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  • In the 1800s Jake Jones (Played by Tom Cruise) finds a buffalo about to be eaten by coyotes. He rescues the buffalo and raises it. He names the him Samson. Jones decides to break the buffalo and saddle him. Through heart break, treachery, and finding babies about, he then becomes the guy ON A buffalo.


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  • One day the guy on the buffalo was cruisin around through the plains, seen a bear and he though to himself oh man i gotta get away from the bear. Hope he done cha' Oh no hes gonna chase me. Oh no i better just turn around and chase him back, cuz guess what I'm on a buffalo. Guy on a buffalo. Hey bear bets you didnt know yous was chasin a guy on a buffalo, lookout, just watch him go guy on a buffalo! Oh no its a guy on a buffalo. Guy on a buffalo!

    One day, guy on a buffalo was riding around through the forrest. Didnt see that indian guy crouched down and he popped off a shot. Bang! Fell off the buffalo, buffalo took off runnin while the indian was still reloading, guy on a buffalo snuck up behind him with a pistol, and he was like "hey, you better watch what you doing. BAM" Guy on a buffalo, break yo gun on a stump. Guy on a buffalo will step on your foot. Ouch! Dont wake up, oh you dont mess with the guy thats ridin on a buffalo.

    Hey indians, from now on, dont shoot at the guy on a buffalo.

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