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topless Gypsy gals.....shaking their tambourines.
EyeAskance14 February 2005
This no-budget obscurity was made in that gentler time in America when getting an eyeful of bare breasts and softcore sex meant sitting through a (usually)wretchedly made non-movie. "WILD GYPSIES" is a prime example of that history, relying solely upon the titillation factor it presents to fulfill the viewing expectations of its target audience. So, first-off, I must oblige myself to admit that there is a pretty generous helping of nudity in this film, and that the young ladies of the cast are attractive. Beyond that, this is rock-bottom sludge that has possibly the worst dialog and performances I have ever seen...easily on par with the notorious exploits of Herschell G. Lewis. Especially amusing is a scene where a discussion takes place in the seat of a horse drawn wagon...the actors talk while swaying back and forth unconvincingly as someone behind them moves a curtain up and down-LOL!

The story involves a man being banished from his marauding Gypsy "family", due in part to the fact that he was denied the hand of one of the girls because "there is evil in him". When said girl turns up murdered, the Gypsy caravan goes out on a vengeful hunt for the banished man, assumed to be her killer...but his killing spree has only just begun.

Pretty bad, but this film should have considerable appeal to fans of Golden-Age nudies, and to trash-film lovers as well.

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