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benjaminconvey14 August 2001
It isn't the worst film ever made, the actors aren't apalling and the script and director are not completely inept.

It isn't the best film ever made, the actors aren't excellent and the script and director are not completely brilliant.

It falls somewhere in the middle. A fun somewhere. An enjoyable, well constructed somewhere.

No need to say "don't take it seriously" or "so bad its good" or "it wasn't scary". None of these comments are relevant.

Cut has atmosphere. It's that atmosphere which is actually very unique, and the one really original aspect of the movie, which personally is what makes the film, for me.
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Autralian version of the slasher film--and not bad
preppy-38 September 2007
A horror movie is being shot and things aren't going well. It's about a masked killer. The director tells off the killer in front of the cast and crew. He goes crazy and kills two people. He's killed himself and the film is never finished. Twelve years later a bunch of film students decide to try and finish it--but there's a curse. People who try and finish it are killed themselves. The students ignore that. Guess what happens next?

The plot is old hat but this isn't bad...for what it is (a low budget slasher film). It's well-made with a young and fairly talented young cast. No one is great but no one is terrible either. It also avoids the obligatory (and needless) female nude scenes. It moves quickly, the gore is nice and bloody and the script doesn't insult your intelligence. Also Molly Ringwald is in this having the time of her life playing a bitchy faded actress.

No great shakes but not bad at all. I give it a 7.
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Entertaining, though unoriginal.
gridoon25 July 2003
The idea of a film crew being butchered while shooting a horror film has been done before (in the obscure 1986 flick "Return To Horror High", and probably some other time even before that). The idea of teens making "hip" references to other horror films of the past has been done before (in "Scream"). And so on...Yet, "Cut" is overall an entertaining movie, and if you don't pay more than a dollar to see it, you'll get your money's worth. In the first 20 minutes in particular the filmmakers seem to be onto something different, but then the movie gets increasingly derivative. Still, the special effects are good and Molly Ringwald is perfectly cast as the washed-up ex-B-movie queen. (**1/2)
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A nice little surprise
rutt13-120 May 2001
I can see where this one can be called the Australian "Scream." Kind of has the same feel as these new "slasher" movies. The story's kinda weak, but if you're expectations are low, than this should prove entertaining. It was refreshing, too to actually see some of the bloody stuff, instead of all these cheezy "cut-away" murders lately. I thought the acting was pretty decent, but the killer's identity is pretty flimsy, not really explained too well. Overall though, I was pleasantly entertained by a new "b-movie" that I found to be much better than a lot of theatrical horror out there lately....6/10
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Not that bad
Sum Boddy1 August 2003
CUT is called an Australian Scream. This mainly has to due to the characters mentioning movies during the entire thing. I enjoyed it myself until the last 15 minutes where everything started to jumble. Parts I enjoyed though were: The killer's weapon (Which reminded me of over-the-top 80s B-Movies), Molly Ringwald (Of Course), and the cameo by Kylie Minogue. Some cliches, some gore, and some entertainment. 5/10.
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ctharose9 September 2019
I'm a big fan of horror movies about horror movies and this is a great one. It doesn't take itself too seriously and the murder scenes are awesome and over-the-top. Great for a night with some buddies and beers (or bud, if that's your thing). Enjoy!
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Could have been better, but it's still a fun movie.
Warlock-51 March 2000
Cut opened today in Australia and I went to see it after waiting ages for it to be released.

After the movie finished, I was a little disappointed but now when I think about it, it actually was a good movie. I thought it wasn't as good as Scream but way better than Scream 2, Scream 2 had very little blood or violence which made it very weak but Cut is amazing ecause it gets away with displaying so much blood. It takes a while for the movie to get into the action, but when it does that's when it starts to get interesting. Australian horror movies usually aren't very good (anyone remember Body Melt and Out of The Body?) but Cut is very enjoyable.

Even though the story doesn't make a lot of sense when all is revealed and the ending stinks, Cut is a lot of fun when it comes to the death scenes (which is what people are going to see this for anyway) they are very creative and gross and very hilarious.

When Cut comes to threatres near you, go see it. It won't make much sense, but it will be fun.

Cut doesn't restrain the blood, it's not disturbing, it's intended to be funny, and it is.
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The Film Within
tedg18 June 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

We've had four slasher films in a year which use the plot device of a film within a film. Three are ordinary: `Cut,' `Scream 3,' and `Urban Legend: Final Cut.' One, the recent `Hamlet,' is different. This comment covers the three traditional slashers.

Each of the three slashers uses the inside film as a device for a relatively sophisticated distance for humor: they try to scare using established formulae, but at the same time poking fun at the genre, the watchers and the scares themselves.

Cut, Urban and Hamlet are by first-time directors: and incidentally the characters are film students. The lead in Urban is made up to look like Julia Stiles, the Ophelia in Hamlet. The lead in Cut is made up to look like Courtney Cox of Scream. Scream has the highest production values, Urban the lowest.

Cut is the deepest self-referentially: the monster is brought into the real world by the film -- the magic is in the viewing, which makes the audience cocreators of horror. The monster is destroyed when the film is. Plus, Cut has Molly Ringwald playing Bette Midler. She probably knows she's being made fun of as a bag that once was fun, just like the genre.

Urban is the most schoolish in the number of films it references cinematically. Lots of Hitchcock here, some too blatant to be honorable. It makes the most fun of the actors: the bogus film within is really bad and the film crew are bozos; but the `real' film is worth killing for, sort of a `D.O.A' plot.

Scream has the dumbest story; Urban and Scream have scooby-doo plot ends: the bad guy in the costume really is just a bad guy in a costume and we get the detective-story-like explanation.

Scream uses the film within poorly. It is just a place of work: the only clever device is that each `real' character has a pretend one. But this isn't used at all except for a brief shadowing of Gale Weathers. Wes Craven knows better. He used this same notion in the last Nightmare movie where he played himself writing the film. Pretty good actually.

Urban uses the film within only by reference (along with all of the other films that are referenced). Instead, the use has more to do with the making of the film and the trappings of filmmaking -- except for the end where the film within merges with the `real' action.

Cut uses the film within more creatively. By placing the real people in the action of the old film, thus bringing the killer of the old film to them.

None of this stuff is scary any more. When you go, you go for fun. If you were only going to see only one of these 3 films, you should make it Cut.
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A True Return of the '80s Slasher Flick
EdYerkeRobins25 September 2001
When I think of the cheesiest guilty pleasure-type movies, the first thing I think of are '80s slasher flicks. Really bad slasher flicks. The formulaic type of film, where all a script needed was 2 parts blood and several parts nudity to get made.

Flash forward to the late '90s/early '00s. The slasher flick has been revitalized with the success of 1996's "Scream". Like in the '80s, these films were formulaic, masking a lack of inspiration by labelling themselves as "hip, tongue-in-cheek parodies" of the original slasher flicks. Of this recent blend of "hip parody" neo-slasher flicks, the only one worth seeing is the low-budget, direct-to-video "Cut".

Like most of the other "new" slasher flicks, "Cut" relies on the production of a slasher flick, in this case a fictional 1985 film "Hot Blooded", to make its commentary on the genre. "Hot Blooded" never finished production, because of killings by someone wearing the mask of the film's killer, Scarman, a bald figure with its mouth stitched close and dark, pupil-less eyes. Now, 12 years later, a group of film students, whose professor was involved in the production, have decided to go into the vaults, tap the original surviving actress, and finish the film. But every time the film is screened or a scene is shot, "Scarman" returns and someone dies. To quote the tagline, will they finish the film before it finishes them?

This all sounds really bad, and to a degree it is (really, is there such a thing as a good slasher flick?). There is no character development (the "new" director is revealed to be the daughter of "Hot Blooded"'s original director, whose life was apparently ruined after the production was cancelled; this would've been a perfect detail to be worked into the plot, yet it's never mentioned again) and, like in all other slasher flicks, there are just too many bodies to care about. The actors aren't great, even by direct-to-video standards, but most are having fun with their characters (and for those who aren't, it's inadvertent character acting, since none of their characters in the film wanted to work on "Hot Blooded"), particularly whoever was lucky enough to play Scarman. "Cut"'s climax has no big "who dunnit" unmasking of the killer like in the "Scream" films. It doesn't have the gimmick killings of the "Urban Legend" films. What it does have is an original and interesting concept that is diluted by a "this way we can write a sequel if it sells well" ending. But that's par for the course.

By any sensible viewing standards, this is a horrible movie that should be avoided, but this "quality" is what makes it true to its roots in the slasher genre, and this is what makes it more enjoyable than any of the other neo-slasher flicks.
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No way is it a cut above the rest, but hell its enjoyable while it lasted.
lost-in-limbo1 February 2006
While filming an 80's horror movie called 'Hot Blooded', the director is brutally murdered and the leading lady is scarred as she survives the attack and manages to kill murderer. After all of this, the production is abandoned and the stock reels are left to gather dust. So a group of filmmakers decide to pick up where the film left off even though they're warned by people to keep away from the film, as the last person who was interested in the flick turned up dead in the cinema while watching the film. From this it's labelled as a cursed production. Not taking these warnings seriously the crew goes ahead with the production and they get the original star of the movie to return from Hollywood to reprise her role, but not as the daughter but the mother. But again the murders start occurring with the cast and crew getting butchered by an unknown figure dressed up as the film's killer.

Look what 'Scream' started! Hey, I enjoy those films, but mostly everything else that followed on afterwards were annoying and pointless excuses. During this stage the sub-genre came back with vengeance, but it wasn't much of a good thing as they were mostly unsuccessful and unoriginal attempts, where they followed the derivative pattern of the Scream franchise. 'Cut' which is an independent Australian take on the textbook slasher genre is purely shonky garbage that lacks basically everything and shamelessly knocks off every other slasher flick. But you know what, I found it a cheesy delight. Yeah, It's gawd awful and highly forgettable, but it's a bit of ala good cheap fun while it lasted. Although I did hate it when I originally came across it, but the second time around I knew what I was getting myself into and it worked better for it. It was just like helping myself to a nice slice cheesecake again, but this time it wasn't so sweet.

The film came out around the same time as 'Scream 3' and 'Urban Legends: The Final Cut' did, which all three follow the same structure of using a movie within a movie. 'Scream 3' is obviously the strongest of the three, but I would actually watch this trash over Urban Legends: The Final Cut. Though, it did seem more of a throwback to the 80's slashers than that of one of Scream's bastard offspring. Pretty much the film is given b-grade treatment and that shows up in the script and performances. The dialog is truly unimaginative and hardly comes up with any surprises and suspense. While, the performances are pure mockery and Molly Ringwald takes the crown for it. She plays the wash-up actress returning to finish the cursed flick and I had good fun with her laughably ridiculous send-up performance. She provides the bite here and nails it down perfectly. The rest were mostly recognizable Australian TV stars (that's if you're an Australian) with a ravishing Jessica Napier leading the cast with the likes of Stephen Curry and Frank Roberts. Also pop singer (and supposed actress) Kylie Minogue makes a cameo appearance in the opening just to be hacked up! Nice. These teens mostly followed the formula of horny and dim-witted kids that have nothing better to do but to be killed. Sometimes it feels like they just waiting in queue, because they have no real substance to be there.

The plot starts off rather interestingly, then heads into a mystery phase where red herrings pop up, but then it makes a sudden u-turn where it becomes a somewhat satire on the horror genre. Simply it's rather choppy and when it comes to the explanation for all of this madness I was kind of left thinking… oh my. This when it tries to twist back onto itself in a clever manner, but sadly it falls along way. But don't you just love an opening ending. Also it sports some pop culture references and a self referential, tongue-in-cheek approach. Predictability makes its way in rather early and the jokes can become over-stated at times, but it knows that by poking fun at itself quite a bit. The atmosphere looses a bit of edge because of the humour taking away the bleakness, but still the isolated grand old mansion where they are filming has some neat touches that added 'some' spookiness. The cinema scene is done rather nicely too.

Now, now we know we want gore and nudity when watching this type of flick, but sadly there's no nudity to be found and the gore is pretty standard, if lacking but it's more then decent for such low-budget flick. There are one or two creative deaths, but the rest are systematic. The killer wasn't bad but when he spoke it kind of hurt it I thought, well the smart-ass attitude didn't sit well with me. Another notes of the production which were dire ranged from the cut-away editing, out-of-place soundtrack and Kimble Rendall's direction lacked execution and was pretty careless, but these contributing factors pull together to add some sort of sheer entertainment to all of this badness.

The imagination matches the budget that's for sure, but heck this lousy slasher wasn't trying to be anything else. Pure schlock that's slightly amusing!
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Horror Fans - you'll LOVE this comedy!
blearyeyes2 March 2000
I must admit, I was expecting something quite different from my first viewing of 'Cut' last night, though was delighted with the unexpected Australian horror gem. I am a true horror fan as true as they come, and found 'Cut' to not only be the best of the genre Australia has ever produced, but one of the great parody/comedy films of late.

My only concern is that mainstream audiences may not pick up on a lot of the comedic elements - the film was not overly clever in it's application but made me laugh at every turn trying to fit in EVERY possible cliche of the horror genre they could. I am certain this was intended as humour....hoping this was intended as humour.

And of course, there was the gore.

The use of the 'customised' garden shears was brilliance - besides the expected stabs and slashes. In short, there was a huge amount of variety and creativity in the many violent deaths, enough to please even the skeptics of this films worth.

The appearance of both Kylie Minogue (short that her appearance was) and Molly Ringwald was just another reason to see the film - both performances were fantastic, as well as Simon Bossell ('The Castle') in a brilliant role as the jokey technician.

All in all, I think this movie is one of the best horror products of the last couple or years, as well as a beautiful satire/parody - toungue-in-cheek till the very end.

Loved it. Go see it!
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There are Aussie hits and there are Aussie misses...
cadeland200222 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Hmmm, what can one say about the Aussie slasher flick "Cut" ?

Being a total horror nut since I was a teenager, I remember being so excited in the months leading up to the release of this film late in the year 2000, I could hardly stand the wait! I had a four page article about the film from Empire magazine, and a visual teaser, a photo of ex Echo Point (defunct Aussie Soapie) star Jessica Napier bruised and bloodied, locked in battle with Scarman (Frank Roberts) surrounded by flames. It looked absolutely magical! Australia were making their very own "Scream". I was SO excited!

I saw it the very day it came out, and left in such a weird state of mind. I WANTED so much to like it, really I did, but the truth is, the film is SO BAD! So badly written, so badly acted and just an absolute MESS in parts. (I'm going to overlook some of the corny dialogue, I'm not sure if it was the dialogue, or the bad actors delivering it!!)

The acting by pretty much 75% of the cast is laughable, however the two leads, Molly Ringwald and Jessica Napier are convincing, Jessica Napier in particular showing considerable talent in her acting ability. Warning though, the two police officers at the end could well be the WORST actors EVER to get a gig in a film. Then there is Sarah Kants who plays Hester. Terrible actress, TERRIBLE TERRIBLE actress! And when her character suddenly out of the blue decides she's a lesbian and wants to snog Raffy (what the hell was that about??) you just want her to get splattered.

But then the most bizaar thing happens in her death scene. She suddenly turns in an Oscar winning performance! She runs, she hides, she cries, she whimpers, she falls, she gets up, she runs again, she even attacks the villain with a pair of hedge shears shreiking a venemous "Get away from me!!!". Sadly just as Sarah Kants is stealing the whole movie and you are too enthralled in her performance to remember how terrible she'd been for the 45 minutes prior, she gets her head squashed in some kind of lathe type machine and carks it (not before letting out one final breath taking shriek which any slasher flick actress would be proud to call her own!).

I say put this girl in more horror films!! But keep her silent until her death scene and then just sit back and watch the magic! Truly one of the best performances I've seen from a slasher victim in the last 10 years or so!

There are two other highlights, the cameo by singer Kylie Minogue at the start is interesting, she looks so tiny, which she attempts to counteract by pouting and doing the 'Bossy domineering director' role before ticking off the murderer with her attitude and having her tongue cut out.

The finale' is quite decent one part, the shot where Scarface melts and turns into this horrid moaning creature laying on top of Jessica Napier trying to drive a knife into her chest before dissolving into a stream of what can only be described as 'goo' is quite cool and freaky. However Scarface is really not that scary once you hear him talk, he's kind of a Freddy Kruger wanna be, without the wit.

The film is good for a laugh at times, but that's a laugh at how terrible some of it is, like when Scarman decides to try and hack off Molly Ringwald during a scene they're filming in the 'film within a film' ("Hot Blooded") and they realise it's not an actor, it's the killer! (Eeeeek!) They all kind of jog outside in this bored way which is quite amusing, it looks like a practise run which got filmed and somehow ended up in the film. And of course Molly Ringwald holding a serving tray (for use as a shield) and a knife saying "Let's kill the bastard" is just laughable in it's delivery. Not to mention Raffy's professor who gets speared through the neck and 15 minutes later reappears to do the "I'm not really dead!" entrance, THEN decides he might pull the spear out of his neck, why didn't he do that 15 minutes prior???

Anyways, in truth the dialogue is terrible, even thinking about it now I'm cringing, but if you're the kind who has the patience to sit through even the worst of horror films and you've run out of slasher flicks to see, give "Cut" a go just to see Kylie Minogue, Sarah Kants death scene, and of course Scarman melting all over the blonde heroine at the end.

Aside from that do not expect anything even remotely original, scary or worth remembering about this tragic failure of a film (what went wrong? We did "Razorback" in the 80's and ended up with "Cut" in the year 2000!!) But then again, it WAS directed by an ex member of Aussie garage band the Hoodoo Gurus!!

As you can see I still can't make my mind up about this film, I so want to like it, and some parts I do, but also part of me wants it banished from video stores across the world for the shame of seeing what happens when you let ex one hit wonder band members behind a movie camera! It's sad to see from the special effects at the end that they did indeed have a bit of a budget (by Australian standards) and how the film could have been quite ok with a few changes, ok wait ALOT of changes! If only we could turn back time, fire most of the cast, rewrite most of it, and re-film it. So yes, we tried to make an Aussie Slasher Flick and we failed. But we'll be back! We will match the brilliance of "Picnic At Hanging Rock" you'll see!
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Imaginative, Silly Slasher Fun, If Not Taken Seriously.
drownnnsoda22 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Cut" centers around an actress named Vanessa Turnbill (played by '80s legend Molly Ringwald), who began to act in a slasher film some ten years ago - unfortunately, the director of the film was savagely murdered, and production was stopped. Poor Vanessa manages to survive the attack and ends up killing the murderer. Then another director attempted to take over, and was killed in a test screening of the film. Now, a group of Australian filmmakers set out to finish the film, titled 'Hot Blooded', and manage to get Vanessa Turnbill to resume her role, ten years after she originally began making the film. But the movie seems to have a curse, in which everyone who's attempted to complete it has died... and soon after production begins, a psychotic killer begins slaughtering the cast and crew members one by one.

A bit of a "guilty pleasure"-type film, "Cut" is an entertaining little slasher movie from the land down under. By no means is it anything in terms of a classic, but I found this to be a pretty fun movie. The story is semi-original. The basis that the slasher premise circles around is a fairly original idea, and something I haven't seen done before. No, it's not entirely original, and in many instances it's just as typical as any slasher movie out there, but the premise of the movie-within-movie thing was interesting and makes for some very fun viewing. It starts out as a full-blown slasher movie, continues this theme, then a little mystery is edged in, and eventually it almost becomes a spoof of the horror genre, but with subtlety. There are a few clever scenes that I really enjoyed, but suspense is lacking-- not that slasher flicks usually tend to contain much suspense anyway. As in most slasher movies, this one is pretty cliché-ridden as well, and horror fans will know what to expect quite a few times. Still, this isn't necessarily bad, because the film seems to spoof the genre anyway, making fun of itself along the way. I thought the killer in the movie was great, that mask (sleek emotionless face, mouth sewed up) was the stuff nightmares are made of. His demeanor on screen was menacing and worked well.

However creative this film is, it does have some problems though. For one, it's not long enough. It barely runs an hour and twenty minutes, and the transitioning in some scenes was a little messy. It definitely could have used a few more scenes, maybe character development, longer conversation, something. It just felt like it was over much too fast. There a few plot holes in this movie too, some are a little ridiculous, and I don't think anybody with half a brain can miss the one at the end. I think the writers could have worked around these, but they were just kind of left in there. I liked the finale of the movie, and it was very well-played, but don't expect the murderer's explanation to be anything logical. It's a little out there and it's not realistic (and his special effects-laden demise is a little on the campy side) - but, again, I have to admit that it's quite imaginative and different, so I'm not going to rag on it too much.

The acting isn't bad as far as I'm concerned. Molly Ringwald is excellent, playing a role that very obviously is making fun of herself. The no longer big-name Hollywood actress (who is still very much a diva) returns to acting in a slasher film she began when she was quite popular. The parallels between the character and Ringwald's film career are obvious, and she plays the part perfectly. She's likable, rude, and funny - strange mix. The rest of the cast consists of Australian actors, the most notable is Jessica Napier as our secondary heroine. Singer Kylie Minogue also has a small role in the beginning as the ill-fated director of 'Hot Blooded'. The performances overall weren't unbearable, but Ringwald is the one who really shines here.

Overall, "Cut" is an entertaining and creative little slasher picture that doesn't aim to be a film classic. It's schlocky and campy, and it's nowhere near perfect. But it's a self-aware horror movie that manages to balance an imaginative idea while making fun of itself all along the way, like a throwback to '80s splatter movies. It's got enough positives and is definitely worth a watch for horror fans. Anyone else will likely be displeased with it, but if you know slasher movies well, this is a pretty entertaining flick. 6/10.
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A mandatory cliché slasher.
gila_film18 February 2003
In 1985, a female director, Hillary Jacobs (Kylie Minogue) were attempt to make a horror movie called `Hot Blooded' stared an American actress, Vanessa Turnbill (Molly Ringwald). The horror comes alive when the guy who supposed to be playing the killer's character, Scarman, kills the director. Coincidently, Vanessa manages to deceased the killer too. Since that, the production is closed, until in 1999, a group of film student tries to re-shoot the film. The group led by the aspiring director Raffy Caruthers (Jessica Napier), and the producer Hester Ryan (Sarah Kants). Despite the warning of their professor, Lossman (Geoff Revell) who is ever involved in `The Hot Blooded' before, they insist to make it once again. They even succeed to ask Vanessa to reprise her character on that movie once again. When the filming begin, and so does the terror. The supposed to be death Scarman is back and starts to kill the crew. With a novel and twisted finale, rest of them tried to survive before they become part of film it self.

Horror movies in the American ways are in the gate of their lifeless because the stagnant theme and predictable plot they have. Rather than make an eerie and dark atmosphere on it, they choose to make those gross bloodbath. There is no surprise or chill factor that the viewers can take home and even manage to still make them creeping in their very house. Since America movies or Hollywood now became a standard for the global film industry, that's why that syndrome is affected this Australian flick.

I realized that, it is homage to the 80's slasher and that fit the hole of the film structure. Nevertheless, the director is hard to make that `Scream's rules' in his feature, and it made this film lack of any originality and nothing than another dull slasher and a mandatory cliché slasher, that pointless and meaningless in film ways. Certainly, cannot expect more.

In the acting department, Molly Ringwald is okay as the led actress. However, the rest of the main characters, especially Jessica Napier and Sarah Kants are annoying the screen as if they are trying hard to act (and I couldn't believe Kylie Minogue as a cameo).

`Cut', is an average slasher film, and meant to be a comical homage to the earlier. Anyway, the film fairly manages grip to the narrative and still entertaining enough, and that's all. You cannot expect an award winning entertainment from this feature. If you a slasher fanatic and only want to be cheer, it is a fine result.

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This is a good movie.
bluesyxx17 September 2002
This is not a bad movie. It follows the new conventions of modern horror, that is the movie within a movie, the well known actress running for her life in the first scene. This movie takes the old convention of a psycho killer on he loose, and manage to do something new, and interesting with it. It is also always nice to see Molly Ringwald back for the attack.

So this might be an example of what the genre has become. Cut hits all the marks, and is actually scary in some parts. I liked it I gave it an eight.
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Aussie slasher that is just a Cut above average
Stevieboy6667 September 2019
I do like Australian horror movies, I'm surprised that I had not already seen this one. Don't think it had a UK DVD release so I got a copy on good old VHS. Not a great deal of plot here, but this is a slasher movie so that is quite normal. This one is about the making - or rather completion - of a slasher movie called Hot Blooded (sounds more like a porno to me!), that filming had ceased on back in that great slasher decade, the 1980's. Naturally people start getting killed, one by one... Not a bad film to be fair, the acting was OK, there are some gory deaths with a high enough kill count plus we get a body melt scene. Molly Ringwold, who appeared in several iconic 80's movies, adds a bit to the retro feel, but sadly Kylie Minogue has nothing more than a cameo, despite her name being highly billed. Scream is a too obvious influence, in fact it gets name checked, whilst Freddie Krueger too is here in pretty much all but name. Does build to a fun finale, certainly no classic but enjoyable enough.
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Not Bad Horror/Slasher Flick
gwnightscream27 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This 2000 horror film tells about a young, Australian woman who wants to finish making her late, mom's slasher film, "Hot Blooded." When she and her crew begin production, a killer identical to the one in the film starts slaughtering them one by one. Molly Ringwald (Pretty in Pink) and Kylie Minogue appear in this. The film isn't bad, it pays homage to 80's horror films like, "The Burning," "Friday the 13th" & "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and sort of pokes fun in places. Fans of the genre may want to check this out at least once.
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Pretty decent slasher entry
kannibalcorpsegrinder20 August 2015
Agreeing to a complete a supposedly-haunted project, a film class begins to suspect the serial-killer subject in their film has come to life and beings stalking them for their efforts to finish the film.

On the whole this was quite a decent enough slasher. One of the better parts to this one is the rather impressive amount of work done here on the original film and back-story done, which is done not only through the history with the curse and the problems with the attempts at finishing it but also how the opening works here by showing the fateful incidents which triggered the curse of the disastrous film shoot as well as the great kills highlight this nicely. That carries into the main film shoot itself as the main resurrection here brings the fun of having the true killer interact during filming as everyone is completely oblivious to the true nature of their participant, plenty of mistaken identities in here results in some fine stalking around the set and manages some good moments here. A duel with the doppleganger actor in costume and the chase through the tool-shed are quite enjoyable slasher scenes here which make him out to be quite an imposing physical presence, and there's the big rampage at the end where he's battling with the crew throughout the house for quite some enjoyable battling here that mixes decent kills, fine stalking and brutal brawling into a fine away to end this one overall. There are a few flaws to this one, mainly from the fact that this one's low-budget roots come through quite clearly, mostly with the crew for the movie shoot, the general lack of extras or going around on different locations being forced at the house here for the whole film and the overall presentation throughout here. It's pretty difficult to look at this any other way due to how this looks and feels, which gives this such a troubling facet that it really lowers this. As well, there's also the rather complicated facets associated with the killer here as the origin is pretty off, as he was originally an actor killed on-set in the original set-up yet is claimed to be a supernatural killer based on the people who're trying to film the movie which makes no sense at all. The only other factor against this one is the shortened length, which really feels out of from what it could've been by really rushing through the main sections without really doing a whole lot about it while keeping the finale a bit constrained from what it could've been. These here are the film's biggest issues holding it back.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and the beginning of a sex scene.
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An Interesting Attempt to Revive the Slasher Genre
gavin69425 October 2012
A killer begins to stalk the actors of a low budget horror film, killing them off one by one.

Molly Ringwald appears as a diva actress, Kylie Minogue is also here (not sure where exactly in her career this falls). And we have a very cool killer mask. What else?

The movie is actually fairly decent. Not great, not one that is going to become a classic, but a decent take on the slasher genre and a film that successfully rides the coattails of "Scream". The idea of a cursed film that needs to be finished is nice -- maybe not completely original, but a good combination with the slasher aspects.

I simply have no idea what more to say. The film is not a deep one -- college kids in a big house and they are getting killed. It looks slick, maybe a little bit cheaply made but not bad. Disposable, but worth a peek for horror aficionados.
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"B grade" BUT....
josh-reardon4 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Alright, so let me start by saying, I found this movie under the "free" in the on demand section. Needless to say, after that my expectations weren't exactly high. But....I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The idea behind the plot was a bit lacking in my opinion. And truthfully didn't make much sense if you ask me. Somehow (without giving much away) a monster is born because it's "created by the idea in the script"...seems a bit out there for me. On the other hand the all original killer looked and acted great on screen. What they lacked in a plot or in Award winning acting is completely made up for as the body count grows height and the plot thickens. To be completely frank, I started out watching what I thought was going to be a terrible old no budget throw away, but by the end found myself on the edge of my seat actually enjoying myself. Honestly, Id recommend it, especially to the blood craving slasher crowd.
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Toronto8528 July 2008
The cast and crew of the horror flick Hot Blooded are learning first hand what it means to be stalked by a masked killer. When the director is viciously murdered on set in 1985, the production is shut down and the film locked away, incomplete. But every time the footage is screened, somebody dies...Fourteen years later, a group of enthusiastic film students decide to finish Hot Blooded. After shooting commences on the eerie film location, the students start to disappear one by one. Now, they just have to finish the film before it finishes them.

Cut is a fairly decent horror flick with a good plot made in 2000. The acting is good with Molly Ringwald leading the way. Jessica Napier does a good job as the films co-leading lady. There is some gore with this slasher flick, and the special effects done on the face of the killer is pretty well done. The killers mask is creepy (sort of resembles the mask from another slasher movie "Final Stab"). Cut is a movie every horror fan should look into. It isn't John Carpenter's Halloween, but Cut is certainly better than quite a few horror flicks made in recent years.
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A Pretty Cool Slasher Flick!
Horror_Fan0125 February 2007
Twelve years ago, production stopped on the slasher flick "Hot Blooded" since almost everyone on the set started dying. Now, a couple of film students have decided to finish the film, despite the fact that there's a rumor that the film is cursed. Well, they're about to find out that some curses are real.

When Scream was released, every country seemed to want to cash in on its success, even Australia. The concept, which today has been done to death (a slasher film within a slasher film) was at the time relatively cool and original. This movie was released right before Urban Legends: Final Cut and Scream 3 (well not in the US but in Australia) so it felt like the first movie with this concept. When Urban Legends 2 was released, most of us had all ready grown sick of the concept and since the movie wasn't even good, the movie flopped disastrously. Now, Cut is not the best slasher flick ever, and nor does it try to be. It knows that it's a rip-off, and they even cast a girl who looks like a blonde version of Neve Campbell in the starring role. But instead of trying to add some new and original twists to the story, they've decided to rip-off some 80s slasher flicks like "Nightmare on Elm Street" as well and surprisingly enough, this actually works. The killer is very creepy and that mask is just killer! And instead of trying to scare the audience to death, they've created a very good and creepy atmosphere which keeps us in suspense through most of the movie. There are a couple of plot holes in the movie though that I wasn't able to fully ignore, the ending being the biggest plot hole in the movie. Spoiler ahead; I mean, they burnt the only copy of the movie so where the hell did they find the print that they show in the final scene? It makes no sense I tell you. End of spoilers. All in all, Cut is a pretty creepy slasher flick with a silly story but I consider this to be one of the better Scream rip-offs that never made it big. I'm surprised that this one never got a sequel, but I guess it simply came out too late.

Suspenseful Australian slasher flick with very few scares. Cut is still a pretty neat slasher movie and I will have to recommend this one even though I consider the story to be quite silly since it's completely ludicrous.
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a cut above
disdressed1210 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
for a slasher flick,this movie is actually better than a lot in the genre.yes it is predictable-resident nut job goes on killing spree,people die,yada yada yada.however there are some good positives in this film.first off,i really liked the mask the nut job is definitely creepy to say the least and possibly unique(although i haven't watched every single slasher film ever made)also,the genesis of the bad due is something i haven't seen before,and he way he finally meets his end is a novel concept,as far as i know.i also really liked the weapon of choice employed by Mr sicko,for most of the murders.the murders themselves are not as graphic as most in the genre,but that'a small concern.the movie does not take itself seriously,which is something most slashers suffer from.oddly enough,while watching the movie,i was reminded of the early "Friday the 13th films,which did take themselves seriously.there are a few concerns about this several scenes,the killer suddenly bears a strong resemblance to one of our horror this,i mean his movements and his reactions upon being shot,and also the way he walked.of bigger concern,however is a scene very close to the end,where Mr crazy bears a more than striking resemblance(actually a complete rip off)of another famous horror titan.and in the very last scenes,we have our scumbag,once again,looking exactly like the 1st horror icon i fact that last scene is almost a complete rip-off from another icon in the slasher genre. these scenes were weak and unoriginal(obviously).by the way,the movie is set in Australia,so if you're a sucker for a chick with an Aussie accent(like me)you'll be in heaven.if you not,than it just might grate on other great thing about this movie:beautiful Kylie Minogoue(just don't get too attached to her)there is one non Aussie accent,courtesy of Molly Ringwald.overall,there are more reasons to watch than not.i enjoyed it and had some,i have to give "Cut" 8/10,which may seem too high to some people.
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Surprisingly above average slasher, that's enjoyable and well made, with some decent gore!
callanvass27 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is surprisingly above average slasher, that's enjoyable and well made, with some decent gore!. All the characters are decent, and the story is quite fun, plus Molly Ringwald played the annoying bitch extremely well. I bought this at a pawn shop for a 1$, and it was surprisingly worth it, and the special effects were pretty damn good for the budget, plus I loved the mask the killer wore as it was actually somewhat creepy. The finale was really cool, as I loved how they defeated the killer, and the ending while predictable was very amusing as well, plus all the characters except for Ringwald were surprisingly pretty likable!. It's decently made and written, and I thought it was quite creative and original at times as well, plus some of the death scenes were very impressive. This killer didn't mess around, and I loved it, and Slasher fans(like myself) should really enjoy this film, plus The opening was really wicked too, with them filming the movie!. This is a surprisingly above average slasher, that's enjoyable,and well made, with some decent gore, and I say it's well worth the watch!. The Direction is good. Kimble Rendall does a good! job here with solid camera work, using a creepy setting, good angles and keeping the film at a fast moving pace. The acting is solid!. Molly Ringwald plays the bitch extremely well,and I had troubles feeling sorry for her, after all she was supposed to be the heroine, she turned out better towards the end, but not by much, I'm surprised she decided to do this film, nonetheless she did an excellent job!. Frank Roberts is fantastic as the killer, he is menacing, creepy and had one hell of a mask, and this guy didn't mess around, he was fantastic!. Kylie Minogue plays a bitch very well in her small role. Jessica Napier is cute and does fine as the other heroine. Rest of the cast are fine. Overall well worth the watch!. *** out of 5
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F'n Awesome
ChrisMan-47 October 2002
I just saw this film last night, and I must say that it was better than

some of the Halloween and F13th's in my opinion. At first I didn't

think it would be a good horror movie because Molly Ringwald

was in it, but even though her acting in this movie was not much

better than in The Breakfast Club, she put on a good show with the

others. The killer reminded me of both Michael Myers and Freddy

Krueger, because Michael Myers wore a dark blue jumpsuit, and

Freddy Krueger had the burnt hands and the burnt face just like

the killer in this movie. I'd give it 9 out of 10 stars. Kylie Minogue

should of had more of a part in the movie.
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