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Even David Bowie's bad movies look good in this gorgeous look back at his acting career

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Outside of his music, casual fans of cultural icon Davie Bowie likely know him from one of the following: Labyrinth’s “Magic Dance”; Fire Walk With Me’s best scene; or his brilliant cameos in both Zoolander and Extras. But Bowie’s film work is, in some circles, as lauded as his music, as the artist’s physical presence…

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Just Attended a Five-Day Couples Counseling Retreat

No marriage is perfect — including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's. According to In Touch, Nicole and her husband of nearly 12 years recently had a five-day visit to Marriage Quest, a private couples counseling retreat located in Cabot, Vt. "Nicole and Keith went for an emergency stay," an insider said of the pair. "It was an extremely emotional and testing few days." The couple, who share daughters Sunday, 9, and Faith, 7, "have been fighting constantly over Nicole's incessant jealousy and need to control Keith on every level," added the insider. The trip to Vermont marked their final attempt to patch things up. "It was Keith’s idea to visit the boot camp," said the insider. The Lion actress resisted and only relented when Keith threatened to leave for good. "He gave her an ultimatum." (Photo Credit: Getty Images) But in Vermont, the pair were side by side as they hashed out their problems.
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Nicole Kidman Looks Unrecognizable in Her Upcoming Film 'The Goldfinch' — See the Pics!

Hair and makeup are important to any movie, helping the actors and actresses transform into the role they're playing. But in Nicole Kidman's case, the combination of aging makeup and grayish-blonde hair (perhaps a wig?) has her completely unrecognizable in her upcoming film The Goldfinch. Check out the video above to see her amazing transformation! In the movie, Nicole portrays Mrs. Barbour, a wealthy yet kind socialite who takes in the story's 13-year-old orphaned protagonist, Theo. Directed by Jim Crowley, the film is based off of Donna Tartt's bestselling novel of the same name. Set to hit theaters in late 2019, filming for the movie only just recently started in NYC. Ansel Elgort, who is playing Theo, has also been spotted on set, as have Luke Wilson and Willa Fitzgerald, who play Larry Decker and Kitsey Barbour, respectively. Other notable cast members include Sarah Paulson, Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard,
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What's at Stake Financially in Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Split?

What's at Stake Financially in Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Split?
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are parting ways after two and a half years of marriage and nearly seven years as a couple, leaving both actors with the eventual task of splitting up their assets.

Both stars have made a considerable amount of money both before and during their marriage, and it remains unclear if they had a prenuptial agreement in place. But as with most high-profile celebrity divorces, it is likely that their respective business managers will handle settlement negotiations.

Aniston has remained one of the highest paid actresses in the world since their marriage in 2015. She made $16.5 million during their first year together,
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Canon Of Film: ‘Jurassic Park’

In this edition of Canon Of Film, we look back at Steven Spielberg‘s ‘Jurassic Park‘. For the story behind the genesis of the Canon, you can click here.

Jurassic Park (1993)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Screenplay: Michael Crichton and David Koepp based on the novel by Michael Crichton

Alright, full disclosure on this one, I really, really don’t understand why “Jurassic Park” is so highly-regarded and well-remembered. I got the appeal of it at the time, but still? We like this enough for three sequels now?

(Frustrated sigh)

Are there more Ross Gellar’s in the world than I actually think there are; I mean, I know there are paleontologists and archeologists and whatnot but, I-eh- do we really like dinosaurs this much that this is still fondly remembered and recalled as one of his best films? This wasn’t even his best film in 1993; I’ll add ‘Schindler’s List‘ to this canon eventually,
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Ben Stiller to Direct Jonah Hill in Adaptation of Sundance-Winning Documentary ‘We Live in Public’ — Sundance 2018

  • Indiewire
Ben Stiller to Direct Jonah Hill in Adaptation of Sundance-Winning Documentary ‘We Live in Public’ — Sundance 2018
Ondi Timoner’s 2009 Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary, “We Live in Public,” will become a feature film directed by Ben Stiller and starring Jonah Hill as Josh Harris, the dot-com millionaire who carried out a surveillance experiment with 150 residents at a Manhattan hotel amid Y2K panic.

Bold Films will finance the project, which Timoner will produce with Stiller’s Red Hour Films. Timoner announced the project during an interview at a January 20, Dell-sponsored panel, “Life After Sundance — Building a Career in Indie Filmmaking.”

Timoner also briefly discussed “Mapplethorpe,” her just-completed biopic of Robert Mapplethorpe with “The Crown” star Matt Smith in the lead. She said Sundance accepted the film for the 2018 festival, but it hit “a bump” that prevented its screening.

Read More: Portraying Chaos: Ondi Timoner’s “We Live In Public” (Sundance ’09)

Red Hour Films CEO Nicky Weinstock told IndieWire that “We Live In Public” will be penned
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Ariana Grande Teases New Album's 2018 Release on Instagram

Ariana Grande Teases New Album's 2018 Release on Instagram
New year, new Ariana Grande?

That's what the singer seems to be suggesting in an Instagram video posted in the last moments of 2017. Captioned "see you next year," the sparkly clip shows a computer screen playing a track with the lyrics "you can feel it feel it."

The video is the second tease of new Grande music, after the pop star posted Polaroid pics of herself in the studio in mid-December, after a fan questioned whether she was working on new music. "If u wanted confirmation that I’ve been workin why didn’t you just ask?" she wrote at the time.

Grande's last album, Dangerous Woman, was released in May 2016.

see you next year

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on Dec 31, 2017 at 8:00pm Pst

Grande experienced tragedy when a bomb went off at her Manchester, England, concert last May, killing 22 concertgoers. The singer returned to the city to play a benefit concert and chose to
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The Truffles – The 2017 HeyUGuys Alternative Movie Awards

Author: Jon Lyus

Welcome to the annual HeyUGuys alternative movie awards – The Truffles 2017!

As is tradition we asked our writers to give their own bespoke awards of the year, and the are collected here as a choice selection of celebrations and condemnations. The very best of the year lining up against the critical wall with the very worst. These are the films we loved and the ones we hated, the performances that flew under the radar and those which were off the charts awful. We are shining our spotlight on the good, the bad and the emoji movie.

In every year there is much to enjoy, and we firmly hope that some of these choices will prompt you to catch up with the hidden gems of the year. We also hope to steer you away from some of the poorest offerings in the annual basket.

We also wanted to take
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Strictly Come Dancing week 10 – as it happened

All seven remaining couples took part in the Pasodoblathon this week – who mastered their Spanish line, and which duo did we wave adiós to?

8.01pm GMT

And that’s it for another Strictly Week! Thank you for joining in, I’ll be back next week for the Quarter Finals/Musicals Week, so please come along and bring your jazz hands and sparkliest dancing shoes. In the meantime you can find me on Twitter/Instagram @heidistephens, so feel free to come and say hello. Have a fabulous week! Hx

8.00pm GMT

Susan and Kevin dance their final dance to “Let’s Dance The Last Dance” by Donna Summer, and throw in a bit of Morecambe and Wise. They will be missed.

7.58pm GMT

Susan and Kevin say lovely things about each other, and it’s all got a bit dusty in here. They’ve had an amazing run, and it’s
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Stephen Chbosky Steers ‘Wonder’ to the Big Screen and Keeps Its Heart Intact

Stephen Chbosky Steers ‘Wonder’ to the Big Screen and Keeps Its Heart Intact
Stephen Chbosky isn’t afraid to tackle beloved properties. After penning the 1999 coming-of-age novel “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” the Pittsburgh native was rumored to have directors from John Hughes to Ron Howard circling a film adaptation before he finally took it upon himself to helm the movie version in 2012.

He then accepted the daunting task of co-writing the live-action adaptation of the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast,” which, with $1.26 billion in worldwide ticket sales, now stands as the top-grossing film of 2017. And this week sees the release of Chbosky’s latest endeavor, “Wonder,” a film adaptation of R.J. Palacio’s 2012 young-adult novel about a 10-year-old boy with extreme facial deformities who attends public school for the first time. “Room” breakout star Jacob Tremblay plays the main character, Auggie Pullman, while Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson portray the pivotal roles of his parents.

One of the film’s taglines comes from a precept Auggie’s favorite
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Beyonce Shares Epic Pics of Her Multiple Lil' Kim Halloween Costumes

Beyonce Shares Epic Pics of Her Multiple Lil' Kim Halloween Costumes
Put your lighters up for Beyonce!

The 36-year-old singer channeled the Og queen of rap, Lil' Kim, for Halloween, and on Friday, she shared a handful of new pics of her multiple costumes on her website.

"Hip hop would not be the same without our original Queen B," Bey wrote, dubbing the pics: "Lil' Kim Appreciation Halloween."

Her first look, which included red leather pants, a white button-up tied in the front and Chanel suspenders, was from the rapper's 1997 music video for "The Rain."

Related: Beyonce and Jay-Z Channel Hip-Hop Couple Notorious Big and Lil' Kim for Halloween

Photo: Beyonce.com Photo: Beyonce.com

Jay-Z also dressed up with his wife, as the late Notorious B.I.G., who had a romantic relationship with Lil' Kim back in the day.

Photo: Beyonce.com

Related: Beyonce Joins Star-Studded Cast of 'The Lion King'!

The "Run the World" singer also rocked Lil' Kim's 1999 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards see-through fur jumpsuit
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Five Reasons The Ben Stiller Show was Way Ahead of Its Time

The Ben Stiller Show” was a major influence on the future of sketch comedy programs. Ben Stiller is the well known actor, comedian and filmmaker who created classic comedy films including “Realty Bites”, “Zoolander”, “Tropic Thunder” and “Dodgeball”. He is also the son of the long time comedy duo, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. Ben Stiller would create short comedic films for “Saturday Night Live” and MTV which led to “The Ben Stiller Show”. The program featured sketch comedies and music videos. It lasted just 13 episodes in 1989 and 1990 but was picked up by Fox in 1992. After

Five Reasons The Ben Stiller Show was Way Ahead of Its Time
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Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Destroy the Halloween Game With These Epic ‘Zoolander’ Costumes: Pics!

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Destroy the Halloween Game With These Epic ‘Zoolander’ Costumes: Pics!
So hot right now! Everyone else can go home because Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, Mac Miller, have just shut down Halloween. The pair pulled off the ultimate couple’s costume, dressing as Mugatu and Katinka from Zoolander.

The high-fashion villains, played by Will Ferrell and Milla Jovovich in the 2001 hit comedy and again in the 2016 sequel, brainwash Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) in the film.

“Relax Derek,” Grande, 24, captioned one shot of herself win a red corset top and choker necklace, holding a fake white puppy. In the pic, Miller, 25, is sporting the designer Mugatu’s crazy blonde hairstyle and bedazzled sunglasses. He’s even wearing his tassel-covered coat.

“I do not like snoopy reporter with lack of fashion sense...... not one little bit,” Grande captioned a video of herself in the look, wiping her mouth.

More: Ariana Grande Slays Halloween With 'Feud'-Inspired Bette Davis Costume -- Pics!

This isn’t Grande’s first Halloween costume of 2017. She
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Ben Stiller Walks Red Carpet with Teenage Daughter Months After Separation From Christine Taylor

Ben Stiller Walks Red Carpet with Teenage Daughter Months After Separation From Christine Taylor
Ben Stiller brought his 15-year-old daughter Ella as his date to the premiere of his new movie — and the proud papa couldn’t look happier.

On Sunday, the Zoolander actor, 51, attended the New York Film Festival for a screening of The Meyerowitz Stories, director Noah Baumbach’s latest project about an estranged family, also staring Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson.

Stiller wore a black suit with a striped black-and-grey tie while his teenage daughter wore a bright green dress with a gold clutch.

Related Video: Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Split After 17 Years of Marriage

In May, Stiller and Christine Taylor,
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Gigi Hadid Splits the Crotch of Her Pants, Does a Quick Patch Job in the Limo, Shares a Photo With the World

  • PEOPLE.com
Gigi Hadid Splits the Crotch of Her Pants, Does a Quick Patch Job in the Limo, Shares a Photo With the World
Over the course of her brief, yet insanely high-profile modeling career, Gigi Hadid has proven she is a woman of many talents. Of course, she can stomp the catwalk with the best of them and has enough iconic faces to put Derek Zoolander to shame, but she also has a number of gifts outside of the field of wearing clothing professionally. For example, she almost became a pro volleyball player instead of a world famous model, she’s a whiz in the kitchen, she designs entire collections for Tommy Hilfiger, and she and her sister Bella are certified karaoke champions.
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Brad’S Status – Review

With awards season approaching it’s time to get serious at the multiplex, at least for some actors that may be best known for rowdy raunchy comedies. That may be the case for Ben Stiller who’s playing this flick’s title character. Mind you, there’s still some funny stuff in this story, we’re not in heavy, somber tragedy territory at all. It’s just that Ben is playing an “everyman”. a fellow that many of us know, or “down deep” the person staring back at us from the mirror. Oddly, this man is constantly reflecting on his past, his regrets, and choices. These concerns and worries make up the bulk of Brad’S Status.

The title Brad is played by Mr. Stiller. Brad Sloan is sliding toward the big “5-0” and shares a home in Sacramento, CA with his lovely wife Melanie (Jenna Fisher) and their eighteen
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In Honor of New York Fashion Week: The Top Five Movie Runway Scenes

New York Fashion week seems to get bigger and bigger with every year. This year has been no exception as the biggest stars are in attendance and the most famous models are appearing on the runway. In celebration of New York Fashion Week, we decided to find the best runway scenes from popular movies we’ve seen over the past few decades. This is our way of honoring the models who work so hard to present the latest fashions for our entertainment pleasure. 1. Zoolander Walk Off Scene Actor Ben Stiller was at the top of his game in his revival

In Honor of New York Fashion Week: The Top Five Movie Runway Scenes
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Brad's Status review – Ben Stiller has first world problems in mixed, minor comedy

The perils of social media jealousy are intriguingly explored in this well-observed tale but an inane voiceover and overwhelming sense of familiarity prove distracting

There’s a common phrase often uttered by established actors working within the studio system to define their career strategy: one for them and one for me. It allows for a steady stream of income from big-budget fodder but also for regular soul-cleansing sojourns into artier territory. Ben Stiller’s trajectory has often followed this path, and with age, it appears as if he’s leaning more towards the latter with his regrettable Zoolander sequel proving to be just a greasy appetizer for meatier, festival-dwelling material.

Related: The Meyerowitz Stories review: Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler up their game in entertaining daddy-issues comedy

Continue reading...
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Matt Damon Reveals Shocking Trump Tidbit

  • Yidio
2017-09-01T11:01:33-07:00Matt Damon Reveals Shocking Trump Tidbit

Matt Damon doesn't like Donald Trump's politics, but he doesn't have much use for the president's way of doing business with filmmakers, either. In a recent interview, Damon brought up Trump's rumored policy of needing to appear in any film that's shot in one of his buildings. Apparently, that explains that horrendous cameo in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Via Page Six.

Matt Damon has never met Donald Trump, but he’s not a fan of the president, in part because of the demands he says filmmakers have to meet in order to shoot on his properties.

“The deal was that if you wanted to shoot in one of his buildings, you had to write him in a part,” Damon, 46, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview released Friday.

“[Director] Martin Brest had to write
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The 100 Greatest Comedies of All-Time, According to BBC’s Critics Poll

After polling critics from around the world for the greatest American films of all-time, BBC has now forged ahead in the attempt to get a consensus on the best comedies of all-time. After polling 253 film critics, including 118 women and 135 men, from 52 countries and six continents a simple, the list of the 100 greatest is now here.

Featuring canonical classics such as Some Like It Hot, Dr. Strangelove, Annie Hall, Duck Soup, Playtime, and more in the top 10, there’s some interesting observations looking at the rest of the list. Toni Erdmann is the most recent inclusion, while the highest Wes Anderson pick is The Royal Tenenbaums. There’s also a healthy dose of Chaplin and Lubitsch with four films each, and the recently departed Jerry Lewis has a pair of inclusions.

Check out the list below (and my ballot) and see more on their official site.

100. (tie) The King of Comedy (Martin Scorsese,
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