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That ending....
kingofdanerds4 January 2021
Everyone Loves Mel or Mel is a low budget 1998 film that is about a turtle. Sorry, tortise. The film is another unknown film that upon doing research, you will not find much information. But with that being said, the film itself stars the great Ernest Borgnine (Escape from New York and another low budget crap fest, 2000's Castle Rock) and notably Bug Hall (from Little Rascals). The film is directed by Joey Travolta (the brother of John Travolta)

The film follows two brothers, Roger and Travis. Roger is a troublemaker and they decide to send the boys to their grandpas. The area has a legend about a mythical creature and the rich guy of the town wants to hunt the creature. But perhaps the grandpa knows more about the creature more than anyone else.....

I had very low expectations for this film and I was somewhat surprised. The acting was not great but I have seen far far worse in other films. The characters seem to be very dated 90's sterotypes. For example, Roger. Just the way he acts is very cliche and sterotypical and his actions are very predictable. Travis is not very important but at times does make jokes that come of as annoying rather than funny. Grandpa is very likeable but is still victim to the old man, living off the land sterotype. He is really likeable only really due to the fact that Ernest Borgnine portrays him. The villain of the film is a very sterotypical villain with your typical motives. Now the main star is Mel, the giant tortise. When I look at the cover of this film (and let me clarify that this film is in a box set with seven other family films released by Echo Bridge) and like the other films in the box set, have misleading cover art and to be honest, this film is technically called Mel and not Everyone Loves Mel. But my point being was that I was gonna get a really crappy CGI sort of creature (or monster at that). To my surprise they use practical effects for Mel (and I am not sure if it is all puppetry or animatronics or what). With that being said, it is cheap and is not very pretty to look at. Now for a smooth transition here. In the film, it is mentioned once (and even then, it is something that I did not catch right away) that Mel supposedly has an ability. All that I am going to say is that the ending of this film made me decide to give this film the four star rating instead of the intended five star rating. It is quite stupid. Which leads me to another smooth transition. The tone. The tone of this film starts of rather dark and there are several points in the film where it will get really dark. Which is fine but it is inconsistent and there are huge tonal shifts throughout the film. For example, the film (as I have already said) begins on a dark note and ends on a really silly note too. I suppose the best way to describe this film is a poor mans version of Free Willy, if the whale is a turtle and this film lacks a lot of the charm from Free Willy.

I cannot say that I really hate this film at all. I believe that a four star rating for me signifies that I do not like a film, but I don't straight up hate the film. This was the case with this film. I found it rather easy to watch, I at times found the sterotypes and cliches to be rather fun to watch and the acting is not as bad as one may think. Which may sum up this film in general. It is bad, but not as bad as one may think.
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like smoking Tommy Chong's brain cells
coex2331 October 2021
How could this be bad? I mean, Joey Travolta, right? AND! Borg9! AND Julie Haggerty from that airplane film! It's like Gamera for weirdly dull Hallmark families in uh, Murica! Get a six pack... no get a case of really cheap beer and vape the hell out of your fruit flavored vape pen thingy and glue your eyes to this disaster! Really, it's beyond camp. We're in a new dimension now.
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I am a longtime fan of Greg Evigan
dodih18 October 2000
I just bought this movie. I found it very entertaining. The scenery was just incredible. The entire cast of Mel was excellently scripted and the story line was really unique. I enjoyed this movie tremendously. It was great to see Greg's two oldest children, Vanessa and Jason in the movie with their real life Dad. I will watch this movie over and over, it is truly timeless and recommend it highly to anyone who loves outdoor adventure movies, with no violence. A1+ movie. I give it the highest rating.
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foxhusky8 May 2002
Sorry, I don't like this film. They tried to mix something of E.T., Free Willy and other child-animal films, but this time it did not work at all... The acting is very bad. Only Ernest Borgnine is OK as grandpa. The big turtle "Mel" is very, very fake. The face of this animal is copy of E.T.'s head. Did you ever see a turtle fly? Well, this one can... Bad film. Don't buy it.
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great movie
ulliwuntsluv18 November 2006
This movie is overall very cute and very unique. Yes, i admit the special effects are not anything special...but that just adds to comedy. The acting is actually very good, especially Bug Hall, who is a really good actor. There are many hilarious lines in this film that just cracked me up. It is great movie to watch with your family, and it is very entertaining. I would certainly recommend this for families everywhere. This film even has jokes thrown in for the parents, and teaches a very good lesson, which is portrayed beautifully. This is a truly unique movie that keeps you at the edge of your seat all the way. A++
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A great film for children. The acting is wonderful.
Lsparks11 November 1999
This film is a wonderful film and should be out at theaters,because some of the films put out in todays world are not made for children. This is also a great film for adult viewing. The story has a family closeness that is absent in a lot of family's.
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dheyo13 October 2000
Would you believe? A kind of giant turtle that can fly ( and without wings!). Not only the story is full with clichés, the acting is awful (I saw it dubbed in french which is worse)but even my son (13) found the FX ridiculous. I can't believe this was done in '99. Looks worse that an old japanese monster movie to me...
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tasnee1 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Without a doubt one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The acting was cheesy and overdone - half the cast looked like they didn't want to be there. There are many reviews I see that say this is a good film for kids. I have to say that's an insult to children to say that. Most kids are smart and quick enough to catch on when there is a bad film in front of them.

The effects were terrible - they didn't even try with any of it.

The story plot itself is predictable and boring, I was pretty much force-talked into watching the thing and even then, I walked out within the first 2 minutes.

Bottom line: This is the kind of movie that your local rental store would probably put in the back with all the other "this never happened" stuff that they wish would not be tainting the rest of their stock.
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Too dumb even for kids to watch!
llifrak18 August 2001
Horrible acting (what was Julie Haggerty doing?) and bad special effects ruin a good lesson to be learned by kids. I know this is not for adults, but watch the Secret of Roan Inish, a kids movie that isn't stupid! It can be done.
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Great movie!
rafaber8 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a fantastic family movie that will have everyone rolling on the floor! Who would have thought a giant turtle named Mel (or Swannie to the locals) would be able to start in such an awesome movie. The way it brought the whole family together and strengthened their relationships was a great lesson on the importance of families and how important it is for parents to spend time with their kids. The grandpa was funny as all get out. Too bad Earnest Borgnine just died. He was a really funny chap. Bailey Silverwood's nephew was probably my favorite character. His acting was so hilarious!! By far my favorite. Throw a tiger into the mix and you've got a thriller. I watched this movie often growing up and even now I get a good laugh every time I watch it. My favorite part? Haha he can fly and talk!!!
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This is just terrible. Complete tripe!
terrence_damon3 February 2005
Oh this was just HORRIBLE! I am still puking! Can you imagine if the flying turtle dropped a speeding turtle turd on you while you were in your row boat? I think this was based on a true story. Apparently there was an over-sized turtle that lived in the Pacific Northwest that had a neck that put most porn stars to shame. He was accepted by the locals and soon became a charter and rented himself out as quick mode of transportation. I saw this flick on HBO one night and was completely blown away by the special effects and dialogue. When the credits rolled, I had a tear in my eye and was wishing that it wasn't over and that there might be a chance of a sequel.
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