Mr. Palfrey of Westminster Poster

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18 Apr. 1984
Once Your Card Is Marked
Palfrey's new boss wants him to nail a misfit diplomat whom everyone suspects is spying for the Soviets. But Palfrey believes someone is making the man a scapegoat, and he decides to find out why.
25 Apr. 1984
The Honeypot and the Bees
A senior official at the defense ministry is carrying on a clandestine affair with a young woman from Czechoslovakia. When the couple disappears, the Coordinator fears a serious breach in state security.
1 May 1984
The Defector
The Coordinator decides to call a press conference announcing the defection of a celebrated Russian author, but Palfrey urges caution. He suspects a trap, especially after the KGB starts to pressure for the author's return.
8 May 1984
A Present from Leipzig
A stolen Russian icon leads Palfrey to the door of a wealthy industrialist who makes periodic trips to the Eastern Bloc. Why did the man not report the theft? And why is a young East German visiting his home?

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