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Different but OK
Dubs5 November 1999
I never watch soap operas. Every time I was home from school and tried to watch one, I was always mystified by the seemingly intricate plots. Besides, soaps seemed aimed at adult women and homemakers.

Not the case with Passions. Before I came back to college, I caught fifteen minutes of one episode and was hooked on what I saw. It wasn't good by conventional standards; the characters weren't deep or intriguing and the acting was relatively mediocre.

Yet the actresses were cute. All of them. And they were all relatively young. The youth factor just seemed like a big break from the typical soap operas I had seen in passing before, and that alone was enough for me to be interested. I disagree with the previous commenter who feels that Passions is for "little ones." I don't think many high schoolers would catch this show on TV, since it plays at 1 PM here, but it could really succeed because it appeals to the niche market of college students, who are willing to watch almost any kind of television. For example, my two housemates now watch Passions with me after they previously mocked me incessantly. The only show we used to watch together on a regular basis was Sportscenter.

The subplots are all fairly interesting, and as others have noted, kind of different than one would expect for a soap. The characters of Timmy and Tabitha are definitely a change. After he first opened his mouth, I wanted to beat up Timmy, or as he would say, "Dubs wants to punch Timmy in the face," but even he has grown on me. I can't wait to catch up with the show tomorrow.
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Better than it gets credit for
ewwgirlgerms16 September 2003
Passions is pure entertainment. Complete with witches, orangutans, secrets, forbidden loves, great couples (even if they spend way more time apart than they do together), and comedy! There's a lot of funny moments that you just can't help but to laugh out loud over. The cast is superb!

A lot of people complain that it's so unrealistic. But that's what makes it "Passions." It's supposed to be different and a little unrealistic. I mean, how often do you see zombies wreaking havoc, witches casting spells, lovers being reincarnated, and orangutans changing an old lady's diapers in real life? If you're not into the unrealistic stuff and feel the need to complain, just don't watch. The rest of us get it and love it!
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Silly enough to be fun(ny)
Triple0018 July 2001
This show IS lame and addictive. And I can't believe so many people feel the same makes me feel sane!

I suppose a majority of people started out watching this with enormous criticism. At first, one would think that: 1. The acting is rather over-done, 2. The dialogue is pretty pathetic, and 3. The storylines perhaps a little predictable and extremely slow (so slow in fact, that you could NOT watch Passions for about a month and still know what's going on).

Personally, I have never been into soaps before, but somehow Passions intrigued me the most. My initial reaction was one of confusion as the show is not your average soap opera. Oh no. Not only does it contain the ordinary conflicts, scheming, scandal and obsessions of certain characters, but it also includes elements of comedy and the supernatural.

Admittedly, Timmy was the main reason why I got interested, as I couldn't figure out whether he was a dwarf/midget or a little boy. As it turned out he was actually a doll, but either way, there was more to Passions than this strange aspect of fascination. Of course you could never leave out the Charity-Miguel-Kay or the Gwen-Ethan-Theresa love triangles. Here, we can witness the stupidity and naivety of Miguel and Ethan as they live their lives totally oblivious to the fact that they are being chased by crazed and obsessed girls who would do anything to win their loves.

Whatever the reason, it is understandable why Passions is not accepted by everyone, but if you give it a chance, at least enjoy it for the laugh factor. It might even keep you begging for more.
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So Silly That you Have to go With it
TMC-416 August 1999
This is one of those shows that are so inane it just drives you in. Whether it's the simpleminded stories, corny dialog, or often amateurish acting. If the show was intended on playing it for laughs, then maybe what you see on screen would be easier to take.
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Too slow, but funny.
wjewilliams@yahoo.com15 February 2003
This show would be so much better if the writing wasn't sooooo repetitive.

Passions is a show that should be taken simply at face value -- don't look beyond the'll be lost. Yes, it's rediculous and it's meant to be. Part of its charm is that it makes fun of its own genre.

Don't expect Oscar winning performances, although there are a few on this show that can act (unfortunately, they're offset by multitudes who can't), but expect to laugh -- whether it's meant to be funny or not!
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Saved by the Commercials
William910 August 1999
Passions: 40 minutes of Soap-free commercials!

This new daytime drama by former Days of Our Lives creator can't even be christened with the title of "Soap Opera." Perhaps Soap Dispenser is more apt; the more you watch it, the more you wish you could wash your ears, eyes, and throat out with the stuff. Imagine Saved by the Bell, that inane sitcom inspired by the popularity of the equally inane Beverly Hills 90210 from the late 80s, early 90s, minus any drama, any humor, any decent acting, or any clue.

What's worse is that the daily episodes keep getting worse and worse. It started out bad: national TV reviewers gave it a bomb rating it's first day out. But it's only gone down hill. Witness Sheridan Crane and her flashbacks of her "dear friend," Princess Di. Witness Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald dumping fish guts on 21-year old lawyer, Ethan Crane. Witness pseudo-scary witch Tabatha twirl around in circles to produce, as one character on the show decries, "an insane wind from hell" to drive the entire cast out of a Red Lobster type restaurant.

How is it that I hate this show so much, yet, at the same time, know all of the characters' names? Simply, once you're hooked, you're just like those dead fish that got dumped on Ethan. You can't stop watching this show. You keep watching because you can't understand how it can get worse and worse, every day.

Easily the most insulting, sexist, and horrible shows on TV today (and that, dear friends, is a big, bold statement.) It's all those things and, just incidently, totally entertaining.
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What happened?
tamitiafo15 February 2006
I used to really enjoy this soap when it started out in 1999. The story lines and characters were interesting, intricate and refreshing. But after about 3-4years, the plot just went downhill. The soap was using the exact story lines when it began, the constant same struggles of the truth comes out, oh no it doesn't, and here is comes, and again no it didn't, and it goes on. The dialog and plot is repetitious,there is essentially no development in the characters, they make the same mistakes over and over, and over, they remain in the dimension that they were first portrayed or they become senseless characters the lack any senses. I understand the soaps don't really need to make sense, but certain things like "sitting and standing" shouldn't be too hard to do for people with legs that work. I really still love all the actors and actresses that still put up with such horrible writing. I really hope someone can come in and bring the refreshing and complex writing this soap once possessed.
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I felt Passions needed a positive comment...
fadetodeath9 July 2000
The only review for this show is one and only after it being on for a few days. Yes, I too felt the same way when "Passions" first came on. It was poorly acted, poorly directed, and it seemed so unreal. However as it finally caught my eye to watch the effects have gotten better, as well as the script, the direction, and the acting. And who couldn't fall in love with an adorable life-like doll named Timmy? If you haven't seen the show, go and watch! If you have seen it and disliked it the first time (believe me, I was the same way) go watch it again. You'll understand why it's stayed on for the year that it has.

Also I'd like to say that I think some of Passions more appeal towards the audience is the fact that it has supernatural occurrences going on and most of the cast is rather young! It's what everyone is into these days. The characters might be a little too "goodie-goodie" but why not? Aren't we tired of our generation being depicted as self-centered, enraged, punks? I certainly am! Besides, some of the antics by one of the characters makes some of the teens not completely goodie-goodie. And she definitely feels the criteria of the "love to hate" character on a soap. I'm also addicted to the optimism and enthusiasm of some of the characters. Please, go watch!
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Full of laughs
lirpa7715 February 2006
I started watching this when it first came on. It was with a group of us in college who would make sure and put our classes around the time it came on. It is classic soap format! It is goofy and funny, not at all serious. They do try, but it just turns out to be funny. And the men, have I mentioned them...they all have wonderful bodies, and a tradition with Passions is to make sure they have their shirts off at anytime appropriate (or inappropriate)! I, unfortunately, have become addicted, and know it's ridiculous, but still watch. The best part of this show is the love triangles...there is always at least two going at all times. In one case it's Gwen, Ethan, and Teresa. Teresa is almost a stalker when it comes to Ethan, and Ethan has a real passionate love for her, but because of some good lies, Gwen has him. I want Teresa and Ethan to be together, but Gwen is the one whom he is married to...what do you do?? It's these triangles that keep me watching.
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Ed Wood could have done better
noneabve19475 January 2008
I used to watch "Dark Shadows" and liked it. Of course I was a kid, it was the era of rebellion, and I thought Barnabas Collins had a great haircut. "Passions" is the work of morons with word processors. They hit the last straw with an orangutan in a nurses outfit!!! Sorry, if I want classy T.V. I'll go with reruns of "Dukes of Hazzard". (sarcasm) In all honesty, most T.V. shows ARE soap-operas. In a more refined version of the genre, the sub-plots of "The X-Files" went on for the entire run of the show. Same with shows like "Boston Legal"...a nite- time "soap" and tons-o-fun!! Any show is cool if you get into the characters and the plot line, no matter how weird. I can't stop watching "South Park", for example. Well, that's my beef for the day. I just can't believe a show like "Passions" is still on...... Robert
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A Badly done but hysterical show!
JenEyre832 January 2003
When this show first began in 1999 I thought it was the worst and the least intelligent thing on television. Then in 2002 I started watching it again to discover its humor. If you look at this show as a satire of all other soap operas it is extremely hysterical. Yes there is bad acting, inane plots, horrible special effects, but that is the joy of a show like Passions. It doesn't try and act like it is a quality show and makes fun of itself plenty to prove it. So if you are looking for an hour lacking in mental stimulation and exceeding in laughs tune into passions.
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Oh sweet God, why...
di_Notte9 January 2004
...I'll tell you why. This is the perfect soap for anyone who likes Mystery Science Theater. I myself obssess over MST3K, so it fits well with me. My mom got into it after seeing Timmy and Tabitha, and she's one of the most outlandish people I've ever known so of COURSE she's going to get into this. So it's all her fault. Can I ask some really serious questions though? #1- The idea of Teresa's child being taken away. Um, this whole idea just could NOT happen. They'd need more solid proof to not even allow to see this kid, let alone take him away. #2- As in any soap these people are supposedly rich, or have jobs that MAKE them rich. Yet when do we see them working? #3- Back to the idea of Teresa... she loves her kid to death right? Then why have her mom, Pilar, watch him for two straight months (or was it 3?) while gallavanting in LA? Okay, I digress; this storyline was supposedly like what, a week? But it TOOK two or three months to get the point across. Which leads straight into #4... #4- Do we REALLY NEED 2-3 months to see if Teresa and Ethan KISS or not??? Come the flip ON. Let's get this moving. By the time the whole Sheridan getting her baby back storyline concludes, the "baby" will have to be technically 15 years old. #5- Luis beats up a doctor, two orderlies, and Antonio all in one day at the psych ward, and he wasn't taken to jail with huge amounts of bail?? No matter the soap ridiculousness, that was just... ridiculous. #6- On a slightly serious note, at least with the whole Sheridan&Luis/Antonio&Beth storyline, as crazed as Beth is, was it not just mean for Luis to just DUMP her butt when Sheridan came back? And as much as this kid was kidnapped, he doesn't know that and is giving her the shaft completely. Same kinda thing with everyone on the show who has a baby right now... which is just about EVERYBODY at this point. Kinda teaches guys that it's okay to fall for other chicks, or dump the ones you have and not pay attention to your baby. Nevermind the girl. Like that scene with Kay, Charity, and whatshisname (can't remember suddenly): "Oh, the hospital called! We can take our baby home! Why don't you go home and put the crib together?" "But me and Charity have plans to go skating," Uh-huh. #7- This is just a stupid point, but I've just NOTICED it... the fact that Charity (who is just too darn goody goody for my taste) WON'T STOP LEANING FORWARD AND LOOKING ALL "HO-HUM", PUTTING HER HANDS IN HER POCKETS AND ROCKING BACK AND FORTH ON HER FEET. It's SUCH a stupid pointless point, but I find it annoying anyways. #8- Does anyone honestly stand around, saying out loud "I WILL get your husband. Even if I have to kill your son and mother-in-law to do so. I just need my uncle to return from the Cayman Islands. But just you wait." when someone leaves the room... and do you not only do it that one time, but say the SAME darn phrase everytime you feel like it???

I could go on. But I really should assess why I'm even posting all this, lol... I guess it just amuses me. This show *can* be fun even with all the horrid flaws and completely ridiculous acting. Me and my mom just make fun of it, but we tune in nonetheless. It's just... well, it's 'just'.
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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
casadeirony17 June 2003
I watched Passions religiously from 1999 until late 2001. I used to watch it because it was the one show I could really use to escape from the drama that was going on in my adolescent life. I lost interest after that for a lot of reasons:

1) I was really becoming fed up with how none of the secrets had fully been exposed and still haven't.

2) There are a whole bunch of young characters on the show, but their problems never had anything to do with what was going on in school. In fact, they were never shown in school and now that they are in college, they're still not shown doing anything, it's mentioned from time to time but never shown. This show hasn't shown any characters with problems that younger people like myself could relate to.

3) The dialogue is absolutely horrible. It's EXTREMELY repetitive. One sentence will be said 12 times in one show, but maybe reworded differently.

4) The writers take things too far, drag storylines on for too long, and are once again repetitive. How many times are we going to have people on the verge of dying, but never actually dying? And how many psychopaths are we going to have? It's like every psychopath who ever lived decided to visit Harmony and wreck lives.

5) Can the characters please move on with their lives? Everyone in the town is obsessed with at least one person. They don't love these people. They're obsessed with them. You gotta keep the ball rolling, you know?

Last point, I wanted to watch this show to escape things, but even after leaving for 6 months and coming back, I still find myself extremely frustrated, and I already have enough frustration in my life, I don't need something fictional making it just as stressful. They need someone to come in there and pick up the mess and I'd be happy to do it, myself.
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The weirdest TV show I've ever seen.
new_releases27 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This show is very disturbing. I hate it. It's about a family called the Cranes, and there's also this woman who's a witch, but a good witch, who also has a little girl. The witch's house has these evil spirits in her basement. This isn't the disturbing part. The disturbing part is there's this freak, Vincint, who's a long lost son of the Cranes. He's queer, crazy, and a murderer. If that isn't enough to scare you, he wears this hideous costume, that makes him look half man, half woman. Sometimes he wears it, sometimes he doesn't. He looks normal without it, but when he's wearing it, half of his face is flesh, the other half is a Phantom of the Operah mask. Each half of his shirt is a different color, and his pants, one side is.. well, pants, but the other side is half a skirt. In addition, his hair is long and girlie.I was very disturbed by this show.
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I know its corny...but I like it!
mariangel_200026 November 2003
I do agree with those that think that the show is corny or its too slow, but personally I like it! I mean when you think about it if it didn't have the whole demons and hell storylines in the show, it would be a true blue "soap opera". I think thats what makes the show so interesting and how its been going on long as it has. If it didn't I think it would have been like Sunset Beach. The acting is pretty decent. All would agree that the cast is great looking. So just give the show a chance, I didn't like it in the beginning and now I'm hooked!
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This show is a true soap opera
lkormanfan16 October 2002
I have been watching "Passions" since the day it aired and I am still watching this unique soap has a quality to it-comedy,passions,love,death,and evil it has all the qualities a good soap should have. "Passions" head-writer and creator James E. Reilly put a great cast together even with the new-comers adding new talent is always good seeing fresh new faces and faces we have seen before. Andre Evans plays "Rebecca Hotchkiss" and she brings a quality to the show to play a devious gold-digger who taunts Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. "Passions" is a great comedy to watch and also brings joy and happiness to our hearts.
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the only show that can expand a one day plotline into a whole month
laugh_dance_love9 February 2002
this show has the worst acting, the dumbest characters, the slowest plotline and the most outrageous situations, but i can't help but watch it! i started watching it during the whole double wedding dilemma and have been hooked since! i jus have to know who shot julian, when sheritan and luis will find each other and if whitney and chad will ever get together! if u can't stand soaps, this is the one u definitely have to get away from!!! this show is soooo slow!!! it took about 2 weeks for the double wedding to be over!! and the characters are so dumb, grace is so naive and ethan is just plain stupid!! all in all, if the creator wanted to grab viewers with stupidity, they were successful!
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Great show, but no TAM
raider1325 October 2000
I think that the show is great! It has everything that you could ever want in a soap- comedy, adventure, intrigue, and excitement. Though the highlight of the show- Taylor Anne Mountz as Kay is gone. She was amazing in the role. I truly miss her! Overall, the show is still great, but it would be awesome if Taylor Anne returned to the role that made her famous! I hope that she is doing well wherever she is, and wherever she ends up- I will be watching! I also will miss Liza Huber as Gwen. She has developed into one hell of an actress! TABITHA AND TIMMY ROCK!
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A classic NBC soap!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh19 July 2006
Ah, yes. I can remember not too long ago. At that time, one thing I would do each weekday was watch this classic soap opera. From that moment on, I was hooked on it. In addition, If you ask me, Alistair (John D. Reilly) really is diabolical. You would have to have seen some of the things he's done if you want to know why. I also enjoyed the days when Luis (Galen Gering) was on the show. Ever since Beth (Kelly McCarty) left the show, I haven't watched it as much. You'd have to have seen the show between 1999 and 2005 if you want to know why. However, this is still a good soap opera. In conclusion, I highly recommend this classic soap opera to all you die-hard NBC fans.
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A slightly interesting, yet thoroughly awful show
madaboo13 February 2006
This show is just awful. The acting is so bad, and none of it is realistic at all. Whenever I see it I just sit there laughing. I can't understand how some people like it so much. There's a woman who's a witch and she's always talking with the "boys in the basement" and acting like supernatural forces govern our choices and outcomes in life. Theresa tries to make everyone's life miserable just so she can get back with Ethan and it always ends out the same. Ethan and Theresa staring at each other. Just get it over with! And don't even get me started with Fancy...The story is awful, it makes no sense, and it is exactly the same in every episode. Just kill them all off, and stop airing the show!
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gang member wielding the knife
kyong_115 December 2005
Passions can definitely be considered a cheesy but fun soap. I always flip between GH and Passions, and i tuned in to today's episode while folding laundry and I couldn't help but notice one of the actresses that sliced Julian crane's hand. She was gorgeous, but she seems to have such a mysterious look about her. I wonder what nationality she is? I hope that Passions brings her back for more...she has really intrigued me. When she said "You will see me again, Lezzie" i hope that the soap means it. I would love to see more of her. I never turned my tube back to General Hospital after seeing her. It would be great if the soap brought her back as a pivotal character. Like a trouble girl with a mysterious past, that tries to change her life around. But before she does that, she torments Simone and Jessica for a long long time. She seems to have a lot of talent. The other girls were good too, but the girl with the knife stands way out from the others. I would love to see more of Jessica Anderson in the future.
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gotta love it
gratcas14 November 2006
I don't know exactly why, but i love, i do get annoyed with them dragging out the plot forever, but there is that element to it will people end up with their true love, will they be true to their inner passion or will they stay where they are out of some moral obligation they feel they have to honor. If you haven't watched to show from the beginning then you have no clue and no right to judge it, you must understand the story and know the back history of the characters to see why they are who they are today, give the show a chance, i cant get enough of it, me and my friend everyday that we can are sitting in front of the TV engrossed in whatever new twist is happening on passions, hoping that the people that are meant to be together get together and stay together, all in all, i love it and hope you give it a chance
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This is the best soap out there!
marrowness26 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is my favorite TV shows ever. I have watched Passions since it aired in July of 1999. At first I was entranced by the way this soap used the supernatural. It was very different from all other soaps on at that time.

This show has "calmed down" from its first years. At first it was all about witches, warlocks, good and evil, and portals to hell; but now it is more about love triangles, the dead coming back to life, and secrets coming out.

This show is aimed at younger audiences, such as myself. When I started watching it I was in 6th grade, and I have continued to watch it. If you ever get the chance tune in, have fun, and beware of the hidden passions...
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Take It For What It's Worth
requimeddream8 February 2005
"...set in the seldom harmonious Harmony, perhaps the wildest soap since Dark Shadows."

That TV Guide summary pretty much sums up Passions. The brain child of Soap King John. E. Reily, Passions is the day-to-day meddling of four coastal New England families. The Cranes are the all powerful and rich family. The Crane Patriarch is the sworn enemy of everyone but in particular the Lopez-Fitzgerald's (yep that's right they are Latino), and the Russells. The actions and run-ins of those three families are played about amongst the working class, every day family, the Bennetts.

The four families (and all other players) in my mind can be connected through two people: Ethan Winthrop (Crane) and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Theresa and Ethan are star-crossed lovers who you love to hate or hate to love.

Along with the four families come Rebecca and Gwen Hotchkiss (socialites), Tabitha Lennox (Resident Witch (it's new England, you know they had to go there)), The Hastings (John and David), Liz Sanbourne, Chad Harris, Beth and Edna Wallace and minor characters such as cops and medical personnel that help move the scenes along with their blunt acting.

Passions is supposed to be wild and cooky (at least that's the way it seems to me) and is not to be taken seriously. I love the soap and find it quite interesting that other soap viewers that bash this one, watch their old campy soaps because their "grandma watched it" awwwww, get over it. Passions is hip and fun and knows how to poke fun at its self. The acting is good compared to other soaps and everyone is not related like on "Days Of Our Lives".

Passions is good and said to be bad my most fans who just can't get over the cancellation of "Another World".

When you watch this soap, just watch for what it's worth. It's DAYTIME TV, not a contender for an Oscar. Just escape your world and sit back for 58 minutes and enjoy the world of Harmony.
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You have got to be serious!
charmedgirl812 December 2004
This has to be one of the worse acted, cheesiest soap opera I have ever seen...not to mention the sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooowness of it! How many times can a character (Sheridan) die and come back to life? And in every so-called "new" (I use the term lightly) storyline it's always steers towards the same goal: KILL SHERIDAN AND LUIS...for Pete's sake, think of killing someone else instead already! For the love of God can't they cast better actors? Seriously, if you start watching this show and miss a couple of episodes, don't worry you haven't missed much! By the time you start watching it again chances are that the storyline will be the same, even if you give it a 2 month break! Come on people, even retards or people with half a brain wouldn't watch this cr*p! In simple words: horrible acting, too sssssssslllllloooooooooowwwwwww and unoriginal story lines and oh, have you noticed when they do flashbacks how the characters are supposed to look younger but instead they look 10 years older? Where the heck did they fetch the make-up artists from? This show has been on since 1999 and am shocked that it hasn't been cancelled yet. I guess people really do like sappy/bad acted soaps...oh well, can't win them all I guess...
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