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Rolling Stone
It's a wild, whacked-out wonder. Coenheads rejoice.
Enlivening things to an unprecedented extent, the songs turn O Brother into perhaps the warmest production in the Coens' repertoire.
All I can say is this particular excursion into screwball madness is often heavenly, and frankly leaves critical explication somewhat unnecessary. Go see it and laugh.
A remarkable film. From its performances on down to director of photography Roger Deakins' sun-baked, dirty-ochre cinematography, the film is all of a piece.
USA Today
Of all unlikely possibilities, the team has finally made a movie that, for them, is on the tepid side.
Village Voice
The art direction is impeccable, but this is a pop-up book that I was impatient to slam.
Christian Science Monitor
For all its ambitions, though, the Coens' odyssey is a scattershot affair with too many tricks and twists for its own good.
Miami Herald
Remains naggingly hollow, a cerebral exercise in whimsy that isn't nearly clever or funny enough to seem like more than grand self-indulgence.
Chicago Reader
After making their two best features to date, "Fargo" and "The Big Lebowski," the Coen brothers have surely come up with their worst.
Entertainment Weekly
Why would filmmakers with this much talent work this hard to thumb their noses at everything they put on screen?

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