Undressed Poster


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22 Jan. 2001
Episode #4.1
'Robert and Bobbi segment': Robert moves into a new dorm room only to find out that they misprinted his roommates name who turns out to be a girl named Bobbi. Bobbi is very sassy, and rich, and tries to coup with Robert, while they try to work out with the housing department. They get on each others nerve on the first night and Robert separates the room in half. 'Maggie, Lisa/Damon segment': Maggie is shocked when her best friend, Lisa, breasts has grown. The problem is that Maggie feels uneasy about her size and talks to Lisa about it. They decide to get it from a ...
22 Mar. 2001
VIrgin Voyeurs
Sally/Adam, Peggy/Red written by: Michael Udesky, directed by: Tim Andrew Sally continues to make fun of Adam for wimping out with Jenny. She goes to call Russell to finalize plans, but Adam makes her hang up and tells her that he likes her. Sally freaks out and goes to talk with Peggy. Peggy tells her that she should go for it with Adam because they already have a strong bond as friends, so a sexual relationship could be even better. Sally says to Adam that she wants to give it a chance. They have sex, but things get awkward when Adam leaves.