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Fawlty Towers among subjects banned by Mastermind as questions run out

Father Ted and Roald Dahl also no longer allowed as specialist subjects on BBC Two quiz show

Contestants on the BBC quiz show Mastermind will no longer be allowed to pick Fawlty Towers, Blackadder or Roald Dahl as their specialist subjects as the producers have run out of questions.

Mark Helsby, Mastermind’s producer, has revealed that some subjects are so popular that they have been “exhausted” for new questions. Father Ted and the Chronicles of Narnia have also been removed.

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CBeebies: the top 12 shows

Seb Patrick Nov 23, 2017

Are your kids Bing fans, or more partial to Sarah & Duck? We count down a dozen of CBeebies' finest...

There’s arguably no more important television than children’s television. Sure, you could be one of those parents who doesn’t let their child anywhere near a screen – but chances are, if you’re the kind of person to read Den of Geek, the idea of doing so would utterly horrify you.

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Besides, children can learn so much from watching television – not as a substitute for actual parenting or schooling, of course, but as an addition to it. It can be damaging to rely solely on it, to park them in front of it for several hours a day – but in healthy doses,
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Josh Widdicombe webchat – your questions answered on politics, fans, and the best of Blur

The standup comedian and Last Leg host fielded your questions on niche 90s football references, ribbing Devon for a living and how much of a posh boy he is exactly

2.09pm GMT

That’s it folks … thank you all for your questions.

2.08pm GMT

Thank you so much for all of your questions. I can honestly say that's the most fun I've ever had in the Guardian building. My DVD, What Do I Do Now? is out now, and will make an ideal Christmas present/drinks coaster.

2.07pm GMT

royleslie asks:

Which do you prefer – writing your own stand-up routines or writing for your sitcom?

I find writing is the most fun I have in comedy. I think writing for the sitcom more fun, because I get to do it with someone else - my co-writer Tom Craine. However, writing a sitcom is far more time-consuming and far more difficult than I think anyone realises.
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Kristen Stewart Is Reckless Behind The Wheel In The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ride ‘Em On Down’ Music Video – Watch

Kristen Stewart Is Reckless Behind The Wheel In The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ride ‘Em On Down’ Music Video – Watch
Kristen Stewart had a 2016 that will long be remembered as one of the best years of her career. She surprised as a charming romantic foil in Woody Allen’s “Cafe Society,” stole Kelly Reichardt’s “Certain Women” from Michelle Williams and Laura Dern and gave another Olivier Assayas film her trademark magnetism (“Personal Shopper”). So what’s left for Stewart to do with just one month left in the year? The answer is be the star in a new music video for The Rolling Stones.

Read More: Kristen Stewart Talks Directing Her First Film: ‘I’ve Never Been Happier Doing Anything’

The band is releasing their acclaimed blues album “Blue and Lonesome” today, and they’ve celebrated with a freewheeling new video set to the song “Ride ‘Em On Down.” The clip finds Stewart cruising around an abandoned Los Angeles in a blue Ford Mustang. Accompanying her is a six
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Megabrains of Britain: meet – and get grilled by – the superquizzers

From the only woman to win University Challenge twice to the first Chris Tarrant Millionaire, meet the brains who’ve set their synapses against the clock for our entertainment

• Plus: they put you to the test

It’s 36 years since Stephen Fry appeared on University Challenge as a grey-blazered, Lego-haired young brain in the 1980 Queens College team. How times have changed. Back then, TV quizzes were largely the preserve of beige-looking megabrains with a leather-bound encyclopedia and college scarf for a pillow.

Today, quizzes are as much a staple of pub life as crisps, coke and multicoloured carpets and, thanks to Qi, Fry spent 13 years as the one asking the questions. From coin-operated quiz machines in suburban boozers to millionaire-making TV formats, the world of quizzing has seen a seismic shift since the squeaking black leather days of Magnus Magnusson on Mastermind. According to new BBC documentary How Quizzing Got Cool,
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Taking a closer look at The Girl on the Train's Justin Theroux

  • Cineplex
Taking a closer look at The Girl on the Train's Justin TherouxTaking a closer look at The Girl on the Train's Justin TherouxAdriana Floridia10/4/2016 10:40:00 Am

Justin Theroux is one of Hollywood's most interesting stars.

The writer/actor never became quite as famous as many of his peers, but he was always making very interesting choices and working with some of the best filmmakers in the business, namely David Lynch, who the actor frequently has collaborated with.

He recently shot to the forefront, mostly because of his very high profile relationship with actress Jennifer Aniston, and his current leading role on the under-seen and incredible HBO series "The Leftovers". Apart from this, Theroux has flown under the radar for a large part of his career, but we were one of the few paying attention.

This October, Theroux will co-star alongside Emily Blunt in the highly anticipated thriller The Girl on the Train,
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The Chase: saluting the UK's most underrated quiz show

Rob Leane Aug 24, 2016

The joys of Bradley Walsh’s presenting and scandalous contestant behaviour make The Chase a televisual treat...

It’s 5pm on a weekday. Freelancers like myself and other fine rarely-leaving-the-house folk gather around their TVs, enthusiastically anticipating an hour of top-quality quiz competitiveness with a sprinkling of strangeness and – with any luck - a dash of scandalous sourness. As they say, The Chase is on.

If you aren’t the sort of person who has access to a TV on a weekday afternoon, this brilliant quiz show may have completely passed you by. All 900+ episodes of it. Here’s why you’re missing out, and why I’d encourage you to head over to the ITV Hub as soon as possible to start catching up...

The Thrill Of The Chase(rs)

The stars of the show are The Chasers – a collective of quiz geniuses who take it
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Pointless: how are the 100 people polled & other questions

Louisa Mellor Aug 10, 2016

How do they choose the 100 people polled on Pointless? What counts as a Mastermind specialist subject? 7 geeky game show questions…

It’s all very well for game shows to sit there and ask all the questions. How would they feel if we turned the tables and started to interrogate them? Then the quizzing shoe would be on the other foot.

(Potential ITV pitch “The Quizzing Shoe”: two teams of professional cobblers answer trivia questions on the history of footwear for a chance to win their choice of shoe worn by a member of the opposing team. Suggested hosts: Imelda Marcos, P.C. Boot from The Shoe People, Elizabeth Shue.)

Here are our best attempts at answering seven questions we’ve long wondered about some of the UK’s finest game and quiz shows…

1. How do they choose the 100 people polled on Pointless?

If a lady with
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11 Celebrated & Iconic Seats and Sofas

Couches, sofas, chairs and thrones – these might seem to be some of the more mundane props on TV but they’re often seen the most frequently. Distinctive Chesterfields, a handmade furniture manufacturer based in Yorkshire, are celebrating the most iconic and famous of all seats in TV history with 11 illustrated images.

The Iron Throne

“The breath of the greatest dragon forged the Iron Throne…the swords of the vanquished, a thousand them, melted together like so many candles.”

– Viserys Targaryen

Located in the Great Hall of the Red Keep beneath the seven-pointed star of the Faith of the Seven and commissioned by King Joffrey, Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne is perhaps the most iconic in the series, forged from 1000 surrendered swords.

Central Perk Sofa

The slightly tattered orange mohair sofa in Friends’ Central Perk coffee shop is the setting of so many iconic scenes and becomes its own plot device
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Relativity Relaunch: Kevin Spacey Nixes Chairman Role, Dana Brunetti Sets Deal

Relativity Relaunch: Kevin Spacey Nixes Chairman Role, Dana Brunetti Sets Deal
In a last-minute shift in Relativity Studio’s post-bankruptcy plans, Kevin Spacey has opted out of assuming the chairmanship of the embattled studio, court filings reveal.

Relativity Media said it has formally inked a deal for Spacey’s producing partner, Dana Brunetti, to be president of production running film and TV operations. Relativity also claimed to have submitted documentation to the bankruptcy court proving that it has raised $100 million in new funding. However, at several points both before and after a string of film flops and debt obligations pushed Relativity into bankruptcy last year, the company has claimed to have secured financing that it ultimately failed to enlist.

In a declaration, Brunetti said he looked forward to partnering with Relativity founder Ryan Kavanaugh and said that as soon as the company was out of Chapter 11, he would fill out his production team and development slate.

“I believe that the company has tremendous potential,
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Room 101 – review: isn’t it time for Room 102?

David Tennant feigns sushi outrage and Trevor McDonald has a problem with queueing . I know how the BBC could liven up Room 101

It would be churlish to complain about the new series of Room 101 (BBC1). Fortunately, churlish is my middle name. If TV commissioning editors had any sense, and they don’t, they would commission Room 102, a meta-tv series in which every celebrity who’s ever been on Would I Lie to You, Mock the Week, Celebrity Mastermind, Celebrity Masterchef and Room 101 would have to plead for their lives before an audience of licence-fee payers.

Room 102 would essentially be a mincer in a shed to which losers would be transported on a conveyer belt, like in that episode of the Simpsons where Ralph Wiggum watches cows “graduate” from Bovine University to become hamburgers. Would you pay to see Frank Skinner, Trevor McDonald, Davids Tennant and/or Mitchell
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UK TV ratings: Over 1.3m see Janice Dickinson and Bobby Davro join Celebrity Big Brother

Over a million viewers tuned in for Friday night's instalment of Celebrity Big Brother.

Bobby Davro and Janice Dickinson's arrival was seen by 1.39m (7.6%) from 9pm on Channel 5 (+1: 159k), as Tila Tequila was dramatically removed from the competition less than 24 hours in.

Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side followed at 11pm with 743k (6.3%) (+1: 102k), while 436k stayed with the channel at 11.30 for live footage from the house.

The One Show was Friday's highest-rated programme outside of soaps for the third week running, airing to 3.14m (19.5%) at 7pm. BBC One documentary Canals: The Making of a Nation followed at 7:30pm with 2.64m (15%).

With a panel featuring Clare Balding and new X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw, Would I Lie To You? entertained 2.91m (14.6%) at 8.30pm, while Ripper Street held steady with an audience of 2.83m (15.1%) at 9pm.

The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice topped the
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UK TV Ratings: Ripper Street loses 600k viewers on BBC One

UKTV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

BBC One's Ripper Street lost roughly 600k viewers this week, as a reduced audience of 2.74 million (14%) tuned in to watch the Victorian crime thriller.

Down from last week's 3.38 million average, Ripper Street was behind The One Show as Friday's highest-rated programme outside of soaps.

The One Show was seen by an average audience of 3.22 million (18.5%) at 7pm, while A Question of Sport followed with 2.32 million (12.1%).

BBC One's evening continued with 2.55 million (12.1%) for Would I Lie to You? at 8.30pm and ended with 1.46 million (11%) for Mountain Goats at 10.45pm.

Over on ITV, Gino's Italian Escape: A Taste of the Sun was seen by 2.17 million (11%) on ITV at 8pm, while BBQ Champ attracted an average audience of 1.43 million (7.3%) at 9pm.

Unsurprisingly, The Great British Bake Off: Extra Slice was BBC Two's highest-rated show with 2.31 million (11.6%) at 9pm.

Earlier in the evening,
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UK TV Ratings: Ripper Street watched by 3.38 million on BBC One

UKTV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

Ripper Street secures a ratings victory for the second successive week on BBC One.

The Victorian crime thriller was seen by an average audience of 3.38 million (18.3%) from 9pm.

BBC One's evening began with 2.29 million (13.5%) for Animal Super Parents at 7pm, and continued with 2.8 million (14.3%) for Would I Lie to You at 8.30pm.

The night ended with 2.06 million (17.2%) for Room 101 at 10.45pm.

Over on ITV, BBQ Champ continued with slightly lower figures of 1.76 million (9.5%).

Gino's Italian Escape: A Taste of the Sun was ITV's highest rated show outside of soaps, attracting 2.27 million (12.4%) at 8pm.

Back on the Beeb, The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure was seen by 760k (4.6%) at 7pm on BBC Two, while Great British Menu entertained 1.2 million (6.8%).

Mastermind returned with 1.7 million (9.3%) at 8pm, followed by Gardeners' World with 1.91 million (9.8%) and The Great British Bake Off: Extra Slice with
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John Humphrys to host more Mastermind, including another 1Xtra hip-hop mash-up special

John Humphrys is expected to sign a new deal to continue hosting BBC Two's Mastermind.

The broadcaster has been offered a deal to present the long-running quiz show, after taking over from Magnus Magnusson on its return to the channel in 2003.

Meanwhile, Humphrys will also host another one-off mash-up edition with BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Last year, Humphrys surprised audiences by taking part in a hip-hop version featuring Semtex, DJ Target, Lethal Bizzle and Amplify Dot, which was available on iPlayer and 1Xtra.

BBC entertainment north managing editor Kieron Collins told The Guardian: "We're going to do another collaboration with Radio 1Xtra later this year. It's another radio and iPlayer crossover, which will take John Humphrys and the Mastermind format and put it in a surprising environment.

"I think John is fantastic. He was cautious about doing hip-hop Mastermind, he knows nothing about hip-hop. By the end of it – it's
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John Humphrys to sign a new Mastermind contract

BBC presenter also due to do another spin-off show with Radio 1Xtra after hip-hop special last year

He’s started so he’ll carry on – John Humphrys is set to sign a new contract to continue presenting hit BBC quiz Mastermind.

The Today presenter is also due to do another collaboration with Radio 1Xtra following the success of a hip-hop version of Mastermind last year.

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Comic Relief: Face the Funny tops Friday ratings with 8.1 million

Comic Relief's Face the Funny topped Friday's (March 13) ratings, according to overnight figures.

The charity fundraiser averaged 8.1m (36.4%) viewers from 7pm on BBC One, with 2.97m (33%) returning at 10.40pm after the news break.

Over on BBC Two, A Cook Aboard concluded with 780k (3.7%) at 7pm, before Mastermind entertained 1.59m (7.3%) at 8pm.

At 8.30pm Gardeners' World attracted 1.78m (7.5%), and Quelle Catastrophe! France with Robert Peston gathered 1.13m viewers (4.9%) at 9pm.

Jo Brand's The Great Comic Relief Bake Off: An Extra Slice was watched by 4.37m (23.4%) at 10pm.

An average of 3.28 million (14.9%) watched ITV's Barging Round Britain with John Sergeant, as 2.37m (10.3%) tuned in for Bear Grylls: Mission Survive at 9pm.

On Channel 4 The Million Pound Drop brought in 490k (2.1%) at 8pm, while 9pm's Gogglebox entertained 2.41m (10.5%).

NCIS: New Orleansdrew 849k (3.7%) on Channel 5 at 9pm, as NCIS aired to 814k (4.6%) at 10pm.
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Watch Eggheads for Free on FilmOn’s BBC Two Channel

  • ShockYa
Watch Eggheads for Free on FilmOn’s BBC Two Channel
Eggheads” is a new show on BBC Two that gives quiz show fans the ultimate of challenges. The television show, which can be seen on FilmOn’s BBC Two online channel, features some of the best quiz winners in Britain taking on challengers who are hoping to win a big cash prize. “Jeremy Vine hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on probably the greatest quiz team in Britain – the Eggheads – made up of some of the country’s top quizzers, including brand new Egghead Lisa Thiel, the bad boy of quizzing Cj de Mooi, ‘Tremendous Knowledge’ Dave Rainford, Mastermind and Millionaire winner Pat Gibson, [ Read More ]

The post Watch Eggheads for Free on FilmOn’s BBC Two Channel appeared first on
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The 'Saturday Night Live' story told through its sketches

  • Hitfix
The 'Saturday Night Live' story told through its sketches
On the eve of its 40th anniversary special (though the anniversary itself isn't until October), what is left to say about "Saturday Night Live"? There have been multiple books written about the show, several documentaries, countless essays — riding the never-ending roller-coaster between "Saturday Night Dead" and "Saturday Night Lives Again!" — best-ofs, worst-ofs, and every other kind of list you can think of. I don't know that anything I write over the next few pages will provide new insight into one of the most influential comedy shows ever made, but I wondered if you could tell the story of the show — through good times and bad, through revolutions and evolutions and retrenchments — by looking at its sketches. I wound up picking 21 in all: some among the show's most famous, some obscure but important. These aren't meant as a definitive breakdown of the best "SNL" ever had to offer, but as a
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Celebrity Big Brother final watched by 2.5 million on Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother's live final was seen by 2.5 million people (11.4%) on Channel 5.

Friday's (February 6) show, which saw Katie Price crowned winner ahead of Katie Hopkins, peaked with 2.75 million (13.1%) at 10pm and was seen by nearly 200k on Channel 5+1.

It was followed by Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side, which was seen by an average audience of 1.19 million (11.4%) at 10.50pm.

BBC One's Six Nations Rugby was the evening's highest-rated show. The game between Wales and England was seen by an average audience of 7.31 million (31.4%) from 7.30pm.

An average audience of 4.3 million (2.2%) watched The One Show at 7pm, while 3.39 million (24.1%) tuned into The Graham Norton Show at 10.35pm.

Over on ITV, Benidorm entertained 3.53 million (14.5%) at 9pm, while The Martin Lewis Money Show was seen by 3.5 million (15.4%) at 8pm.

The Big Allotment Challenge was BBC Two's highest-rated show of the evening, playing to 1.32 million (5.4%) at 9pm.

It was preceded
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