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Well Actually...........
starbby4E9 August 2005
The movie is a fictional account of what could happen in an area where home invasions happen often and hostages may be taken. Since the movie didn't want to get too violent as people would grow disgusted...or it would remind them of a horrible personal experience....the movie doesn't really show a lot of strong violence....It's rated PG 13 or actually PG I believe....the most unrealistic thing about it is that a real home invasion could be a LOT worse.....ummm the point of the movie was it brought the mother and daughter closer together b/c they fought a lot (but because the movie is only an hour and a half long they don't really elaborate on that) but if you see the beginning and even throughout the film you see the bond between the mother and daughter.....it also shows how it matured the daughter who was turning 18 and "wanted to be treated like an adult" ....I liked the movie....it's just not one of those movies that plainly points out everything....most parents and their kids have fights over what the mom and daughter fought about in this movie....so why should they have to elaborate on it? They think you'll get the point....
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This movie is awesome
babygirl_316_11 May 2001
This movie leaves you wanting to watch it over and over again. I saw it for the first time a few months ago and it was great, and I saw it last week and what makes this movie greater is that it is based on a true story. I recomend you watch this movie if its the last thing you do.
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Poor TV movie that has no story or plot, a waste of time to watch.
Brian-2727 May 2001
How you could watch this movie is beyond me. No plot or story is present at all. You have just a car full of guys riding around all of a sudden you find them in the home of Veronica Hamel and they bring harm and terror to Hamel and her daughter and three of her daughters friends. The hostage scenes have plenty of violence and terrible moments but the purpose and story is just missing from this movie. You guessed it the ladies free themselves and another happy ending. Don't watch this so many more better TV movies are made than this piece of waste.
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plot? you mean you need a plot for a movie?
krillin12310 October 2004
That about sums it up: zero story. Okay, make that one percent. The rest is summed up by the title. Some blokes try to steal a car from a woman at her home but things go pear shaped when a security patrol catches them at it. They have no choice but to take the woman, her daughter and her friends hostage while they decide what to do. All they really do is talk about it and nothing really happens until the final act. The acting is certainly nothing special: the girls just scream hysterically and the terrorists just play their respective roles. You've got the smart one, the nutter who goes psycho a few times and the dying one. There's nothing remarkable about this film except that it's very ordinary indeed.
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My Eyes and Ears Are Still Bleeding
dfigliomeni25 July 2014
I felt it lacked only a few things. Personally I think if there was just a small improvement in the following, this could of been a great movie; - screenplay - direction - actors - cinematography - sound - lighting - production - make up - costume - catering. However with that said, it's does miss the mark considerably in most areas. I was caught a few times watching my toenail grow rather than focus on the masterful delivery of this most awesome story. Even though at times while watching this movie i thought it couldn't get any worse, the marvel that was this screenplay takes the viewer into a new, highly nauseous, direction. If the choices where to insert a part of your body into a closed box and inside that said closed box was a half starved rat OR to sit and watch the magic that is "Home Invasion", the ravenous rodent option would certainly need some further consideration.
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