Jersey Girl accent, while playing her fairly absurd character (selfish, manipulative yet oblivious) with deadpan seriousness and real screen charisma. Fans of Maria's who have been claiming for years that she could be great if given a decent role have been proved right here. Unfortunately, Maria Ford is the only reason to watch this thing, and she's not enough. Variations on Fatal Attraction, Natural Born Killers and Bonnie and Clyde have been done to death, and this movie has little fresh to add. Plus, David Grieco in the central role could not anchor a rowboat, much less a feature film. He lacks charisma, and his character has no quirks, indeed very little on- screen 'business' that is interesting and so he fails to captivate the audience in the early going. When Ford comes in, she steals every scene she's in, and as their clearly dysfunctional relationship begins to play out, the viewer doesn't much care which way it goes or where he winds up. There are few plot twists, fewer jokes and little scenery of any interest to watch once you get past Ford's bare mid-riff, which makes staying awake through the second half of the picture a bit of a chore. Not recommended.
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Enjoyable, amusing and often insightful black comedy.
capkronos4 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Alexander Polinsky (PUMPKINHEAD 2) is Dick; a near-disaffected SoCal Average Joe on every conceivable level. Maria Ford is Perry, the physical embodiment of every male heterosexual fantasy wrapped up into one tidy little package. She's beautiful, intelligent, wild, witty, spontaneous, faithful, sexy, surprisingly accessible and makes great arm candy on the club circuit (having her by your side automatically gets you into all the A-list night spots). There are only two catches; she gets what she wants when she wants it and she's something of a sociopath. And when you disappoint her, she doesn't hesitate to prove that you are quickly and easily replaceable by some other drooling schmuck who has no clue that they are dealing with a calculating woman who can destroy their lives with the flick of her wrist. Her weapon of choice is emotional manipulation; she knows just how men work, just what she will represent to them and just how to use this to her advantage. Dick does indeed get Perry (in the process, shunning the more homely girl who truly is in love with him) and by the films end he and his 'dream woman' indulge in multiple murder on their quest to camouflage Dick's imagined inadequacies with that elusive pair of perfect fitting blue jeans.

Polinsky does a fine job in the lead role (his well-written voice-over monologues about the underdog condition are surprisingly compelling and insightful at times) and Maria Ford sinks her teeth into this role. For once someone has given her a role with a little substance, and she makes the most of it. The film is oddly paced, a bit disjointed (a subplot or two needlessly intruding into the core) and refuses to find a consistent rhythm or tone to hang its satirical jabs on, but more often that not, a refreshing and sincere look at the quest for love, stability, identity and notoriety in a world where an article of clothing can be just enough to put you over in the superficial fast lane. The wonderful Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov from EATING RAOUL fame both have funny cameo roles as Dick's parents, as well.
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