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Season 4

11 Sep. 1993
As the Cheese Turns/McWerewolf of London/Grab That Bird
In As The Cheese Turns, Tom and Jerry fight over which TV program to watch. Then, investigators Droopy and Dripple thwart the vici ous criminal McWerewolf Of London. Finally, starving Clyde and Kyle attempt to Grab That Bird.
4 May 1993
Musketeer Jr./Galaxy Droopy/Return of the Ants
Jerry shows Tuffy how to be a musketeer and has sword fights with musketeer Tom. Dark Wolf uses a Super Sucksaforsarurus to inhale the universe and it's up to Droopy and Dripple to stop him. Spike and Tyke's basket is under ant attack.
16 Oct. 1993
Droopyman Returns/Tom Thumped/Droopnet
Droopy Man and Dripple Boy go after Dr. Reginald Riff Rat who plans to turn the city into rats just like him and kidnapped Cheetah Vavoom. Wildmouse escapes the police with Jerry's help who later steals Tom's love interest in the end.
23 Oct. 1993
Right-Brother Droopy/Cheap Skates/Hollywood Droopy
Droopy and Dripple are the Right Brothers set to compete for $20,000 dollars against Flip Flop McWolf. Tom buys roller skates and has trouble skating. Jerry has the same skates but has no problems skating.
30 Oct. 1993
Fallen Archers/When Knights Were Cold/The Mouth Is Quicker Than the Eye
Droopy and Dripple compete in an archery contest with McWolf and his son Stinky. Tom is sent to deal with the fire-breathing Wildmouse because the knights are too scared. Calaboose Cal becomes a magician for a child's birthday party.
6 Nov. 1993
Mutton for Punishment/Cat Counselor Cal/Termite Terminator
In the old west, Sheepherders Droopy and Dripple protect a sheep from Sidewinder McWolf and his henchman. Calaboose Cal shows his inventions Tom in order to capture Jerry. Calaboose Cal has to get rid of a termite.
13 Nov. 1993
Bride of McWolfenstein/Hillbilly Hootenanny/El Smoocho
McWolfenstein creates a bride for himself, but when she sees Droopy coming, she falls madly in love with him and takes off with him to an amusement park. Tom's hillbilly cousins pop in for a visit and help him get Jerry.
20 Nov. 1993
Droopy Hockey/Hawkeye Tom/No Tom Like the Present
Slap-shot Droopy and Ice-pick McWolf play hockey. Miss Vavoom is the ice queen and Dripple is the hockey referee. A hawkeye bird is after both Tom and Jerry. An angel cat tells Tom that he is on his 8th live and has to be careful.
27 Nov. 1993
Dirty Droopy/Two Stepping Tom/Disc Temper
Detective Dirty Droopy is fired on false statements given by Mangler McWolf. An elephant named Tundo performs in a concert but jumps every time Jerry is around. Tom is hired to get rid of Jerry.
4 Dec. 1993
Order in the Volleyball Court/King Wild Mouse - 10th Wonder of the World/Space Chase
Droopy and Dripple play against McWolf and his son, Stinky at the Volleyball Championship. The winner will get $100,000 and a date with Volley Vavoom. Tom and a hunter are after Wildmouse. Tom and Jerry are off to go into a space shuttle.

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