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Season 3

3 Oct. 1992
Krazy Klaws/Tyke on a Bike/Tarmutt of the Apes
Tom wants to be a part of a motorcycle cat riders gang. They sent him to catch Jerry. Tyke wins a bike and asks his father Spike to teach him how to ride, but Spike can't ride himself. McWolf is searching a gorilla for a high money reward.
4 Oct. 1992
Tom's Mermouse Mess-up/Here's Sand in Your Face/Deep Space Droopy
Tom finds a mermaid mouse while he's fishing. He gives the mouse to the museum, but Jerry helps it escape. Tyke has a conflict with a man on a beach. Spike teaches him to get tough. Droopy is protecting Miss Vavoom's medallion from McWolf.
18 Oct. 1992
S.O.S. Ninja/The Pink Powder Puff Racer/Car Wash Droopy
Jerry gets help from ninjas to get even with Tom. Spike prepares Tyke for a soapbox race. Droopy and Dripple make their own car wash. Meanwhile, Mcwolf tries to get people to come to his car wash.
14 Nov. 1992
Stunt Cat/See No Evil/This Is No Picnic
Movie stunt cat Tom stars in a movie called "Dancing with Dingbats" alongside Kevin Castner and Wildmouse. Jerry uses invisible ink to mess with Tom, and Tom does the same to get back at him. Spike and Tyke have a picnic and get by ants.
12 Sep. 1992
Scrapheap Symphony/Circus Cat/Cajun Gumbo
The Tom and Jerry Kids cast play "The William Tell Overture" with McWolf as the conductor. Tom runs into a lion while chases Jerry at the circus. Swampy the Fox escapes a circus train and comes back to the swamp to locate a treasure.
21 Nov. 1992
Hunter Pierre/Battered Up/Conquest of Planet Irwint
A wealthy animal collector wants Hunter Pierre to go after and hunt Wildmouse in a ghost town. Molasses Droopy and Thunderbolt McWolf are baseball players with Miss Vavoom as umpire and Dripple as pitcher.
22 Nov. 1992
Big Top Droopy/Jerry and the Beanstalk/High Speed Hound
Droopy and Dripple are new star attractions at a circus. Bromo the Fearless Bear attempts to outperform them. Tom and Jerry go up a beanstalk and have to escape the giant with a golden egg. Droopy and McWolf race in a footrace.
28 Nov. 1992
Penthouse Mouse/12 Angry Sheep/The Ant Attack
Calaboose Cal and Tom are hired by a penthouse owner to get rid of Jerry. Scoundrel McWolf is accused of taking sheep from loyal sheepdog Dripple and Miss Vavoom. An army of red ants crash Tom's birthday and cut the cake into pieces.
29 Nov. 1992
Mouse with a Message/The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Dr McWolf/Wild World of Bowling
During WWI, Jerry the Currier is sent by a general to deliver a letter to HQ, but Thomas Von Klobberhafen is determined to acquire the letter. Mad scientist Dr. McWolf tries to make himself handsome. Dr. Droopy advertises a beauty product.
5 Dec. 1992
Star Wrek/Droop and Deliver/Swallow the Swallow
Tom and Jerry on board of Star Wrek. Droopy and Dripple are on a mission to drive an armored coach full of The King's currency to dangerous country. On the way they encounter Uncouth McWolf. Kyle and Clyde attempt to get Bernie Bird.

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