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Child’S Play, Wrong Turn, Wrong Turn 2 Blu-ray Reviews

Universal has already issued their horror releases for Halloween, and I’ve already reviewed them, so I’m reviewing half of the 20th Century Fox releases for Halloween. Child’s Play, and Wrong Turns one and two. At least two of these movies are pretty good. My reviews after the jump.

Tom Holland is easy to underrate as he fell off the map. But with this and Fright Night, he’s definitely one of the masters of 1980’s horror. Alas, his follow ups were not as promising or entertaining. But Child’s Play works because it’s a Twilight Zone episode brought to life. There’s not a lot of fucking around, and it sells that the dolls is animated, which is the feat with a show like this. Catherine Hicks stars as Karen Barclay, whose son Andy (Alex Vincent) is a huge fan of Good Guys, a TV show
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