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MPAA Rated R for strong war violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A few mild kissing scenes.
  • A boy says "Heaven knows what the British will do to the women" implying rape.
  • There is a scene in which a man is "bundled" in a bed to keep him from having sex with the man's daughter. (Not said, but implied)

Violence & Gore

  • Many battle scenes with brutal gunshots, slashings, and stabbings. Countless men are shot in the head and chest, and almost every time there is a spray of blood. Martin kills many soldiers with his tomahawk (blood occasionally shown).
  • After soldiers kill his son, Martin repeatedly hacks the dead corpse of a British soldier, at least a dozen times. We do not see the hatchet actually hitting, but we see blood spraying everywhere, soaking him in the man's blood.
  • A cannon fires and, in a close-up shot, takes a man's head off in slow motion. Gore flies, and we see the bloody stump of his neck for a second. Elsewhere, men's limbs are blown off by cannonballs as well.
  • A man is stabbed violently in the neck. Another man has a hatchet flung into his skull, which splits and spills blood as he crumples to the ground.
  • A young child is shot in the back by a British officer. We see a large bloody bullet hole in his shirt. His family cradles him as he dies.
  • A man, after finding his wife and child dead (killed by the British), is obviously distraught and commits suicide in front of his comrades with a loaded pistol.
  • As the camera pans over a camp, we see a soldier after his leg has been amputated. There is a very bloody stump. He, the table, and the doctors are all covered in blood.
  • The British systematically execute wounded Americans without a second thought. Not shown, but very disturbing.
  • A church is burned down with innocent people inside. Not graphic, but very emotional.


  • Some "Damns" and "Hells"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A scene set in a bar has drinking and smoking in the background.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Children are often in mortal danger. Sometimes they are killed heartlessly.
  • Many brutally realistic battle scenes include lots of death and gore.
  • A man suddenly commits suicide after finding his wife and child killed by the British in front of his comrades.
  • A man thought to be dead rises suddenly.
  • In a very emotional sequence, a church full of innocent men, women, and children is burned to the ground.
  • The prolonged sequence of violence between Martin and Tavington is very emotional and gory, even though blood and the actually stabbing isn't shown.

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