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If you loved The 40 year Old Virgin, as I did, you will love this film.
maximumt14 September 2007
This movie is funny funny funny. If you worked in the Electroinics Industry or you were shopping there in the mid 90's to early 2000, during the days of VCR's. This will be all to familiar to you.

Because this movie was filmed in 1996, before The 40 year old Virgin, I have to reluctantly say that in some ways "40" was a take off on "My- Fing job". They both deal with a grown men working in an electronics shop, one (my- Fing Job) has never been able to sustain without the help of his parents and is scared of living a life without his parents help, the other(40) has never been able to do the deed, and is scared of living a life without doing it. They both work in Consumer Electronics, and the environment is hilarious, the customers as well as the employees.

The 40 year old Virgin is one of my all time favorites, and because My- Fing Job deals in the same consumer electronics environment. I love this almost just as much.

Now a quick review. LOL. Tim, early- mid 30's, college student/sales person has to face his same boring job everyday his "F-ing Job". On this particular day he gets the worse news of his life so far, his parents calls ands says "Tim were cutting you off. We decided to buy a hot tub instead of paying for your college tuition." Tim doesn't know what to do with himself, and Tuition is due the next day. In one day he has to sale $30,000 to get enough commission to pay for his tuition. The problem, this is the slowest retail store in America. The store may do $30,000 in total sales on a daily basis.

Hilarious customers come in on this day. Tim tries to hit everyone that comes in, however, Bernard his Nemesis, and the top seller will not have it.

Does he get the $30,000? :)
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