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Season 6

24 Jun. 2002
Episode #6.1
"Loose Lips": Annette is shocked to find that she grabbed the her brother's shirt instead of her gym uniform. The shirt is so small, so when she goes to put it on, her chest really sticks out. Her two best friends, Tanya and Kate, say that people were looking differently at her during gym class because they think she is a slut. Annette likes the attention, but wants to respect her friends' opinions. As she leaves class, she meets this guy she really likes named Rick. Rick basically only noticed her today after all that has happened. He asks her on a date. She accepts,...
26 Jun. 2002
Boy with the Hood
"Loose Lips": Rick tells his friend, Paul, that Annette gave him oral sex. Marty overhears them, and tells Tania and Kate that Rick is saying she's easy. While delivering pizza, Rick stops by Annette's house where they get it on under the covers, and that's when Tania and Kate walk in (without knocking). They asked her where is Annette, and she emerges from under the blanket. Rick chuckles, and leaves. Kate and Tania tells Annette that she heard some things said about her, and Annette doesn't care because she is tired of being the good girl. She then tells Tanya that ...
3 Jul. 2002
Episode #6.8
"She Got Game": Beth has sex with Dominick right before the basketball game, and loves it. While on court, she is worn out. Thinking that Dominick might be attached, she lets him go because she has to be faithful to Kurt, her boyfriend, but he doesn't care. Beth confronts Michelle's ritual, and asks her how can she do it with all the energy after sex. Beth figures it out: Michelle doesn't climax. "Gay Oven Jane": Jane is still paranoid, and she still talks to Stephen and he finds this ritual from a book. He performs it, and to it "works." But Jane is skeptical about ...
4 Jul. 2002
Episode #6.9
"She Got Game": It looks like Dominick is stuck on Beth, and before a game, they have sex. But Beth is all charged up, and hits the court, where she is compared to Michelle. In the end, Dominick sees Beth, asking if they are going to finish what they started. "Annie and Frannie": Annie has it going great with her current boyfriend, Jonah, but he wants more, and Annie doesn't want to give him anymore. Annie's childhood friend, Frannie, returns in what Annie thinks is a visit. Also, It's revealed that Annie and Frannie used to experiment when they were younger. Annie ...
5 Jul. 2002
Episode #6.10
"She Got Game": Beth and Dominick is about to have sex, when her boyfriend Kurt shows up for what seems to be the final game. Dominick hides, and Kurt goes to find a good seat. Beth and Dominick proceeds to have sex, and they both climax. He then reminds her about the game, that she completely forgets. She runs to the game. After the game, Kurt sees her, and she is feels uneasy about it. He tells her that he knows that she has been seeing someone else, and they break up. "Annie and Frannie": Frannie finds little ways to tease Annie in front of her friends, and Annie ...
8 Jul. 2002
Episode #6.11
"Bits and Pieces": Armed with a gong, Alex proceeds to hit on Justin, and they end up having sex. She then questions him about sleeping with girls, completely turning him off, and tells Alex to see straight guys. Alex leaves, but runs into Chris, where she hits on him, and he hits on her back. "The Professional Break-Up Artist": Julie's boyfriend, Ryan, wants to break up with her, but while in the process, kissing ends up leading up to sex. Nug, Ryan's friend, comes over after Julie leaves, and Nug reminds him that he was suppose to break up with her, not have sex ...
9 Jul. 2002
Episode #6.12
"Bits and Pieces": Alex skips the date with Chris, and heads for Chris' room for sex. Justin is surprised that she choose him, after having a list of guys, who he thought would be perfect for her. After sex, Alex tells Chris that it was the best she had, and Justin is sick of it. Before they could go for another round, Justin stops them. They figure out that just maybe, they could all go out, after Justin explains he fallen for Alex. Justin then comes up with a plan that they could share her, Justin has Alex in the day (all the talking), While Chris has Alex at night ...
16 Jul. 2002
There's Always Room for Jealousy
"There's Always Room For Jealousy": Becca makes Max jealous after flirting with Clint. He then makes her feel bad, when he starts to use the Internet right after they have sex. "Horse Hung Harry": Harry shows and discuss his 'hung-like-a-horse' cock to Kevin, and Kevin comes up with the idea to wear three bathing suits in one to cover up his manhood. Harry agrees, and Kevin tells him to practice every stroke he knows, so it makes him comfortable, as well as if they could see the big bulge. After swim practice, Harry's girlfriend, Jillian, asks Harry for his car keys, ...
17 Jul. 2002
Episode #6.18
"Horse Hung Harry": Dana tells Jillian that Harry is huge, and Kevin overhears them. He tells Harry that Dana is willing to try it out, but it's not his package that is stopping him, it's is confidence. So they head back to Dana and Jillian where they are having some discussion on fruit and vegetables. "Animal Love": Saddie, Murray's roommate, puts down Brianne after seeing her, telling that Murray is a good guy, and that she should at least give it a try, since he did the whole fervent thing for her. Murray is surprised to see Brianne wearing latex underwear after ...
18 Jul. 2002
Episode #6.19
"Horse Hung Harry": Hanging out in what is presumably Harry's basement, Kevin decides to help Harry and Dana get together by explaining to them to rehearse a scene featuring them being tool men. They then rehearse the scene saying that Harry has a big jack hammer, and Dana explains that she wants to use it even though she is afraid. Kevin pulls Jillian upstairs, and Harry shows his horse hung penis to Dana where she is very surprised. She tells him that it is probably not possible to have sex with it, but Harry convinces her to try. "Possession Of The Muse": Shane is ...
26 Jul. 2002
Episode #6.25
'Miranda Rules': Gavin, an interviewer, arrives to interview Miranda, but Stacey goes against Kyle's wishes, and doesn't follow his hand signals on what they practiced yesterday. Stacey (playacting as Miranda) kisses Gavin. He then leaves, and Kyle confronts her that she wasn't even taking his hand signals. He then tells her that she even had the kiss wrong. She then blurts out, "Why don't you show me." He does, and they start to make out on the couch of the newspaper room. They then have sex. 'Ticket To Ride': Jasmine and Daryl forces Seth and Madeliene to sleep ...
23 Aug. 2002
Girls Interrupted
"Fag Stag": Joel and Carter are ready for their wedding. In the elevator, Joel and Carter try not to look at each other. Before the doors closes, Ethan walks in. Carter sees him, and leaves due to the awkwardness. Ethan and Joel exchanges each other's greetings. Carter is having second thoughts, and decides to go to Joel, who is in the complex's hot tub. What Carter doesn't know is that Ethan was their also, giving him a under water treatment. Carter opens his eyes, and sees Ethan. Of course, the wedding is off, and Carter returns to his apartment, where Linda and ...

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