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16 Oct. 1956
The Magic Brew
Dandy Summers is a medicine show huckster who arrives in a small town hoping to make some money. But events take a sudden turn and Dandy is in a bind.
30 Oct. 1956
Captain Without a Country
Although Peter Scott was England's most feared buccaneer, He met his match when the lovely Arabella decides to tame the captain without a country.
13 Nov. 1956
The People Against McQuade
A soldier is charged with murder and also on trial in this case is the right to use testimony gained from a person under the influence of sodium pentothal, "truth serum" as court evidence.
27 Nov. 1956
Man from 1997
It is 1956. Immigrant janitor Johnny Vlakoz yearns for success. He also wishes to marry pretty tenant Maureen, who lives with her shiftless brother Red, played by James Garner. Maureen is set on marrying a rich man, so Johnny wants to be rich, and he attends night school while working two jobs. To learn English better, Johnny buys a book from a local shop, which turns out to be an almanac of America in 1997. Maureen's brother Red, a degenerate gambler, blows a horse racing tip Johnny gives him and inadvertently gives up Johnny's secret to a mobster. There's chasing ...

 Season 1 

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