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wildly funny, absurdly improbable
Charles Herold (cherold)30 November 2009
This is a really funny, laugh-out-loud comedy. It is full of brilliant little bits, and I loved it from an early sequence in which an actor is asked to express a series of emotional states resulting from an improbably sequence of events. There are also a couple of clever, funny take-offs of martial art scenes.

On the other hand, this is the most insanely ridiculously script I think I have ever come across. It really makes no sense from one minute to the next. I mean, for the first hour or so it's improbably but within the realm of slapstick comedy, but then it seems as though all pretext of writing a story goes out the window in favor of doing a bunch of unrelated scenes strung together by impossible events.

But I still liked it. The characters manage to seem real and affecting in spite of the absurdity of their situations (especially Cecelia Chung as a loud-mouthed hooker with a soft, sweet center). And it is wonderfully funny.
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hong-kong slapstick comedy
Nice Guy21 April 2004
A nobody actor tries to make it in the movie industry. Meanwhile, on the sides he teaches acting: A call girl learns to act like a virgin, and small time bullies learn to act tough.

If you like asian humor, you'll love this one. Me and my friends had a good laugh watching the situation comic in this movie. If you have a 12 year old sense of humor like us you'll be rolling on the floor. Much better than the tepid, often uninspired US comedies.

FYI: $7 hong-kong = $1 US, that will help you see how cheap the characters are.
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Brillant..the best Stephen chow's work yet
kjubei1 March 2000
Stephen chow once again proves himselfto be the most prolific comedian around Asia.When you think he has nothing left to joke or make fun of...Stephen once again come up with a brillant cast and some how proves to the audience that he's certainly The One. Endless ideas seem to come out fom his mind.But this time i think he out did himself by actually putting some serious overtones to the movie.Somehow he made it work,he was somewhat in a relationship with Cecilia Cheung.If you haven't seen any of Stephen past work you'd think he's kinda lame in this.I really liked him in this actually its nice to see him in tears for once.He being the one all others look down upon,no designer wear,no expensive cars....just the basic Stephen Chow at his best yet
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A fun ridiculous romantic comedy
This is the film Stephen Chow directed before Shaolin Soccer. There is no kung fu in it, but it is hilarious nonetheless. Chow plays a down and out actor who can't get a job even as an extra. He works at a Neighborhood Welfare House and, in his spare time, gives "acting" lessons. These lessons turn out to be for people like a young wannabe Triad member who wants to learn to act tough so he can collect money, or for an expensive call girl to act virginal so she can make more money. All this and more - the subtitles were a bit tough to understand at times, but all in all I laughed quite a bit and it made me think of Stephen Chow as a Peter Sellers type of guy here. This film also hilariously spoofs John Woo films and has a cameo by Jackie Chan!
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The best
Siberkop14 February 2002
I don't know if anyone cares about what i'm trying to say here but for me this is the best chinese movies i have ever seen/watch? it's just stephen chow make another comedy movie that actually have something for us to think about it for the rest of our life.I just love how this movie bring some tears to my eyes and actually I love to feel sorry/sad when it is happened in comedy movies.....do you understand?
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Excellent comedy drama
supercop-216 June 2000
This movie was great. Stephen Chow plays Wan Tin Sau, a comedy about a man who has a passion for acting but isn't even qualified to play as an extra in a movie. He shows his dedication to drama and acting in the most hilarious ways and teaches others how to use acting skills in real life. A very funny but touching movie that all would enjoy. i give it 8 out of 10.
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Not just a clever name
Matador8 August 1999
Stephen Chow continues with a variation on a theme (guy who's good at one thing, but utterly incompetent in life), making him the closest Hong Kong replica to Hollywood auteur Adam Sandler (guy who's good at sports, but utterly incompetent in life). Still, the formula works just as well as Chow's other film goodies, such as "Fight Back to School", "Saint of Gamblers: Back to Shanghai", and "From Beijing with Love". Watch for the hilarious spoof of Hong Kong action films.
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A breakthrough for Stephen Chow...
sychu12 December 1999
It's a breakthrough for Stephen Chow; finally a Stephen's movie with substance. Unexpectedly creative, it's like another version of Forrest Gump; you never know what you gonna get. You want action? You want romance? You want comedy? You want drama? The movie has it all.
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A faith in the actor life in Hong-Kong
deadjoe19 October 2000
Stephen Chow is a popular star in Hong-Kong. And the most aggressive and rebel. In the past he attack many establishment , are very vulguar. A klind of Marx Brother on cocaine.

But with this movie, he finish what he begin with Forbidden City Cop. Inject some emotion and doing a self critic of himself and his work. In the past Chow never play the victim, always the clever guys who destroy everything on his way. But He show us fragility for the first time here.

Here is the story of social worker who want to be a real actor. He always squat the "plateau" of different movie.

We can see in various sketch, many perspective of Hong-Kong industry of cinema. John Woo's flick, horror movie, stardom... Chow are the guide. But in the same time he declare his love for his work. Actor! Not just the Actor for movie, but many kind of comedy (in the real sense of the word). And he have enough confident in himself for doing serious variation...

But dont be araid! Stephen Chow do not play Hamlet. He's always an absurd guys who do stupid and non-sensical thing.. Pragmatic people, dont like this movie.
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what the hell happened at the end?
Ka Ru Fei30 January 2002
I don't know if the dvd I was watching was screwed up or something, or got mixed with some other film... but this movie starts out great and then takes a huge turn at the end in the wrong direction.

I don't know if its just these New Years films that have to get finished on time, so they hack up the story to finish it on time or what, but after starting so well, the end of this film is a big let down.

Cecilia is the best thing about this movie by far, this is one of her first big rolls and she handles it well, its a big departure from every other roll I've seen her in, which is what makes it so interesting, rather then just being the sweet good girl as in Help and Everyday is Valentines Day, etc, she plays a bitchy prostitute who learns to fall in love w/ Chow.

I recommend it to die hard Stephen Chow fans (like me) and die hard Cecilia fans (like I'm becoming).
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An uneven and moody story, with 999 climaxes
Andrea Vidusso16 October 2004
Stephen Chow paradoxically portrays the life of an "extra" actor, who is quite committed to acting, yet never manages to land anything better than one-line scripts. Cecilia Cheung leads an equally gloomy life, in which her dreams have been shattered after her boyfriend ordered her to work in a night club to make a living. Cecilia's inability to lure customers results in her attending Stephen's bizarre neighborhood acting classrooms; from then on the movie will follow their fortunes and misfortunes.

The good: as usual, Stephen Chow's movies have hilarious moments and, at the same time, explore everything that can be squeezed out from the main role. While God of Cookery was about "cooking with a heart", here the director deals with the topic of "working hard, to act better" and shows that, somehow, we all are actors in the movie that is our life. Indeed, the movie does not need extravagant settings such as Shaolin monasteries or soccer stadiums, but we get to witness many problems of ordinary Chinese suburbs, including kids becoming triad members and people leading a poor life.

The bad: Considering King of Comedy's social involvement, I would have expected a more linear story. Instead, the narration flow is a roller-coaster of moods, in which every one, not just Stephen Chow, seems a bit loony and overdramatizes every aspect of his/her life. Imagine what A Beautiful Mind would be, if also Jennifer Connelly and the other actors were like John Nash! Extravagant, to say the least! 7/10
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weak script but great performance
SiuWing24 December 1999
Maybe I had too high expectation before entering to the cinema to watch this film, I was disappointed after seeing this. The script is poorly written although the idea of the story is excellent. The ending of this film is not logical enough. It's a kind of pity to have such a good story and quite good beginning but the ending ruined the whole thing.

However, I still recommend it since Chow sing chi's performance was really great! He can draw the viewers' attention to him even though there were not many jokes or funny lines, it's a good proof of his amazing acting skill.

Finally, what I want to comment is the new actors, it's obvious that they tried their best to act, but in my own opinion, their performances are too exaggerate, it would be much better if they can act in a natural way.
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King of dark comedy-Hong Kong's Wes Anderson
gingko3 December 2004
I like Stephen Chow's movies for a long time.

His ironic and dark sometimes even dumb comedies are remarkable therefore controversial. It is a debate between shallowness and quirky irony.

This is not the issue I'd like to seriously discuss now.

I just find that his work meets some similarities with Wes Anderson's movies.

Such as Rushmore and Bottle Rocket. And he shows himself on screen quite like Owen Wilson's characters. But definitely not Jim Carry! God bless!
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wild parody with some good performances
freakus7 February 2000
There are some truly hilarious moments in this film; the action sequences with "Sister Cuckoo", the montage in the Community center, and the scene where he teaches the Ice-cream yakuza how to be tough all had me rolling with laughter. Cecilia Cheung does a good job for her first performance, the "hand game" scene where we are first introduced to her seemed very natural and a lot of fun. She makes a very good tough girl, she has a natural growl to her voice. Stephen Chow is great as the earnest yet bumbling hero, and Karen Mok is always a lot of fun even though her role in this film is relatively small.
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