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Season 3

10 Jul. 2000
Jerri's Burning Issue
Jerri tells her new boyfriend that she's a virgin, but her claim is complicated by a case of syphilis she contracted while turning tricks, which she then gives to him.
17 Jul. 2000
Is Freedom Free?
Flatpoint High is learning about freedom of speech, and Mr. Jellineck does an exercise where people express themselves in photos, but when Jerri wants to hang a nude picture of herself with the other photos, Principal Blackman and Minister Arsenew has it taken down. So Jerri learns from her role model Buddah Stalin to take a stand. To prove herself, she goes on a hunger strike.
24 Jul. 2000
Trail of Tears
When Jerri discovers her American Indian heritage, she attends a camp run by a councilor who teaches adopted Indian children about aspects of their culture, such as alcoholism and gambling.
14 Aug. 2000
Is My Daddy Crazy?
Stew, Jerri's stepmother's meat man, goes insane days before Jerri needs him to appear at her school career day.
21 Aug. 2000
Blank Relay
Jerri tries out for the track team and is not that good. So to improve her performance and her fellow team mates, she uses steroids. On the day of the big race, their is a random selection on drug testing and Jerri is not sure on what to do. It is all on her shoulders because Principal Blackman wants that trophy!
31 Jul. 2000
Invisible Love
Jerri sneaks around with Laird; she's in love, but he acts like she doesn't even exist. Tammi tries to convince Jerri that this isn't right, so Jerri hopes he'll ask her to the fall makeout festival so everyone will see that they're a real couple. Meanwhile, Stew the Meat Man moves in with the Blanks.
11 Sep. 2000
Ask Jerri
Chuck and Geoffrey run an advice column, but Principal Blackman is furious that nobody reads the paper because they can't relate to the column. When Chuck sees Jerri in the hallway giving advice, he asks her to take over Geoffrey's column. She doesn't feel qualified to give advice and thinks working on the paper would be dull, but Chuck and someone else change her mind. But when Geoffrey hears the news, he threatens to out Chuck if he doesn't give him his job back.
18 Sep. 2000
There Once Was a Blank from Nantucket
Jerri is asked out at a school wrestling match, but the guy later takes back his offer because other boys are saying mean sexual things to Jerri and she does nothing about it. Tammi tells her she was a victim of sexual harassment and she needs to stick up for herself. Jerri starts liking another guy, but is afraid it will end soon because of the other guys harassing her.
25 Sep. 2000
A new student comes to Flatpoint High, who turns out to be a bully who everyone is afraid of. When Jerri stops a fight with the bully and her friend Tammy, the bully schedules a fight for after school. Everyone keeps telling Jerri that she shouldn't fight and find peace, but Jerri feels she should live by the street code and fight. Geoffry gets a bully of his own when a homosexual hater substitute confronts him.
2 Oct. 2000
The Last Temptation of Blank
Jerri wishes she could find herself a cooler crowd to hang out with rather than the usual nerds shes with. When the cool girl at school Fran (Winona Ryder) bets that she can make anyone cool, she finds the perfect subject: Jerri Blank. Jerri however wishes everyone could be friends. When Principal Blackman finds out that Flatpoint High is going to be torn down to make a Mall, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

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