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not that bad!!!
monabassil21 November 2001
I'm surprised by the negative feedback I've been reading and hearing about this series. Do not compare it with series like 'Xena' or 'Sinbad', because this is obviously a different attempt for fantasy/adventure. Sure, the story has nothing to do with the real Tell, so what? At least the main character doesn't behave like an invincible hero. I believe that, in a kingdom like Kryll, it's okay to have crystal arrows, wizards, rebels, faeries, and wolf-men... Those of you looking for some kick-ass fighting scenes will be disappointed, because that's not the point of the series. The characters of Aruna and of Leo were very well performed, despite the sometimes thin dialogue. I would say this is not bad, if not compared to other fantasy/adventure series. And the theme song is somewhat appealing.
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intuitive7 August 2002
I unfortunately did not see the series in its entirety, but of what I viewed, I was most impressed. I feel comparisons to 'Xena' or 'Hercules' is without credence. Just because of similarity in era, this surely must NOT dictate that the storylines be relative!

Perhaps an open minded approach, would lend itself to a greater appreciation of the tale at hand. The lack of an over abundance of the normal predictable violence, fields a capacity to hold ones attention, via pure salubrious entertainment and I for one, find that refreshingly welcoming!

I found the actors very believable, in particular the character of 'Drogo'in the episode titled, "The Lotus Eaters", in a scene in the forest with his dad.(or is it??) I am a very hard person to please, where television/movies are concerned, therefore I am perplexed at the negativity of one particular viewers comments! I guess some people are just happy being miserable!

My summary: If you have a chance to catch this wonderful series, please do so and judge for yourself! It is awesome family viewing, with breathtaking scenery and 'Quality' acting!

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great show.
juniper_811829 March 2005
i have seen most of the episodes. even though its a kids show i love it. i know kieren was in adventures of swiss family Robinson, a episode of charmed last season, beth Allen plays amber on the tribe, Katrina Browne was in street legal ,young Hercules and power rangers ninja storm, drew nemia was in the tribe a few times as fisheye, Nathaniel lees was in the last two matrix movies. b/c of wam canceling William tell i only get to see them in these shows/movies sometimes. I'm glad they have moved to different stuff. i hope someone brings the show back here in the states. the scene where aruna (Katrina) had to fight William (kieren) was really kool.
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Awesome show, a must see again and again
kentemploymentgroup29 May 2017
I have seen all of this from 1st episode down to the last, being a regular YouTube visitor because of this I studied the characters, story lines, and I must say my main favorite episode was the the spirit of kale.

Kalem never fails to defeat two main evil characters even when they try to get too close to the camp. The scripts was most impressive, the costumes. Whether the legend of William tell was a bad film or not to some people I found it most entertaining not just for me but for my 5 year old children who seem to have a strange taste for teenage aimed films.
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Mangetou19 May 1999
I saw one episode of this dross on a cable channel in Portugal. I would recommend everyone to see this, as I do not believe that worse television has yet been made. The acting was weak, and yet was one of the better features, although the costumes were pretty good, and the sets were okay. However, the dialogue was truly dire. But better than the plot or setting.

The "story" is a nonsense of various science fiction and fantasy cliches, with freedom fighters and wicked overlords and innocent princesses.

The plot (for that one episode) was pitiful. The heroes achieved all their goals, and then decided to carry on fighting for freedom - which they had just won!

I have trouble believing that anything this bad got made - and I must see it again to confirm.
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