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  • He didn't write, direct, edit or produce it. According to sources listed on Wikipedia, Lucas claims that the TV network that aired it was responsible for making it, licensing the right to do so from Lucasfilm: The special from 1978 really didn't have much to do with us, you know. I can't remember what network it was on, but it was a thing that they did. We kind of let them do it. It was done by... I can't even remember who the group was, but they were variety TV guys. We let them use the characters and stuff and that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but you learn from those experiences.

  • No, to put it simply. Every in-universe part of the program is "Legends", as it doesn't belong to the body of Lucasflim-owned work designated as canon by the Lucasfilm Story Group. The feature presentation was made by a company other than Lucasfilm but with license to do so. (Prior to the change in designation, the particular work was "secondary canon" which was less canon than "continuity canon" which was less canon than the Lucasfilm-made, live-action, ordinal Star Wars films but regarded as canon nonetheless.) However, the program has not been retconned, so there hasn't been a change in continuity with other Lucasfilm "Star Wars" works, whether canon or "Legends".

    (It's worth noting that, given the critical reception of the film (or for that matter the artistic quality of the film's plot), events depicted the film could've been re-assigned to the "detours canon", had Star Wars Detours project gone forward and had Lucasfilm not remodeled the canon policy of the "Star Wars" media franchise.)

    Recently, the new canon novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire's End had an interlude chapter that introduced Chewbacca's son, Lumpawaroo (a.k.a. Lumpy or Waroo) being liberated from slavery. It makes mention of Waroo's grandfather having died some time in the past and he knows not what happened to his mother. Though their names aren't mentioned, Chewbacca having a family is now canon.


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