Mr. Palfrey of Westminster Poster

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Season 2

7 May 1985
Freedom from Longing
Palfrey's assistant, Blair, gets recruited by another department to investigate a suspected Soviet agent--a Czech-born woman with whom Blair once had an affair. But Palfrey believes the department may have hidden motives for requesting Blair's aid.
14 May 1985
Return to Sender
A former British agent who defected to the Soviet Union makes an unannounced return, threatening to embarrass both countries. Under instructions to silence him, Palfrey decides to up the stakes.
21 May 1985
Music of a Dead Prophet
A tell-all book alleges that the British government assassinated an Iranian general in the 1950s and helped topple a regime. Ordered to prevent its publication, Palfrey suspects a government cover-up.
28 May 1985
Official Secret
A disgruntled former government official believes that double agents still work in the intelligence service--and threatens to tip off the press unless something is done. The Coordinator assigns Palfrey to head him off.
4 Jun. 1985
On advice from the CIA, Palfrey surveils an American aerospace engineer suspected of passing the Soviets classified information about an Anglo-American defense project. It looks like the case may unearth the mole, but can Palfrey trust the CIA?
11 Jun. 1985
The Baited Trap
A contact at the Soviet embassy informs the Coordinator that one of her agents is "playing a double game." Since she doesn't hold this agent in high regard, the Coordinator tells Palfrey to look into it--but he suspects a set up.

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