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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • There is very little violence and it is restricted to launching pies and throwing coconuts at pirates in Muppet Treasure Island and death references have been toned down.
  • A cut scene at the Benbow inn after Jim Hawkins escapes, the Benbow Inn gets raided by pirates the dynamite is lit and explodes causing Gonzo and Rizzo to fall in the cart causing molasses to splatter all over Jims face.
  • In the Pops clothes shop Jim can launch pies to attack pirates or customers.
  • Beaker can be seen being shot out of a cannon.
  • Mr. Arrow threatens to lash Jim 40 stripes and then walk the plank but Captain Smollett tells Mr. Arrow no lashes and no planks.
  • Long John Silver and his pirates plots mutiny on the Hispaniola ship although they don't attack anyone.
  • Benjamina Gunn can be seen Kicking Captain Smollett against the gong.
  • On Treasure Island, Jim can throw coconuts to attack pirates on the head knocking them out.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • All references to alcohol from the movie is censored in the PC game. For example Rizzo the rat can be heard singing "99 pieces of cheese on the wall." instead of "99 bottles of beer on the wall." Also there are 3 instrumental songs of "Drunken Sailor" One is heard at The Spyglass Inn on the organ. Also in the Hispaniola kitchen gallery there are 2 more instrumental songs of "Drunken Sailor".

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Billy Bones can be heard screaming "The Black Spot! No!" Although the fate of Billy Bones in this PC game is unknown even though in the movie he died of a stroke.
  • The black spot paper depicts Billy Bones voice panicking and screaming implying he died.
  • Blind Pew and his pirates get caught in the dynamite explosion. However it's unknown if Blind Pew was killed in the explosion.
  • On Treasure Island the 2 skeleton pirates can be seen being hanged, this may be a little scary for little kids.
  • Inside the cave, there are piles of skull heads that many be a little scary for little kids.
  • Suggested Rating: Rated E for mild violence, mild peril, comic mischief.

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