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Talk about raising the bar!
bschober20 October 2004
It just doesn't get better than this. Farscape is easily one of the best series to ever grace the TV screen. Even if you're not a regular sci-fi fan, it's nearly impossible to not enjoy the intelligence, wit, superb acting, and sheer beauty of each episode. I used to think that Joss Whedon had the market on pop-culture fantasy pretty much cornered, but Farscape raises the bar even higher in terms of its characterization and integral humanity.

Farscape has it all: adventure, drama, suspense, and a romance unlike any other. It's an unforgettable roller coaster ride, and the DVD box sets are of exceptionally high quality with numerous special features.
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Loved it, want it back!!
dunnmountain19 October 2004
It took me a short while to get into this show. I find that most people who don't like it, just don't GET it. Farscape is a deep and intense show with a lot of small twists and turns in a very complicated plot. It is NOT a show you could watch one or two episodes of and know what was going on. They do a great job with the meager budget they work with and create a very livable "viable" view of the far and distance universe taking the level up above Star Trek or Star Wars. Probably my favorite show of all time, and well worth the time it takes to understand what's happening.

A little something for everyone. Action, adventure, drama, romance, etc.

Bring Farscape Back!!
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Incredibly smart
landscapelady9 January 2005
This show is one of the few out there that has layers upon layers for the viewers to enjoy. Well written and incredibly addictive this show takes you away and keeps you there. The characters draw you in from the begin episode, but also allow you to jump in at anytime. There is never a moment when they are not evolving into more complex beings. The challenge that many shows face is continuing the development of the show while not losing the initial concept. Farscape smashes this theory into pieces as it evolves and provides the viewer with challenging action, and sometimes even killing off well loved characters. This show should have never been canceled. It was a rare gem.
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First class SciFi entertainment
slohmann5 July 2004
Saw it and liked it from the first episode on. The German translation is not recommendable but the original is really a great piece of work (art), a fact, which was unfortunately not noticed by the TV-channel SciFi. If you like creative, witty and funny entertainment you will love FARSCAPE! The Jim Henson company brought in all their resources and skills to create a completely strange, alien world on your TV-screen. The overall plot is somehow old-fashioned but the ingredients of this SciFi-opera are superb. Different styles and types of movie-making have been mixed to create a very addictive show. Characters and types of creatures are worked out very carefully. The plot is unforeseeable and very varied, so you never get bored.
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WOW, can't even start to cover FARSCAPE!!
gkpedersen11 April 2005
I had heard from other people that Farscape was good, so when I had the opportunity to watch the two final episodes in the whole series, I took it, and I haven't regret it since. I only regret, that I took me so long to discover the BEST SCI-FI Series on EARTH. (It will be difficult to beat this one). By watching these episodes, it made me want to know what had happen prior to the final, how it all had started, I just wanted more of the same.

So I bought all the episodes on DVD, and what a blast, it does not just take you to the edge, but way behind your imagination. It makes you wonder........what if? It plays with your imagination, it's like an adventure, into the unknown for the 45 minutes an episode last.

It is well written, and the characters are really well played by the actors. Yes Farscape covers it all; friendship between species's, love at first sight, hate, sorrow, happiness, loyalty, betrayal e.c.t., you name it.

The red line in this, is that as long you have an open mind, you will accept anything that happens, anything is allowed, because it is Sci-Fi. It only took one episode, to get me hooked forever in the Farscape universe, and I can strongly recommend watching it!.
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The best original science fiction I've seen in a great while.
Ernie-1717 September 1999
This has got to be without a doubt, the best original science fiction show I've seen in a long time. I had rather high hopes for seaQuest (written by Rockne S. O'Bannon as well), and was disappointed. My first impressions of "Farscape" were "Voyager" / "Battlestar Galactica" clone, but that lasted about five minutes. I think my favorite characters are probably Pilot and Moya herself, although Aeryn is a close third. I do wonder that everyone frequently defers to John's leadership since he is brand new to the situation (not to mention that area of space) and seemingly does not understand even the basics of Leviathan tech.

I do love the occasional pop-culture reference, such as John's statement "This place looks like Dagobah." Upon being asked where "Dagobah" was, John smiled at his joke and replied that it was a place where great warriors were trained. I half expected the reply to be "Wars not make one great". It's a good, subtle blend that keeps us awake, but doesn't inspire wild "easter egg hunts" for other allusions.

I am very impressed with this show, and I hope the Sci-Fi channel will continue to produce this excellent series.
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Annoyingly enjoyable
Ripe Peach30 April 2001
I watched about ten minutes of each of a couple of series 1 Farscape episodes and hated it. Cliched plots, characters blatantly lifted from other shows, and *muppets*. Might as well watch the Phantom Menace.

However, after persistent nagging from a hooked friend, I gritted my teeth, sat down and actually watched a whole show. Oh wow. Oh WOW.

Farscape isn't a plot show, it's not a gadget show, it's not even an effects show. It's primarily a character show, and it's a great one, aimed squarely at adults. The characters are often space operatically heroic, but are also believably flawed. They are petty, affectionate, selfish and giving. They are also commendably consistent, and both bear grudges and remember debts.

I find the acting of *all* the main cast outstanding; expressive, genuine and naturalistic. They give it everything, and fully commit to every scene and every line. I understand that viewers in the USA might find this strange when compared to the mugging, grimacing and ostentatious emotionalism that passes for acting on domestic US shows. It's a matter of taste, and I find the reserved but expressive acting of Farscape far more palatable.

Possibly the biggest strength of Farscape is the chemistry between the cast. The amount of physical, emotional and sexual tension rivals that of gritty TV verite rather than fluff SF. Babylon 5 characters are as well written, but not (sorry Babfans) as well acted or as involving.

Farscape has justifiably been accused of having cliched plots and characters. This it does, but no more so than any Star Trek franchise, and even Babylon 5 occasionally lurched into genre hell. True, you'd be hard pressed to tell Andromeda and Farscape apart from a brief precis of the plot and characters, but this only illustrates that there are certain genre elements that are now classic rather than cliched. Farscape starts from a tried and trusted design and then implements it astonishingly well.

On the other hand, it *does* have muppets...
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Farscape, the best sci-fi show ever created!
ScreamerMM24 January 2007
I am a die hard science fiction fan. I mean really, i read it i watch it i even listen to the theme songs. The Farscape series and the finishing mini series is the absolutely best science fiction show i have ever seen. The show only aired very shortly on cable TV here in Denmark, so i bought all of the episodes on DVD.

Pay homage to this show, it does almost everything to a degree of perfection. Ben Browder and Claudia Black are a great set of actors with very impressing chemistry. Farscape beats everything, Star Trek, Star Wars... The only other show that is keeping me occupied right now is Battlestar Galactica, which is also god, but not nearly as much.

If you have not wathced this show yet, do it. For me... it never gets old.
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Perhaps the best sci-fi series ever filmed for TV
hardbop6 October 2004
Farscape is not the easiest series to get into. You really need to see it from the beginning which is probably one of the reasons the ratings were not that great when it aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.

There is a continuing story here and the characters and their relationships to each other are complex. But this is what makes this show so compelling. Once you get into the flow of this series it is impossible to not be totally entertained and involved.

My recommendation is to rent or buy the box set of the first year and try it for yourself. You will not be sorry.

A new Farscape movie will be shown on Sci-Fi this fall. Apparently it will begin where the series left off. Hopefully this will lead to other movies but at this point, who knows?
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Frelling Incredible
mstomaso14 June 2007
Thanks to Sci-fi and the Henson Company for this wonderful contribution to the TV science fiction canon.

Farscape is one of the most visually compelling shows ever to grace the medium, and its gorgeous sets , effects and cast are all matched by the show's completely original blend of humor, camp, perspective, action and drama. The Henson Company's creative genius really shines through and makes this the truly great series it is. And the Gross/Subvision soundtrack is also worth owning.

Ben Browder plays John Crichton, an American astronaut and genius who has - quite by accident - created a wormhole by conducting an experiment involving the slingshot effect. Sucked into the wormhole, John is whisked away to ... where? His craft collides with a small war ship which then spins off and crashes into a meteor, killing its pilot. John, head spinning, is then rescued (seemingly) by a large ship which is under attack from ships like the one which crashed into his. Aboard the large ship, he almost immediately meets the lovely humanoid Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black), who introduces herself by beating him up and demanding his name, rank and serial number. Aeryn, who will become both the love of his life, and the most difficult relationship of his life, is just the beginning... Soon, John will learn that he is aboard a Peacekeeper Leviathan (Moya) - a living ship - which has been taken over by the prisoners it was being used to transport. Aeryn is the prisoners' only surviving peacekeeper prisoner, and, since John looks exactly like a Peacekeeper, Moya's new crew is not inclined to trust him.

The relationships between John and his new-found friends that develop over the succeeding four years of Farscape provide a great context for the many adventures they share. Through death, betrayal, birth and rather massive cultural dissonance, Moya and her crew see and do it all as they flee the pursuing Peacekeepers in more ways than one. Each character has his or her own arc and backstory, and even in the most plot-heavy and action packed episodes of the series, it is the characters that give the show its structural integrity.

The acting is - across the board - spot-on. Browder and Black are superb and have great chemistry. Anthony Simcoe, Gigi Edgley, Virginia Hey, Lani Tupu, Rae Lee Hill and Paul Goddard were all excellent. I am going to single out Wayne Pygram, however, for his amazing interpretation of one of the most ambiguous and memorable villains (?) in the history of sci fi entertainment - Scorpius - a tortured hybrid between two warring species (Scarrans and Peacekeepers) who, apparently, hates everybody and has an insatiable lust for power. Scorpius is a complex, contradictory, brilliant, and utterly unpredictable character, and along with many of the other obstacles the crew encounters will keep you guessing to the very end.

Farscape also features some of the best TV scripting and directing I have seen in recent years. Be forewarned, however, that the dialog and plots generally move along very very quickly and require undistracted attention. This is especially so from the latter half of season two to the end of the show's regular run. The first season is excellent episode-based sci fi, but in the second season, the writers began exploring complex, layered, multiple-episode story arcs. The story arcs were generally very good, but their complexity requires a serious commitment, and in general, the show is not recommended for non-consecutive viewing.

So hooked was I that I have saved searches for Claudia Black, Wayne Pygram, Ben Browder, Lani Tupu and Gigi Edgley on TVTome.

If you want to dive right in, get the boxed sets. They are loaded with special features, deleted scenes and interview which are all worth watching if you like the show. In fact, there are almost as many special features as there is show time in the boxed sets.
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The experience is more than real.
Svetlin Slavchevski12 November 2004
Not only John Crichton is lost in the distant part ot the Universe. Watching the movie you feel like you ware there, together. Everything, the living ship, the aliens are made to look so different, even beyond the imagination, but somehow they are also realistic and lovely. I have been grown up with StarWars and Blake's -7. I used to think I will never enjoy another sci-fi move so much again, but I was wrong. Farscape is much better than all I have seen before. If you decide to watch it, please, start from the beginning!

You will never find the "way home" if you miss the first wormhole...
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The Finest Sci-Fi ever????
Andy Jackson6 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I personally believe that Farscape was the finest Sci-Fi show ever put out on television ever. I hardly ever watch the beastly box, but this show was both fantastically written and visually in a league of it's own. The aliens were really alien, not just your man with a Cornish pasty on his head of the week kind of alien. The characters were excellently realised and in almost all cases excellently delivered... ... I highly advise watching it... .... .... .... ....... ........... ........ ....... ... ..... ..... ....... .... ......... ...... ..... I don't have any more to say, stop wasting your time reading this thing and go and watch Farscape already... The story really builds....
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One of the best experiences of my life
chrichtonsworld22 December 2006
Thanks to the BBC I was introduced to this extremely wonderful and epic show! This show had everything, humor,action,thrills,great characters and the best drama! Now you may think I am not being objective,but when it comes to movies and TV shows I can be very critical! For me an excellent series is a show I can watch over and over again without getting bored! Let me tell you,there are not many shows who are able to do that! Farscape manages to do so with ease. I think there are many reasons why this show is great! 1). The combination of CGI and Jim Henson's Creature shop muppetry give the show a look never seen before.

2). Character development. Events and relationships do have an effect on many of the characters. Example "John Chrichton" (the main character)is a changed man at the conclusion (Peacekeeper Wars)!

3). Great characters. You will love them,hate them,love them again,hate them again,love them again! The alien characters portray more human feelings than you expect. The characters have their good sides but also their bad sides. There is more to them than meets the eye! Because of this you really will care for these characters!

3). Great storytelling. Maybe a lot of plot lines have been done before in other shows,but in Farscape they manage to give it a twist so that it stays original and fun! Very important to the plot in general is the chaos portrayed in the series. Most of the time many things are happening all at once. From the first episode it is clear that the main characters are on the run,being hunted and will be shot at most of the times,that's why the inside of Moya (living starship where the main characters live)is a mess! You really get the feeling the crew is in danger! And don't have a lot of time to clean up the ship,except to do the necessary repairs! As a consequence you will get drawn into the story! A lot of episodes kept me on my seat,waiting for what will happen next,I laughed, I cried,I cursed! I experienced!

4). Although it is Science fiction and it seems a lot can happen! The show is still realistic! So not every action made by a character can be forgotten or ignored. Like in real life actions have consequences! There are no forced happy endings,like in Star Trek.

I can go on and on! But simply put Farscape is (besides Babylon5)the best Sf series ever made!
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This show is simply PERFECT
leib13 May 2007
FarScape is PERFECT!!! Go and watch it on TV, buy a DVD, I don't care, just watch this magnificent show! This show has it all- humor, romance, drama, excellent cast. It is funny, crazy, smart, just like life itself. after you watch it go to our at Watchfarscape.com and help save Farscape. Farscape has been closed, but we want it back, we need every scaper out there! this show is better than any other, and I don't mean only any other sci-fi show but EVERY show there is out there, just watch the first episode of FARSCAPE and you will know what I'm talking about! This show is truly amazing, watch, and watch it right now, don't waste time...turn of the computer and Watch it. Scape on!
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What More Needs to be Said
HiThisIsJan9 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I literally stumbled into Farscape midway through season 3 (probably my best timed illness yet), and even having missed most of the character development and story, I still found the show very entertaining. Now, having quickly caught up with myself, I'm loving it even more.

It's a shame that this show was cancelled, because it was I think one of the better sci fi shows out there at the time, and not just that. There is drama, there is comedy, there is romance, here be Puppets ^_^. How many other shows can offer you that in a gorgeous leather bound package that never seems to stop twisting the plots and throwing viewers into Uncharted Territories. The animated episode, nuff said.

Both Ben Browder and Claudia Black excelled in the leads, and the entire cast were amazing. It's rare that you get a show where everyone seems to meld together so well. It makes the comedy even funnier and the drama sometimes painful to watch (in a good way). Also nice to actually find myself sympathising with the baddie for a change, okay he was evil, but he also had noble goals.

Even after its cancellation, Farscape remains one of my all time favourite shows, and probably will be for many years to come yet.
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Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Production ever
merdiolu13 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent , perfectly acted , crazy , creative , dramatic , romantic , funny , thrilling etc. All these terms are combined together to create one of the best science fiction/fantasy productions ever made : Farscape.

Althrough it seems like a cheap , silly copy of a Joss Wheadon show , after first episodes you realize it is not so. Even puppet characters have as much personality as real types. Costumes , make up , sets , special effects , cultures , the universe of Farscape as total is first class but....

But real strength of Farscape is not just these aspects. It is wonderfully dramatic and character driven series. After first episodes ( which are introduction to Farscape universe anyway ) and most of the season , you realize even stand alone episodes add something to whole story , changing characters and their outlook , personality , their comprehension of world at least.

Characters and their evolution are unique. You actually care about them and what happens to them. The main character is of course John Chrichton who is played by Ben Browder with a masterful way. You really began to think he is John Chricton , an astronout who is lost in space , trying to get home.. He is representing us , all of us. For him everything new and bizarre he encountered in this new universe is something to be thrilled and explored...

Another perfect performance is presented by Claudia Black as hard , unemotional Peacekeeper soldier , Aeyrn Sun. After she is forced to desert her unit and join a group of fugitives , she begins to change slowly but in brilliant fashion.

Actors playing rest of the Moya crew are as capable as them. Anthony Simcoe , Virginia Hey , Gigi Edgely , Lani Tupu , Jonathan Hardy show exceptional performances especially with heavy make up , costumes and voice acting. But some special praise should be reserved for awesome Wayne Pygram who is playing Scorpius , main villain of series.

Too bad Farscape was canceled before its time ( but at least there was a proper finale in The Peacekeeper Wars mini series ) and worse Ben and Claudia were lost to a black hole called Stargate. But I have still hope for a new mini series or movie of Farscape. If you are a sci/fi fan and didn't watch this wonderful show , find anyway to hire or buy Farscape DVDs or hire from net and watch it ! Last of all I would like to thank Brian Henson , David Kemper and Rockne O'Bannon for this amazing sci-fi adventure they created. Please bring Farscape back.
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One Of The Best Shows Of All Time
skull666131314 September 2005
Farscape was and always be one of, if not THE, Best shows ever made.The Characters, their stories, and backgrounds never got stale. The only thing bad about the show is that a greedy, idiotic network canceled it. Farscape will live on in the hearts and minds of the fans that cherish it.It is and will be missed. The writing was dramatic, yet comical when it needed to be. It always seemed that as soon as you wanted to cry, it made you laugh. The special effects were top notch. The stories were so powerful, that when the episode ended, it was all you could do to wait for more. Spawning a T.V. mini-series brought about by the dedication of its fans and creators, it was able to finish its story ark,(although too quickly), on both a low and unbelievably high note. Long Live Farscape!!!!!! May you return to us someday.
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I n a word: Brilliant! Be swept along on a visceral intelligent beautiful & (dare I say it) meaty ride!
Jimmi M26 October 2007
After completing disc two of season 3, I just can't contain my excitement any longer. Scifi fans and fans of great television take note, Farscape goes from strength to strength progressively getting bigger, better, glossier and meatier with every passing episode.

Following a slightly jittery start, Farscape has firmly stamped itself as a truly authentic original piece of scifi / drama/ comedy / romance / thriller / horror / etc... art which is an absolute masterpiece of television creation. The characters are rich, vibrant personalities believably flesh & bone created with traits that while frequently mixing beautifully together into a rich luscious dessert, can also be like oil and water, flat out refusing to blend, subsequently clashing with the most humorous of results.

The story arc & script writing are second to none. I'm glad I mostly shunned this show (in part to its ultimate detrimental demise) :( while it was on free to air T.V, because as a DVD set, watching it is a rich and rewarding experience. Every episode has a blockbuster shine with effects that have made me drool and be swept along on a wild fantasy ride into the deepest regions of another galaxy. Simply put a brilliant show!

Canceled before its time? Its too early for me to tell, lets just state now that despite its strong story telling I'd hate to see its brilliance fade towards the end of the saga like the X-Files so abysmally did! By all accounts, the end of the 4th season and the much fan appreciated mini series tie up has allowed the show to finish on a super high, no matter how sad my parting of ways will be at completion.
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The best SF show ever, and one of the best TV shows, full stop
Adrian Sweeney17 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Most episodes of Farscape had a single writing credit, but here's how I think they were really written: Half a dozen geniuses in a room have fun writing a script together to the best of their ability. When they're done, they lock themselves in there for a further week and take it apart line by line, constantly asking, 'How can we do this better? How can we do this different? How can we put an original spin on this?' They do this until it's no longer fun and they hate each other. When they break through that and they're in love again they go back once more and really have fun putting humour and sick stuff in.

Almost everything in Farscape had that little extra tweak. A mining colony which on any other SF show would be on an asteroid is inside the corpse of a gigantic spaceborn creature. Space pirates don't use tractor beams, they have vast webs or grapple their prey with huge rocket-harpoons. Where other shows would have a lie-detector machine, Farscape has an alien scorpion-spider which squats on your head and will stab you through the eye if it senses you're fibbing.

My favourite example of this (spoiler), the scene which for me encapsulates the whole show: a spaceship is destroyed, the baddies' mobile HQ, a ship so big its recreation area features a real park with real grass - and a real lake. So the ship is blown up, and, yes, there are explosions and fires and the usual things. Then the chief villain, who is by the way the greatest villain in the history of TV, stands in his command centre contemplating the ruin of all his schemes, posed coolly on the steps of this huge dais in his black leather - AND BEHIND HIM WATER IS POURING IN. Tons of water, cascading down the steps, smashing and shorting out everything in its wake, an apocalyptic deluge! You think of U-boat movies! And as if that wasn't enough, you don't even hear the water, because on the soundtrack A BLOODY CLASSICAL CHOIR is going absolutely mental like the climax of an opera.

That's Farscape for me right there. A space opera with the emphasis on the 'opera'. Individual episodes did all the fun or thought-provoking things the very best SF short stories are able to do, but as an ongoing story it owed more to opera, to fairy tale. The role of the Henson creature workshop and the show's brilliant, brilliant designers was vital. In Star Trek the aliens look just like us except they have pointy ears, wrinkled foreheads, snub noses, the occasional spot; you see weirder creatures at any bus-stop. On Farscape, the aliens are really alien. On Farscape, the monsters are out of Bosch, Goya, Giger, Burroughs, the Brothers Grimm. On Farscape, the villains are pantomime demons from your childhood nightmares.

On Farscape, most of the episodes begin at a point it would take the modern Star Trek series half an hour of arrival and exposition to reach, and then pack in as much as any film. On Farscape, most of the episodes begin with the crew already chased up a tree with no idea how to get down. Three key Farscape phrases: 'We're cursed', 'You have got to be kidding me' and 'We're so screwed.' This last became the title of one of the episodes and could have been the title of almost all of them. The episodes start with the heroes screwed; then they become more screwed; at length they make a plan, that backfires, and they get progressively screwed even more. I lost count of the number of episodes where I genuinely thought one or more of the lead characters was doomed; and sometimes they were.

What else to say? The characters were heroic but flawed and fallible, delightfully colourful and individual, the way they almost constantly bickered with each other a refreshing change. The very gradually blossoming love story at the series' core became genuinely romantic and moving. The actors were great and even the characters played by puppets become very real. There were moments of hilarity, of very dark black comedy, of genuine creepiness and fear.

The first half dozen or so episodes of the first series are merely quite promising. You could look at it and think, 'Well, they took that from this and borrowed that from the other and this reminds me of that.' But it very quickly transcends this and becomes more than the sum of its parts, and when Farscape found its unique voice it was the most original thing on television. It just got better and better and better and then, when you thought it couldn't any more, even better. It was a labour of love and a work of collective genius.
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Great show that everyone can watch
KingConrad15 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I only started to watch this a few months ago as I have read so many good reviews and wanted a new show to watch while so many are put on hold, and I have to say this was well worth all the time I put into watching it.

The show is unlike any I have watched before because it is not just a sci-fi show that only sci-fi people will like, it has many other things that normal TV viewers will love. It is funny, easy to watch, great main story that is very deep, great acting, and amazing makeup! I first of all thought the show was a big "Childish" but then i saw that it was not trying to be a star trek but trying to be a show on its own. It has some really funny moments and each character grows so much that you really can connect with them.

Sadly the show did end and I feel that we never got the ending or closure we needed for such a great show, but maybe in the future we will get some sort of ending? Guys and girls will love this show, it has some babe action (Chiana) and also has the guys for the girls, it has some great comic moments like Harvey and some great monsters and story for the sci-fi fans.... Is there much more you need?
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Best Show Ever!
rhonda_zeck5 January 2007
It was unfortunate I didn't get into this show until it was canceled. I have become hooked. I have the complete collection on disc and have been unable to watch anything but. I love both the characters and the actors of Farscape. I wish there were periodic movies continuing the storyline. At least I can watch Bowder and Black on SG1. (also and awesome show.)

Does anyone know who the child actors were that played Crichton's children in season 2 "Look At The Princess"? I would hope that U.S. directors and producers would recognize the extreme amount of talent it takes to work with puppets and seek out these actors/actresses for more U.S. projects.
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Science Fiction or not, truly a show to behold
thirdi8 March 2004
I was never a huge fan of the sci fi that was on TV. I caught the random episode of the original Star Trek from time to time, and there were certainly the days of Buck Rogers and Battlestar as a kid. But I never got into any of the numerous Star Trek spin-offs, or the dozens of similar series. The only Sci Fi I really watched on a regular basis as an adult was The X Files. And then came Farscape.

I only mention the "non sci-fi" nature of my viewing habits to make a point: Farscape became one of my all time favorite shows, and it speaks to how incredibly perfect, deep, complex, original, entertaining, addictive and dynamic the series was. And I didn't even give it a chance when it was actually on TV. It was only after borrowing the first 2 episodes from someone on DVD (I ended up buying the first 2 season box sets and renting the rest) that I realized what a phenomenal show it was. In what was probably a typical experience (unfortunately for the producers of the show), my casual channel surfing would lead me to bits and pieces of First Wave or Lexx. And not being impressed at all I never even got around to viewing one episode of Farscape while it was on TV, regrettably. I just figured it was mediocre like the other shows I was seeing on the Sci Fi Channel. Boy, was I ever wrong about that.

There is no need to pontificate on the excellent writing, awesome character development, top-notch acting, engaging themes, creative designs and effects, and more often than not superb music. That has already been done here better than I can do. Sure there were some familiar plot ideas, or themes, but in Sci Fi what story isn't somewhat derivative? Farscape's strength comes from its characters, and more importantly, its complicated development of them. You become attached to them in ways that don't often happen with TV series. Farscape was no run of the mill episodic television show, it was an evolutionary leap forward in many ways.

The point I want to make is to those either biased against or indifferent to Sci Fi shows on TV. If you passed this one up, as I did, you have no idea what you're missing. Going through all the seasons on DVD has been fantastic. In a way, its almost better than waiting each week for a new episode, as you're able to go through the story at your own pace. I can't say enough good things about Farscape and I look forward to the mini-series that will come out this year to wrap things up. I defy anyone with an open mind, and some appreciation for true creativity in television, to watch a few episodes on DVD and not come away with the feeling that what they've seen is one of the best shows, science fiction or otherwise, that was ever on TV.
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Can I get a "Hell, yeah!"?
imzadi7631 December 2016
Either you love Farscape or you hate it. I don't think there is anything between. I love it and even after more than 15 years it's still one of my favorite shows for many reasons and I re-watch like every two years. Farscape is absolutely crazy, smart, sexy, funny and heartbreaking. There are no resets with the shows. Characters grow, they change and evolve. Actions have consequences and when you think you have seen everything in the genre Farscape does something new.

It has an epic story and even more epic love story to tell. Yes, it needs some time to get into, but don't dismiss it because of it, or worse because it has puppets.
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All these good reviews seem to have it covered, except to say...
Richard22 August 2006
I bought all 4 series on DVD (on a cheap special) because I was intrigued by the character Chiana, which I can fully accept is no reason to get into a long lasting TV series. Unfortunately I had to watch season 2 first because the others were still on LayBy, and I know this was another mistake, but I feel it is important to describe the experience. For the first dozen or so episodes I had a slight ill feeling over having had the series put away for me at the store, because I really did find the shows to be a bit silly. But then a change occurred during the "Look At The Princess" trilogy. I got to the end of the first part and realised that I had been watching for 45 minutes with a smile on my face. By the end of part 2 the smile had broadened, and by the end of part 3 I was telling all who would listen about how great the show was. Since then I have watched all 4 seasons in their entirety and have absolutely loved every second of it! So my advice is simply this; please give this show a real chance. If you love it from the first moment, great! But if you are like me and find it rather difficult to get into for the first few episodes (especially if you don't get to see it from season 1), PLEASE KEEP GOING! I promise you it will be worth it in the end! Oh yeah, and Chiana slipped down the list to become my fourth favourite character when all was said and done (behind Scorpius, D'Argo & John). The entire cast was incredible!
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Watch it once for cinematography, watch it again because you have to.
vanchaser22 March 2003
You may read the many reviews and be apprehensive because it is being promoted by a "fill-in-the-blank sci-fi fan". While the genre draws in sci-fi fans. Those that tune out the show should invest an hour and watch the show in entirely, instead of judging it latex-deep.

Good writing makes for excellent and compelling entertainment. As a fan of the show, I am compelled to watch the next episode because I CARE about the characters. I care about how the plots twists within the episode. Most importantly, I care what happens next.

For the non sci-fi fans out there. Grit your teeth, and ignore the fancy costumes and make-up. If you really enjoy a good drama/adventure/action. You will understand why so many are glued to their sets regularly, once they have watched thier first 1 or 2 episodes.

Even "standard" plot devices like boy meet girl and wants her, is ANYTHING but routine on Farscape. While character entaglements are often used by networks to keep us tuned in. On Farscape (as in real life) relationships may last or are fleeting memories based on the storyline. This unpredictablity for the characters keeps us watching more than any "carrot on a stick" plot device ever will.

High quality set designs. New places and characters that are WORKED into the storyline, rather than be the plot point for the week. Actors that truly enjoy thier work and their love for thier characters, (and the interaction) is believable and compelling. All of these factors come together for must see TV.

On a sad note, the "promised" fifth season will not be produced. Be prepared for a LOT of loose ends. My thanks to the cast and crew for wonderful images and may I see you all soon when legal red tape allows production to resume.
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