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Sex & Nudity

  • Unlike the first two "All Night Long" movies, this film contains LOTS of sexual perversion.
  • Three girls force an another girl to pee in front of them.
  • Two people have sex on bed. Full nudity seen.
  • A man finds some used condoms and public hair on bed.
  • A man uses the public hair to make a perverted art.
  • A man reads a hentai manga (pornographic comic from Japan).
  • A woman is forced into oral sex with a man, resulting in getting semen on her mouth.
  • A man finds some pornographic magazines lying on some trash bags.
  • A woman lets a man watch as two people have sex, and begins to masturbate him. The act is not shown, just implied.
  • A man sees some used condoms, public hair and used diapers for menstruation at a man's home.
  • A man uses some used underwears, diapers and tampons on his art.
  • A woman is attacked by several guys (see more details on "Violence & Gore"). The now unconscious woman is raped by a man. A man opens up the jeans of an another man, who ends up peeing on the woman.
  • A man removes a woman's clothes while researching her. Data on body parts like nipples, clitoris and public shape are shown on his PC.
  • A man makes a reference to a sex hotel industry while reading a newspaper.
  • A man bursts into a room to witness two people having sex. A woman attempts to masturbate him.
  • A girl refers to a man as gay.
  • A man is anal raped by an another man.

Violence & Gore

  • A dead animal can be seen inside a trash bag.
  • A man is seen collecting bugs. But in one scene, he puts a bug into water, and we see it struggling.
  • In one sadistic scene, a woman is treated like a toy. Here, a man uses a broom on her and uses a hose to spray water on her.
  • A woman is shown to have been bullied at public toilet.
  • A man pushes down a woman and steps on one of her legs.
  • A man is electrocuted upon getting robbed by two girls.
  • A woman is attacked by several guys, and slapped in the face by a man. She gets hit by a man with an object and becomes unconscious, and gets beaten up multiple times with the same object upon waking up after a rape.
  • The woman who is tied up in bed with chains is shown to have bad wounds over her body, as a result of the above mentioned abuse by several guys.
  • A man vomits on floor.
  • A woman is shown bleeding from her unseen vagina because of menstruation. Her dress is soiled with blood.
  • A man strangulates a woman to death upon being called "trash". In one graphic scene, he uses a saw to cut her in pieces on a bathtub. The latter scene is very bloody.
  • The same body parts are thrown into flames.
  • A man kicks a woman multiple times, until an another man stop him from doing more.
  • A man shoots a woman in the head. A man shoots two more women during a rock-paper-scissor-game. Some blood splatters.


  • The language is more likely in the R-rated level, only in Japanese, containing some swearing and insults.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This film is very disturbing in terms of sexual perversion and graphic violence. It is therefore not recommended to any squeamish people, as well as easily offended people, and is definitely NOT for children under 18.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man tells about having killed his friends and comrades, and tells about how all humans are born as trash. An another man brutally kills him with a shovel, and makes his corpse to burn.
  • A man who is raping an another man is shot in the back. A man is shoot through his right eye. A man is shot in the crotch.
  • A man tries to shoot an another man, and gets beaten up multiple times. He then uses a huge clip plier through the another man's cheek.
  • A man appears like he want to kill her with a broken glass piece. However, the woman ends up inside a trash bag, still alive.
  • Several corpses are seen dumped at a trash place.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One of the main themes of this film is how humans are trash. This may actually disturb any people who easily gets offended by such "fact".

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