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Good low budget flick with style
Christian26 August 2002
This is a movie (not the only one I am certain) that had to stop filming from lack of funds and finally good enough money to finish this nice little addition to Canadian modern films. The total budget was somewhere below a million, but this character and plot driven story does not need lavish sets or special effects.

Filmed and taking place in Montreal, it tells a story of a Czech immigrant who meets a woman with a crappy bank-robbing husband. She aspires to be a writer and reads Montreal-born Leonard Cohen, whom she idealize (this is however not really explored).

This simple setting enable us to meet interesting characters that are flawed, but rich and contribute greatly to the story. The directing is proficient and shine in a few instances (e.g. brothers sitting on couch or the stop-motion and color). The story and dialogue move well, although the ending is a bit forced and there may be a few slow part here and there. I personally thought the Leonard Cohen footage interspersed in the movie was unnecessary and irrelevant. There is however plenty of humor and fun on the whole.

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pretty people, angsty.
jason_dcruz30 December 2004
This movie is not a complete bore. There are a couple of funny lines, a few interesting shots, some nice archive footage of magnetic Monsieur Cohen.

However, the writing is thin and the actors don't have much character development to work with. As a result, they ham up diffidence, gesture at alienation, and feign sensitivity. It doesn't amount to much more than pretty people looking pretty while angsty. Read "Beautiful Losers" or "The Favourite Game" for the genuine article.

Leonard Cohen fans will be disappointed that none of L. Cohen's songs are in the movie, although the music is pretty good.
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An odd love story with Indie style and interesting characters...
Emerald24 September 2002
I caught "Looking for Leonard" at the Stoney Brook Film Festival, and loved it. Kim Huffman plays a woman who wants to be a writer but makes a living robbing stores with her boyfriend and his brother. Joel Bissonnette is a Czech computer programmer who comes to Montreal on the promise of a job, only to arrive and find that the company no longer exists. Their paths cross and their lives are transformed: by death, by danger, and by love.

Interspersed with documentary clips of Leonard Cohen set to punk music, this film has a flavor and style that you just can't find in all those big budget films. Driven by interesting characters, skillful directing and camera work, and top quality acting, this film is a perfect example of what Canada has to offer.
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Quirky treasure
cmdoyle7 July 2003
I came across this film, by chance, as part of the London (England) Film Festival. Wonderful low budget film about a girl's quest to become something more than just the girlfriend of a hopeless bank robber. Part chase film, part art house, it also features the much under-heralded Molly Parker.
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needs better directions
SnoopyStyle29 January 2004
Ted and Jo along with his brother Johnny are petty criminals in Montreal. Misunderstanding leads to an accidental death and hidden guilt.

There's great bits in this movie. You've gotta love "How's the pie?" ... "S***". That's a great bit. Also the actors tried so hard. The squeegy kid "Chevy" and Kim Huffman are great stand-outs, but there's limitation on their good works. This movie needs a better director who could be more imaginative with its camera work. It definitely needs writers to create more of those great bits. As for the story, it's somewhat offbeat but unoriginal (especially the ending). The ending seems like something that a high school writing class came up with. Again, the writers need to work some more on it. Nevertheless, it is still watchable with good laughs.
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Very Unique
bebe_the_bunny28 November 2002
I enjoyed this film a lot. It was very indy but well acted and the story was good. It kind of kept you on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen next. I hope this makes it to DVD in the US or Canada so that I may purchase it.
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